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Review & Giveaway - - Remember Love

Remember Love
by Mary Balogh
Ravenswood -  Book 1
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: July 12, 2022
Reviewed by PJ

The handsome and charismatic Earl of Stratton, Caleb Ware, has been exposed to the ton for his clandestine affairs—by his own son.

As a child, Devlin Ware thought his family stood for all that was right and good in the world. They were kind, gracious, and shared the beauty of Ravenwood, their grand country estate, by hosting lavish parties for the entire countryside. But at twenty-two, he discovered his whole world was an elaborate illusion, and when Devlin publicly called his family to account for it, he was exiled as a traitor.
So be it. He enlisted in the fight against Napoleon and didn’t look back for six years. But now his father is dead, the Ware family is broken, and as the heir he is being called home. It’s only when Gwyneth Rhys—the woman he loved and then lost after his family banished him—holds out her hand to help him that he is able make the difficult journey and try to piece together his fractured family.
It is Gwyneth’s loyalty, patience, and love that he needs. But is Devlin’s war-hardened heart even capable of offering her love in return?

PJ's Thoughts:

Mary Balogh launches her new series with this heart-tugging story of love discovered, lost, and, ultimately, remembered. It's is a tale of two parts, both the story and my review, and my thoughts about each are quite different. 

This book does not begin quickly. In fact, if I had not agreed to review it I most likely would have stopped reading somewhere around the fourth chapter. The first half of the book is slow, excruciatingly slow, with scene setting and multiple character introductions overflowing with wordy prose and superfluous details. I began skimming before I finished chapter one. Somewhere around the 40% mark, however, the pace started to pick up and my investment in the main characters began to deepen. 

With Devlin's return to England after a six-year absence, the story took a welcome turn as well. I enjoyed the exploration into each of the main characters, the layers of emotion unveiled, the hurt and bitterness that had been allowed to simmer, and the barely glowing embers of love and affection that still remained. Devlin and Gwyneth were finally given the time to dig beneath the surface of the new emotions they shared six years earlier and get to know one another as real, flawed humans rather than a starry-eyed ideal. I appreciated the fact that the author did not hold back in exploring all the messiness of their relationship, giving it an authenticity that centered my confidence in their eventual HEA. 

Devlin's and Gwyneth's precarious relationship isn't the only one at play in the second half of the book. The Wares are a family that has been destroyed from within and bringing them back together will not be an easy task. First steps are taken; threads that previously bound them tenuously restitched. The scenes between Devlin and the various members of his family are where emotions are laid bare, where my heart clenched with heartache...and hope. By the end of the book, I was attached to them all, eager to discover what their futures would hold, and happy that I had continued to read through the slow start.  

If you enjoy emotional, closed-door, Regency romance with a large, complex family at its core, give this one a try. I'll be back for book two. 

Have you read Mary Balogh?

Do you have a favorite book - or series - of hers?

What are your thoughts about reunion romances? Any favorites to share?

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  1. My favorite Mary Balogh’s book is Someone To Care.
    Thanks for mentioning that the first part is slow going- happens a lot with first books in a new series. I definitely want to read this one!

  2. My favorite Mary Balogh is Simply Love, about a scarred war hero, missing his dominant lower arm, and the disgraced Governess who sees past his injuries.

  3. I haven't read any of Mary's books yet

    Rose Ward

  4. One of my favorite books is by Mary Balogh actually, The Accidental Wife. I've read it so many times but it's really great -- certain scenes, anyway. I'm reading another of her books right now!

  5. I've read almost all of Mary Balogh's books, so I'm looking forward to reading this one. Her books always start slowly, but they're worth sticking with.

  6. I have read some of her books, but it was years ago. I don't have any favorites.

  7. I have read many of her books and really enjoyed her Someone series! I do like reunion romances which hopefully correct all the things that went wrong the first time around.

  8. Don't enter me in the giveaway as I already have a copy. My daughter introduced me to Mary Balogh's books.

  9. Thank you for the review. I am a fan of Ms Balogh and have nearly all her books. I think My favorite series is the "Someone" series. But, I also liked the "Slightly" series. In fact, I have liked nearly all her books, that's why I have nearly all her books. I hope everyone is well.

  10. I love Mary's books! My favorite is her Survivors Club series. I have to catch up on her last series - time has gotten away from me, then I know I'll get into this new series.

  11. Like so many others, I adore Mary Balogh. I've read most of her books, but I think Longing is my absolute favorite. I hope she continues to write for many years to come!

  12. I have read Mary Balogh and she is a favorite. I am surprised she wrote a book that was almost a DNF. She normally gets you invested in the story early on. Maybe this slow start was to set up more than just this book and will play a role in future books in the series.
    No real favorites. I have enjoyed all I have read.
    I do enjoy reunion stories and have read many I have enjoyed. It will take some thinking to put a title and author to one though.
    Thank you for the review.

  13. I haven't read any of her books yet.

  14. I have enjoyed many of Mary's books. I think I enjoy The Bedwyn saga series best but The Survivors’ Club Series is right there too. Reunion romances I think can be very enjoyable my favorite is a reali life situation with a family member (not a written story). Excited about Mary's new book.

  15. I have only read two Mary Balogh books but I enjoyed them both! I need to catch up on the rest of hers — she’s written so many. I do enjoy reunion romances — Meredith Duran wrote one that I really enjoyed