Thursday, August 25, 2022

Tour Review - - Together Under a Snowy Skye

Together Under a Snowy Skye
by Lisa Hobman
Publisher: Boldwood Books
Release Date: August 24, 2022
Reviewed by PJ

After the heartbreak of a secret unrequited love, Millie Treadaway has finally found someone to spend her life with.

Harry Rose is handsome, successful and treats her like a princess. That is until Millie presents her fiancé with a surprise birthday gift, and their future is suddenly doomed.

Eight months later Millie returns to Glentorrin on the Isle of Skye for her best friend Jules’ Christmas wedding. Heartbroken, single and heavily pregnant.

Staying in Lifeboat Cottage with Jules’ brother, kindhearted Dexter, she’s given up on love and resigned herself to be the best single Mum ever.

But a shock phone call from Harry leaves her reeling and doubting herself and her decisions.

Do second chances work? Or is Dexter, right? That she deserves much more?

Can the festive spirit in Glentorrin, and a little stray Jack Russell terrier, heal her heart?

Or is she fated to remain a member of the lonely-hearts club forever?

PJ's Thoughts:

Lisa Hobman's village of Glentorrin, on the Isle of Skye, has become one of my favorite places to visit. She's created a warm, welcoming atmosphere in this close-knit village with characters I want to be friends with. Her books are so immersive that I can easily visualize myself strolling the streets, popping into the shops, and chatting over tea and biscuits with locals. I love that with each new book I get to catch up with characters from earlier books while meeting new ones who excel in capturing a place for themselves in my affections. 

Parts of Millie's journey in this book were heartbreaking and emotional but they were tempered by the humor, hope, and unconditional support she found in Glentorrin, especially from her best friend Jules and Jules' brother, Dexter. And, of course, Nigel (the dog). Can't forget about him!

As for Millie's journey of the heart, I was Team Dex all the way. What a sweet, kind, steadfast, wonderful man. I adored him and wanted Dex and Millie to adore each other. But life is messy and in true Hobman fashion, there are more than a few twists and turns - and other characters - who throw up obstacles along the way, not the least of which being Harry. It's a complex, and complicated, situation but, rest assured, everything works out the way it's meant to. Of course, you won't know which way that is until you read the book. ;-)

If you enjoy charming, heartfelt, romantic stories set in a cozy Scottish village with well-developed characters, relatable storylines, and well-earned happy endings, I recommend booking a (reading) trip to Glentorrin and Together Under a Snowy Skye. While there are earlier books in the series and continuing characters who appear in this one, readers new to the series should have no trouble beginning with Millie's story. 


  1. Millie definitely deserves so much more.

  2. Great review thank you! Sounds very good

  3. This sounds like a delightful read. Visiting a the Isle of Skye through a book will have to do until I can make it in person.

  4. The other day I read that a small Scottish island is for sale. Doesn't that sound lovely. Thanks for the terrific review. I hope y'all are well and happy.