Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today's Special - - Kat Martin

I am so excited to introduce you to our special guest today - New York Times Bestselling author, Kat Martin!  I've been reading Ms. Martin's books for more than twenty years, beginning with her historical romances and following her into contemporary, paranormal and romantic suspense.  This bestselling author of more than forty books lives in Montana with her husband, Larry Jay Martin, who is the author of more than twenty westerns and mysteries.  I'm wondering who takes care of these two when they're both in the writing cave!  

Please join me in giving a very warm welcome to Kat Martin!

INSIDE THE MIND OF A WRITER (You might be surprised)
by Kat Martin

Then again, you might not.

Most people have the impression that a writer sits down at his desk and thoughts and words just pour out of his head. The truth is oftentimes the thoughts roll around for weeks, months, years before they get the chance to spew out on the pages.

Sometimes it never gets to happen at all.

From as far back as I can remember I’ve had stories percolating in my head. I used to tell my brother and sister wild tales when we were kids. (I would get in my brother’s crib and tell my little sister that I was in jail and she would cry!)

I guess I was testing my story telling abilities even then. In college, people in my dorm would sit on the floor of my room and I would make up stories to entertain them. (I barely remember that since I am such a forward-thinking person and my past is sort of a fog in my brain.)

I never thought of becoming a writer--not until years later when my husband wrote an historical novel and I was helping him with the edits. I decided to try to write a book of my own and picked a Western Romance, Magnificent Passage, because the Old West was a subject I knew a lot about and to which I felt very connected. Our home in Montana is full of Western memorabilia and our library is filled with reference books on the subject.

So I’ve always had lots of story ideas and not all of them have turned into books. One of my wilder story concepts involved a Viking from an unknown island who washed up on English shores in the 1850’s. That was Heart of Honor and I’m not so sure that one went over too well with my readers.

More recently, I’ve been writing Contemporary Romantic Suspense and I’ve discovered it’s a really nice fit for me. The books all feature rugged, tough-as-they-come heroes, and women who can handle them.

In my latest, AGAINST THE STORM, Trace Rawlins is an ex-Army Ranger turned private detective. Trace knows from experience that redheads are nothing but trouble, but when photographer, Maggie O’Connell, comes to him for help against a stalker, Trace can’t resist.

I love the characters in this book. Because of my schedule these days, I don’t always have the entire story fleshed out as I used to do. Now it’s an adventure to see what problems the protagonists are going to encounter and figure out a way to help them get those problems solved. Though I don’t recommend starting a book without knowing the end of a story and a credible way to help the characters get there.

I hope you’ll watch for AGAINST THE STORM and that you enjoy Trace and Maggie’s adventure.

Very best wishes,

P.S. Would love for you to take a peek at my Against the Storm trailer (above), interview (below) (I do these under duress!),

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Former Army Ranger, Trace Rawlins, knows that redheads are nothing but trouble. But when fiery, red-haired photographer, Maggie O’Connell comes to him for help in finding a stalker, Trace reluctantly agrees to take the case. Trace isn’t sure he believes her story and his suspicions grow as he uncovers more and more of Maggie’s dark secrets. But what if the stalker is real and Maggie is telling him the truth? Trace has no choice but to protect her. Even if it means putting his heart at risk.


  1. Hi Kat, I enjoyed reading your post! Your new book looks really good. I like the heroines profession, a photographer. That interesting and different!

  2. I always enjoy Kat Martin's books. AGAINST THE STORM is already on my reading list.

  3. Congrats on the new release, Kat. I enjoy your contemporary romantic suspense and also those with paranormal elements like "Scent of Roses." Do you think you'll write more of those?

  4. Good video and interview. Did your husband do the interview at your house? It would certainly have been convenient for you if he did.

    I have read and enjoyed your historicals. Have not yet read your contemporaries, but have started buying this books in this series. I'll wait until they are all out before reading them. It keeps the overall story arc and the character.s
    Hope you have a great release for this one and it will go to te top.

  5. Yippee, a new book. Love your contemporary books.

  6. Sandra Lynne said, I like the heroines profession, a photographer. That interesting and different!

    That caught my eye too! My camera goes everywhere with me so I'm naturally drawn to a heroine with the same love.

  7. I always enjoy Kat Martin's books. AGAINST THE STORM is already on my reading list.

    AGAINST THE STORM released in the US yesterday. Do you have the same release date, Marybelle or do you have to wait for this one?

  8. Hi Jane! Thanks for stopping by today!

  9. Librarypat said, Good video and interview. Did your husband do the interview at your house? It would certainly have been convenient for you if he did.

    I wondered the same thing!

  10. TJ said, Yippee, a new book. Love your contemporary books.

    Hi TJ! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I read Against the Storm a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it...I was up all night finishing it...

  12. Hi Kat great post! Congrats on your new book, its sounds really good and I love the cover. What's not to love about a cowboy on the cover. Love me some cowboys.

    Love your books.

  13. I think when it comes to the rugged and tough types of heroes, it's the women who can handle them that makes them shine all the more. Good to know you have strong woman as well.

  14. Love all the great comments! So far, everyone seems to love the cover--which is probably my all-time favorite. Libraypat asked me if my husband did the interview and the answer is yes. I have terrible stage fright. I get nervous in front of any camera. Its easy when we are at home and he is behind the lens.

  15. Jane asked if I planned to do any more paranormal. I am really drawn to those stories, but not the vampire/shape shifter stuff. I like books that deal with ghosts, esp, stuff like that. probably because I believe in that stuff! So the answer is that I hope to do another three down the road, but not until I'm tired of my Against guys--which may take a while!

  16. Hi Kat, I'm a new reader and I love reading an author's work from their beginnings and working up the their more contemporary work. I do have one question for you: why do many author's start in historical fiction and then often make their way to contemporary romance and romantic suspense? I have seen this trend in your interview and it reminds me of both Judith McNaught and Andrea Kane as well as several others. While authors like Lisa Kleypas and Christina Dodd and others are great at working in several genres

  17. Contemporary heroes are so much fun to read - this sounds like an exciting story!