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Today's Special - - Beverley Kendall

We are delighted to welcome one of our favorite people, Beverley Kendall back to The Romance Dish!  In addition to being an author of historical romance, Beverley is also a busy mom, holds a "techy-type" (as she puts it) job and is the driving force behind The Season, a wonderful website that spotlights historical, contemporary and paranormal romance.   Bev's newest book, A TASTE OF DESIRE, the second in her The Elusive Lords series, will be released January 4th.

Readers can visit Beverley on her website: , follow her on Twitter: , friend her on Facebook: or drop by The Season Blog where you’re sure to find her.

Is A TASTE OF DESIRE really for you?
by Beverley Kendall

I’m going to be totally honest with you today, I write not only because the compulsion is so strong as to be overwhelming, but also because I would one day like to make a comfortable living doing so. I think it’s fair to say that’s every published and aspiring authors wish.

The kind of stories that I write will play a major part in how I’m received, by you, the romance reading public. If you decided to pick up either of my books, SINFUL SURRENDER and A TASTE OF DESIRE, to read the back cover blurb and were then intrigued enough to purchase, I certainly wouldn’t want reading either or both to be a dismal or disappointing experience. I'd actually rather you didn’t buy the book at all.

That’s why I decided to write this cautionary post to readers who may be—dare I hope—contemplating buying my upcoming release, A TASTE OF DESIRE.

A TASTE OF DESIRE may not be for you if:

You don’t like lots of sexual tension. I think I can safely say the sexual tension between Amelia and Thomas could be cut with a knife. But when you have jealousy on one side and pride on the other side, you know they’ll both be fighting it all the way.
You don’t like ‘steamy’ love scenes. I’ll be honest here, this is a hot read. Since I’m a huge Lisa Kleypas fan, I tend to write to her heat level.
You want your hero and heroine to ‘get along’ relatively well throughout the book. Amelia and Thomas are definitely not that kind of heroine and hero. Amelia, right or wrong, resents Thomas because of the close relationship he has with her father—one she wishes she had. Thomas dislikes Amelia, mostly because she doesn’t like him and has insulted him on more than one occasion—one a rather public set down.
You don’t like series. A TASTE OF DESIRE is the second book in The Elusive Lords series and in this book you will reunite with many of the characters from SINFUL SURRENDER and spend some time with the hero and heroine, Missy and James and their growing brood. I personally enjoyed writing about the hero of the final book in the series, Alex Cartwright.
You love intrigue and lots of suspense in your romance novels. I don’t have a spy and there are no murder plots or kidnappings in this novel. This is strictly a romance novel with lots of heat, angst and conflict.
You love heroes or/and heroines who are physically and/or emotionally crippled because of a tragic past. My hero and heroine have not been physically or emotionally abused.
You don’t like an alpha hero. My hero, Thomas, is definitely alpha, which to me means he’s confident, and yes can be a bit cocky when properly provoked. He’s witty in that dry British way but don’t you dare try to come between him and the woman he loves or else there will be hell to pay.
You don’t like a heroine with a sharp edge. Initially, Amelia isn’t the warmest of females. But it's how she copes from years of pain and hurt. This isn’t the Taming of the Shrew but rather the Thawing of Amelia.
• And finally, if you don’t like Happily Ever Afters, I fear that reading this book may cause irrevocable damage to your heart. 

If I didn’t lose you after reading my list, comment and you’ll be entered to win A TASTE OF DESIRE and my debut, SINFUL SURRENDER.

I want to thank the ladies of The Romance Dish for having me back this year! As always, I had a grand time visiting with you.


  1. Certainly didn't loose me with that list ;) love the trailer too.

  2. Hi Beverley!
    I'd say that A Taste of Desire is definitely for me! This series sounds wonderful! :)

  3. they sound awesome didnt lose me either deff have to add you to my list of new to me authors great post

  4. Congrats on the upcoming release, Beverley. I can't wait to read Thomas' book.

  5. Great list! I'm looking forward to reading the series.


  6. You didn't lose me with the list either. I happen to love series.

  7. I think your list is great and I like everything on it. Congratulations on your new book.

  8. Beverly has a WONDERFUL historical voice! Don't miss her books! As for you, doll! Wishing you many happy sales on this one. The cover is AWESOME!!! Hugs

  9. Awww, you guys are so awesomely great. Thanks so much for the warm welcome.

    @gamistress66 @Trisha @SiNn @Sheree @Dianna @Maureen - I'm so glad the list didn't put you off reading my books. But seriously, some readers HATE when the hero and heroine are at odds or if there isn't some big external event driving the plot.

    @Jane - You're such a fantastic advocate. Thank you so much.

    @Monica - You are a love. I'm wishing you FANTASTIC sales in return.


  10. Morning Everyone! Wow, look at all you early risers in here! My dogs kindly let me sleep in this morning for which they will receive yummy treats. *g*

    Bev, it's wonderful to have you back at the Dish and to finally have A Taste of Desire hitting the stores. I've been looking forward to Thomas and Amelia's story since they first appeared in Sinful Surrender!

