Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hot Dish

Hello, ladies!

Have I got a treat for you today … not only do I have a sexy Hot Dish for you, but this time I actually interviewed the Hot Dish.

Please give a warm welcome to model Jason Baca. Jason has been modeling for several years. He has appeared in countless magazines and has shot over 85 book covers.

Jason, please tell us how your modeling career was born?

Well it began a long time ago. I was a double in a movie called "I Know What You Did Last Summer.” The photographer of the ad/cover of the movie pulled me aside and asked if he could take some photos of me. I accepted. I'd later realize this was a huge leap in the business because of how skilled a photographer I got to work with right off the bat.

Before modeling I was running in circles. All my time I spent searching, nowhere to run to, and it got me thinking... Wondering what I could make of my life...

Wow, you were definitely in the right place at the right time. So how did you get started modeling for romance covers?

Well I came to a point in my "modeling" career where I'd gotten older for the fashion stuff. I started asking all kinds of questions to myself but never finding the answer. Then one day I walked into a bookstore to find books about how to be positive. As I walked in something caught the corner of my eye. There it was before me, a romance novel with a guy my age on the cover, standing confident.

I put down that positive thinking book and grasped the romance novel tightly by my fingertips. It was as that very moment that it was in my eye, in my heart and in my mind and it became part of my entire body that from that moment on I wanted nothing more than to be a romance novel model.

I think it is great that you saw what you wanted and you achieved it.

All of us are book lovers. Do you like to read? And what types of books do you enjoy most?

I used to read books about sports and fitness only. But now I've started reading some cool ones in suspense and romance. I just love the creativity that goes into writing these novels.

Do you have a favorite author? Have you ever read a romance novel?

There are so many authors that I can say I enjoy reading the books of. The one recently that I like is a Gena Showalter. I love her covers too by the way. I look forward being on one of hers someday soon.

Gena Showalter does write some wonderful books. And yes, her covers are fabulous! Hopefully you will be on one of hers soon.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during a photo shoot?

There was one time where they had me out on a field with yellow mustard flowers. There had been an old beat up tractor out in the middle of this field. The photographer said "Hey Jason, why don't you go get up on that and do a few shots sitting on it." so I did... But then I started hearing buzzing going on from inside the hood. Then all of a sudden a HUGE swarm of bees comes flying out all over! I jumped off and took off. I could have beaten any guy in a race in the Olympics at that very moment.

Oh my goodness! Sorry, but that is too funny!!

In addition to modeling, you have written a couple of books. Do you have plans to write any more books? If so, what are they about?

Well those books that I wrote are nothing compared to the books that I've been on the cover of. My books were basically written to help models be successful in the business. I provide ideas that they can live by to reach their goals in the field.

Yes, when this is all over and the last book cover of me has been displayed, I will pull out my pen and paper and write a story about how all of this went with my romance novel covers. I will explain it from beginning to end and I will take pride in it.

I think a lot of romance readers would be interested in a biography or memoir of a cover model. I know I would read it!

Now for the speed round ...

1. Last movie you saw? Friday The 13th Part II (with strange disco soundtrack)

2. Favorite tv show? Survivor on CBS

3. Favorite snack food? Chocolate Fudge Brownie Balance Bars when I'm dieting, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups when I'm not...

4. Best place to vacation? I love Hawaii! But I believe the Bahamas were nice too. I also enjoy going on cruises to the tropics.

5. What's your mantra for life? My mantra is to focus my attention on one subject at a time in life and go 1000% after it. Give it your devotion and thought. The more you put into it, the more feedback you will get.

Jason, thank you so much for being with us. It has been nice getting to know a little bit about you. We wish you much success in your endeavors.

Now ladies, Jason has been kind enough to offer a signed zed card to one random commenter (US residents only). So, dream a little dream here … you are a romance cover model for a day and anything goes. Describe for me the scene of the cover you are shooting.

Here’s mine … My long dark tresses are blowing softly in the wind. My eyes are twinkling with mischief and my lips are shimmering. Clutched in the strong, rippled arms of a Highlander, whose kilt is slowly coming undone by my very own hands ….

~ Buffie


Check out Jason’s stock photo’s here

Check out Jason’s management link here



  1. Buffie, You have outdone yourself with today's Hot Dish! Hot Picture and lovely interview. My cover would be that picture of Jason with the sheet: me standing behind him,but also under the sheet. You see just the top of my gorgeous strawberry blond head, and my lovely manicured hands placed one high and one low on that incredible chest! A girl can dream!

    1. Those hands need to be in just the right area *VBG*

  2. We're on a yacht in the Mediterranean with the wind blowing through our hair and the sun is shining in the cloudless, blue sky.

    1. That sounds just wonderful to me. I have been on the shores of the Med just once and it was gorgeous.

  3. Oh man! Love this one. GREAT interview. I am very impressed with Jason (both the covers and his philosophy on life).

    Okay, my cover would be of a woman lying on lounger on beach of white sand. She's dressed to impress, but her shoes are tossed to the side and she looks like she's waiting for someone. In the background is a party of people enjoying drinks around a tropical tiki bar. Obviously she's been there. Out of the water walks a sexy surfer. Instead of heading to the party, he has eyes only for the woman. And from the look on her face, she knows it. :)


  4. Hi Jason! Welcome to the Romance Dish! Like Tami, I am very impressed both with your covers and your life philosophy. You sound like a man with his priorities set in the right order. I wish you much success both with your modeling and with your writing career.

    I'm a huge Survivor fan too. Been watching it since the first season. Do you have a favorite this season? I'm fascinated by the men vs women dynamic and looking forward to seeing how it will all play out in the end.

    1. I watch Survivor every now and then. Some seasons are just better than others. I'm not too thrilled with the group this year.

  5. My cover would also involve kilts, bare chests, and myself some 40 years ago....LOL Hard, bleak background. Field of heather in foreground and Jason with only a kilt and myself with my long reddish brown hair flowing down my almost bare back. A drape of tartan wrapped round me to keep it decent :::EG:::

  6. Great interview....and picture! :-)))

    My cover would definitely involve a sexy Highlander (bare chested, of course!) wearing a kilt, holding me against his glorious chest, my long red hair flowing down my bare back----as said Highlander has very busy hands! My own hands---equally busy---are about to discover if it's true about what a Highlander wears beneath his kilt. LOL

    Is it hot in here, or is it just me??? *g*

    1. Whew, I think it is all of us Gannon, I am not the only one that has a thing for the Highlanders.......ROFL Poor babies, they wouldn't survive if we ever got our hands on them.

    2. Gee Gannon. I think we are on the same page ;-)

    3. Dianna and Buffie, those Highlanders don't stand a chance against us. LOL

  7. You obviously took a right turn with your life if you get to interview a HOT DISH!!

    I can picture the Highlanders heading for the hills. Kilts flying high.