Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Teen Menu

Welcome to another edition of The Teen Menu. Due to deadlines, I didn't have time to review any books this month. However, there's a good bit of news as well as my impressions of The Hunger Games movie. In a word, awesome.

YA News

So, show of hands -- how many of you went to see The Hunger Games? Did you go opening night? Opening weekend? Did you go in costume? And what did you think? Personally, I went the Sunday of opening weekend with friends and I loved the movie. I thought they did an excellent job of casting all the roles. I know there were some people who thought they'd skipped important parts, but here's the thing -- movies and books are not the same thing. It is impossible to put everything from a book into a movie. They are different animals. And that's why Game of Thrones is a TV series on HBO and not a movie. And as if I wasn't in swoon enough with Katniss & Peeta before... By the way, I'm a native of Kentucky, so I love that both Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are from Kentucky, Josh not far from where my husband grew up.

Okay, in other news, here's a cool video peek at the upcoming Pottermore site. Looks like there will be lots of neat stuff to do on the site.

In other Harry Potter news, the new Making of Harry Potter studio tour opened March 31 in Leavesden, Hertfordshire, England. See some photos here.

Here's the newest teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn, Part 2, giving us a look at Bella as a vampire.

The first image of AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw in The CW's upcoming The Carrie Diaries has been released. Check it out here.


  1. Got to see it at midnight release with friends:)
    I think Jennifer Lawrence really made the movie, but the guys were good too. It's just Jennifer really made an impressive Katniss! I wasn't disappointed about any of the changes cuz all the movies do it and for good reason. (Otherwise read the book right?) But IMO there was one giant bad thing: Lenny Kravitz' acting! He was such a boring Cinna! His acting needs serious work lol

  2. I haven't seen The Hunger Games, not sure I will

  3. Hey, Trish! I thought you might talk about the new Hunger Games movie. ;-) I haven't seen it yet, but really want to!

    I love the sneak peek of Pottermore! It looks amazing. I'll show this to my kids when they get home from school.

    I love the pictures of the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour! Awesome. I would SO love to go there one day.

  4. Hi Trish!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing The Hunger Games movie and reading the books. I have the first one on my Kindle and will start it as soon as I have time to read! And hopefully I'll get to see the movie with my sister. ;)

  5. Hey Trish! Awesome!!!! Love the video of Pottermore. I am so excited now. I can't wait.

    I went to The Hunger Games on Sunday. The Kid and I went with a friend and his mom. Luckily we got there an hour early for the first in the afternoon matinee. People were coming in after the lights had dimmed and got frustrated because they couldn't sit together.

    I haven't read the books yet, but I definitely do that as soon as I get caught up at work.

    Thanks for sharing. :)


  6. Thank you for the links. the Pottermore video is tantalizing. It seems we have been waiting forever for it to go active. The studio tour looks good, but I doubt I'll get to England to take it. Pictures will have to do.

    I have not yet read HUNGER GAMES and will wait to see the movie until I do. That means I will most likely be getting the video.
    I couldn't get the BREAKING DAWN, PART 2 to play. It brought up the Pottermore video. I think I have seen it on TV.

    Thanks for the YA update. There is so much going on.

  7. I have read THE HUNGER GAMES trilogy, but I have not seen the movie yet. I will.