  11. Hi Beverley,
    You certainly didn't lose me either in that list. I love when they are at odds with each other. It always makes the coming together so much greater, Love the trailer and who is that man portraying Thomas ? Beautiful. Looking forward to reading A Taste Of Desire. Love series books and revisiting familiar characters. Wishing you many sales.
    Carol L

  12. Hi Beverley!

    I am excited to read A Taste of Desire! I love characters that are a little on edge with each other and whew... nothing beats a good alpha male! Best of Luck in it's release!

  13. Hi Beverley!

    I am excited to read A Taste of Desire! I love characters that are a little on edge with each other and whew... nothing beats a good alpha male! Best of luck in it's release!

  14. Dropping by first to tell you that I cannot wait to read your new book (adored the first in the series). Secondly, to tell you that I follow your own blog it is a great spot and thirdly to encourage everyone out there to BUY this book you will not regret it!!

  15. Great list, I can't wait to read A Taste Of Desire, it definitely sounds like my kind of book.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  16. Hi Beverley!

    Excellent list! You had me hooked in the beginning, but the no spy, murder, or kidnapping sealed the deal. A Taste of Desire sounds perfect! :)

  17. I, too, am looking forward to Thomas and Amelia's story, Bev. A Taste of Desire has been on my 2011 book calendar for many months. It's great to know I'll be reading it soon.

    And although I may be erratic as a commenter at The Season, I am a faithful reader and appreciate all the information you share.

  18. Good morning, Beverley! Welcome back to the Dish. Congrats on your upcoming release! I can't wait to read it. I love me some sexual tension--the more, the better! ;-)

  19. Love the post and great list! I have added this book to my own list! Thanks for sharing today!


  20. Bev, I am SO looking forward to Amelia and Thomas' story! I'd also like to say that The Season rocks! You do an awesome job making it a wonderful site to visit.

  21. Congratulations on the new release. I enjoyed Sinful Surrender and look forward to reading this one, too. I like series books because you get to catch up with favorite characters.

  22. This book has all the ingredients I love in my romance novels.

    I look forward in reading it.

    Tracey D

  23. @Jane L, I'm getting all of my Jane's confused. LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

    @PJ, thanks so much for having me here again this year. You're such a fantastic romance book advocate and very much appreciated by all. :D

    @CarolL Hi Carol. Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes, isn't he quite yummy. He models for Ellora Cave and does modeling for Kim Killion and that's where I bought that photo.

    @Kat. LOL. How sweet are you?! I'm so glad you enjoyed SS and can't wait to read TASTE. They were both really fun to write but I gotta tell you, I soooo love Alex's hurts.

    @Linda Henderson. Thanks for stopping by Linda. I hope it works for you.

    @MistyJo. YAY!!! You like the no spy, no murder plots. I know some readers need that thrill but I'm glad you can do without it because you pretty much will never find them in any of my romances.

    @Janga. Awww, thanks so much Janga. Hey, I'm just happy readers come by and visit the site. And I hope you enjoy TASTE.

    @Andrea. Hi Andrea! Thanks for having me on the blog today. I'm with you on the sexual tension. That's what makes the inevitable pay off so fantastic. Love scenes with no build up, for me, tends to be just kind of blah.

  24. Congratulations on your newest release. Looking at the list, I definitely want to read your book.

  25. If anything, that list just makes me want to read it more! I loved Sinful Surrender and can't wait to read A Taste of Desire!

  26. I preordered my Kindle copy last week and can't wait!

  27. I adore the trailer, Bev. And you know I'm dying to read this book! (People, I chat with Bev practically every day on IM. Can you BELIEVE she hasn't sent me a copy of this book yet? Harrumph!)

    Seriously, though, I'm looking forward to buying a copy of my own and getting you to sign it the next time I see you. Which will probably be at RWA in 2012 when you accept your RITA for it ;).

  28. I really can't wait! Much luck with all your Elusive Lords, Bev!

  29. Hi Beverley,
    I agree that your disclaimers made me want to read "A Taste of Desire" all the more. I've been looking forward to it for months, it seems. I loved the first excerpt I ever read of it on The Season.
    I hope it's wildly successful for you! How thrilling to have it come out early in the new year - when those of us who received gift cards for Christmas can't wait to get to the bookstores to use them! :-)

  30. Beverley is an auto-buy for me. She tortures her characters in the most delicious way. Can't wait for the release!

  31. I love the list. All of those components make up for a great read. Thanks for the giveaway.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  32. Loved the trailer and loved Sinful Surrender so I know I'm going to love this one too!

  33. @Johanna. Thanks for stopping by, Johanna. So happy TASTE has made your list. Hope you enjoy!

    @Deb. Wow, Deb, thanks so much. Glad you're enjoying the site and hopefully TASTE. ;)

    @Penfield. I'm glad you enjoyed SS. Hopefully, you'll have just as much fun reading about Amelia and Thomas as Missy and James. I'm with you, there's nothing like catching up with heroes and heroines from prior books. I like to make sure they stay happily married.

