Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Review & Giveaway - - Feliz Naughty Dog

Feliz Naughty Dog
by Roxanne St. Claire
A Standalone Holiday Novella (116 pages)
The Dogmothers - Book 7
Publisher: South Street Publishing
Release Date: November 20, 2020
Reviewed by PJ

Pru Kilcannon has one goal when she wakes on Christmas Eve – to perform the most “Random Acts of Christmas Kindness” so she can spread cheer and ensure her high school wins the county-wide “RACK IT UP” contest. But when her friends decide to team up with their boyfriends, the ever-helpful Dogmothers enlist the new kid in school as Pru’s partner for the contest. And that means good-girl Pru has to spend the entire day with the broody, moody, and crazy cute bad boy Lucas Darling, and his chaos-causing greyhound, Tor.

As if that wasn’t enough holiday havoc, Pru and Lucas have to accompany the grannies on a secret mission to check out a man Yiayia has met on an online dating service.  Gramma Finnie is convinced Aldo Fiore is a mobster, Yiayia thinks he’s her dream man, and Pru just wants to be sure her great-grandmothers don’t get themselves arrested — or worse. There’s no telling what could happen when the Dogmothers spy on an eighty-year-old who might be playing a rather flirtatious Santa at the mall…or might be hiding from the Feds.

But no one expected the real trouble to come from Tor, the former racing dog who causes mayhem and mall madness.  As Pru and Lucas attempt to control Tor, supervise the Santa Stalking, and knock out a few random acts of kindness…they also give in to a delicious little Christmas crush that just might lead to some magic under the mistletoe this year!

PJ's Thoughts:

There's a reason they call her General Pru. Sixteen-year-old Pru Kilcannon is a born leader but on Christmas Eve, Pru's plans are...well...not going according to plan. There's one area of Pru's life where she's decidedly not leading the pack and that's romance. Which, of course, suits her over-protective dad just fine but the Dogmothers are of a different persuasion and this year they've decided to work a little of their matchmaking magic on Pru. Will their efforts result in a first kiss under the mistletoe or all-out chaos at the mall? 

And speaking of chaos, YiaYia is in hot pursuit of the mall Santa but will she find romance at the cost of her relationship with her best friend? Meanwhile, Gramma Finnie, that sweet, Irish angel on earth is having decidedly uncharitable feelings about YiaYia's budding romance with a man Finnie is certain is headed for the slammer. Will this be the end of the Dogmothers duo or the beginning of a deeper, more meaningful friendship? We are never too old to learn new lessons. 

Then there's Lucas, who has every girl at his new school drooling over his bad boy looks, and who is living proof that books should not be judged by their cover. There's much more to this young man than anyone imagines. And, of course, we can't forget Tor, a sweet, rescued Greyhound who only wants to do what he's been trained to do: run. But like his human, Tor has hidden depths as well and while stealing hearts manages to also steal darn near every scene he's in. 

Roxanne St. Claire has penned another sweet, heartwarming, hilarity-inducing, holiday adventure with the tenets of love, kindness, forgiveness, and understanding at its heart. Whether you're a fan of the Dogfather and Dogmothers books or this is your first visit, Feliz Naughty Dog is a story that will fill your heart with the joy of family, friendship, and the holiday season. So, grab a mug of hot chocolate and curl up with Pru, Lucas, Tor, and the grannies for another Christmas story that will have you laughing, sighing, possibly shedding a tear or two, and overflowing with holiday spirit. Now that I've written this review, I think I'm going to go read it again! 


Have you read any of the Dogfather or Dogmother books yet?

What books have you read lately that have put you in a holiday spirit?

Have you done a random act of kindness lately or has one been done for you? Tell me about them.

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  1. I have bringing baked goods, non perishable food items and soup to the church pantry near me once a week.
    And I have read all of the Godmother and Godfather books so far. Would love to read this one.

    1. So many people are in need of food these days. Those pantries are a blessing.

  2. I have bringing baked goods, non perishable food items and soup to the church pantry near me once a week.
    And I have read all of the Godmother and Godfather books so far. Would love to read this one.

  3. I read several Christmas books so far including some new authors to me. I have not read any of this series, but looks like I will have to start.

    I clean the linens for my church, donate food for the needy and take an angel to buy holiday gifts for.

  4. don't know why comment duplicated, tried one of them. so sorry. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Our neighbors thought of us while at a local brewery and brought us some holiday beverages today! We have been blessed with several kind neighbors and pay back the kindness when we can.

    I've read several of Roxanne St. Claire's books, but none of the Dogmothers series. Haven't read any of the new holiday novels, and my wish list is long. I'll start reading holiday books tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

  6. I haven't read the Dogmother books yet, but I have really enjoyed her Dogfather series. Right now, I am reading just Christmas stories. These stories lighten my spirit in these crazy days we are in.

    My husband and I participate in church and community projects for the needy in our town. We have been blessed greatly, so it is only right for us to share our blessings.

    Happy Thanksgiving, PJ and all who visit here!

  7. I have not read either of these series. But, your review has made me realize I have been missing quite a bit. Thanks for the review.

    I am in the midst of reading a Christmas anthology by Edith Layton. The two stories I have read already are a huge reminder of what a wonderful author she was. And the Christmas mindset is front and center.

    For random acts of kindness. I have a few people who live quite a distance from me, and I try to text them on a regular basis. I want them to realize there is someone who cares about them. I have also sent some money to our local food bank. There are so very many people in need right now.

    I hope that everyone is taking care and staying well.

  8. I have read all the godfather books, but have fallen behind on the godmother series. I'm having trouble getting in the spirit this year. I find I am calling or texting people more this year since we're not going out much. Stay safe and happy Thanksgiving!!

  9. I love this series!! Great review PJ!!

  10. I have only recently come across these books on another blog and they sound wonderful. I just made a big pot of Curried Butternut squash soup and cheesy beer bread and tomorrow will be taking to a couple of friends, one who recently had surgery and one who has cancer. I am hoping that it will give them a couple of meals that they don't have to make.

  11. I have read all the Dogfather books and some of the Dogmother books. The Christmas book that had me laughing and smiling was The Mistletoe Trap by Cindi Madsen. The one that touched my heart was The Christmas Table by Donna VanLiere.

  12. I have read neither series as of yet. Thanks for the chance. I have not read any Christmas books yet this year. I have a bunch on my list. My daughter's teacher just came down with the virus so we cannot go to my mom's this year. I made eggplant parm for today and and will get leftovers from my mom and real quik in and out. Hopefully I can get her a quik test tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving one and all. I try to do some good deeds every so often during the year.
    Karen T. (Natty's Mama).