    @Tracy D. Thanks Tracy. I hope all those ingredients mix well together for you. ;)

    @Antonia. Thanks so much, Antonia. I hope you enjoy it!

    @Jamie Lynn Thanks so much, my dear. I hope you like it as much as SS and I'd be over the moon if you liked it more.

    @JWZ1978 Wow. You totally made my day. I soooooo love pre-orders. Thank you!

    @Jackie. LMAO!!! I do owe you a book. ;) Although, as a fellow author, you want to buy my book so I can earn that huge royalty pay cheque. Hehehehehehe

    @Maggie. Aww thanks Mags. Now you need to hurry up and finish your current WIP so I can read it. I need my fix.

    @ElaineC. It never gets old having readers tell me they've been anxiously awaiting my book. Thank you!!!

  34. Beverly

    You didn't loose me either I loved the first one in the series and am soo looking forward to this one Whoo Hoo

    Have Fun

  35. I'm so glad you enjoyed SS and can't wait to read TASTE. They were both really fun to write but I gotta tell you, I soooo love Alex's hurts.

    Come on, Bev! You can't toss us a tidbit like that and not follow up! Can you give us a teeny, tiny little peek into Alex's story? Pleeeeeeease?

  36. Beverly,
    Is there no chance of Alex’s story coming out? I feel vested in him already.

  37. Bev, is Alex's story still on hold? Is there anything we as readers can do to help the cause?

  38. Hey Beverley! (waving)

    Thanks for visiting with us again! And congrats on the upcoming release.

    I have to say I am a huge lover of novels with loads of sexual tension. For me it is the MAIN ingredient in a fabulous book. I'll definitely be on the lookout for this one!

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  40. Your series sounds like my type of books.

  41. Excusez moi! That list has my mouth and eyes watering for a lookie loo.
    Love & Hugs,

  42. Thank you for the guest post. I'd love to read your new book.

  43. Bev, sorry I'm late to the party. I'm out of town, but wanted to check in and say "hello." Given your check list, I know, without a doubt, that A Taste of Desire is most definitely my kind of book. *g* I can't wait to read it.

  44. I meant to get back earlier, but got caught up with this conversation on Twitter. LOL.

    LSUReader,thanks. And thanks for stopping by.

    @Kendall Grace - What can I say, I have some very good friends. :) Thanks for all you do. Hugs

    Hi Stephanie! I thought a list would just cut to the chase. ;)

    @catslady, thanks so much for stopping by and for being one of my steady visitors. So happy you enjoyed SS and I hope you enjoy TASTE just as much--okay, maybe more.

    Yay Helen!! You so feed my writer's ego. Thanks so much.

  45. PJ and Kat, I posted the blurb for An Heir of Deception just for you. It's a darker story and Alex is not as light-hearted as he was in the previous book. Definitely a dark brooding hero--tortured--and I love those kinds of heroes the best.

    And yes, PJ, still haven't sold his story. A petition might help. LOL. ;)

    @Buffie I'm so there with you and the sexual tension. It's MORE important to me than the love scenes themselves. Thanks so much for having me on again, it's always lots of fun for me.

    Hi Andrea! I hope you'll check out the book.

    LMAO!!! Pamela, that is priceless. Love it. I hope you look and like--no LOVE.

    Hi Angela! I had lots of fun making it. It was my first try at making one. If I made you chuckle even a little, it's done its job.

    niteofblu, thanks for dropping by. Hope you enjoy it!

    Hi Karyn, so happy you dropped by. Thanks so much for the support. I hope it proves sexy enough for you. LOL

    Hi Gannon, it's never to late for this party. I hope you enjoy TASTE and thanks for having me on your blog! You ladies are fabulous.

  46. Bev, thanks so much for being our guest today. You were terrific, as always!

    Best of luck with A TASTE OF DESIRE. And here's hoping we can get Alex's story to print. I love the sound of it!

  47. You certainly didn't lose me after reading the list. I'm looking forward to reading A Taste of Desire.

  48. Hi Bev!
    I love books with everything listed on your list! Sexy love scenes, hero and heroine that have some tension between them, I even love a heroine that gives the hero a hard time so he has to work to win her love (instead of books where everything falls in the heroes lap!)
    I look forward to reading A TASTE OF DESIRE!
    I really love your book trailer! :)

  49. Didn't loose me :) I still want to read your books !

  50. I have SINFUL SURRENDER, read it , and enjoyed it.
    The Season blog is great. I visit it almost every night either just before or after visiting The Romance Dish. I am looking forward to reading A TASTE OF DESIRE as well as book 3.
    Best of luck with DESIRE's release.

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  52. Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday to comment on Beverley's blog. I had to work so didn't have time to respond to everyone individually but wanted you all to know that I appreciate your comments and the warm welcome you gave Bev.

    Hope to see you all around here again!

  53. I love the idea you had to make a list! I'd love to read your newest book. Good luck with it!