Saturday, January 29, 2011

Review -- Bad To The Bone

Bad To The Bone
By Karin Tabke
Publisher: Self
Release Date: January 13, 2011

Olivia could barely move, every muscle in her body ached. The last eighteen hours had been so amazing she wasn‘t sure she had actually experienced it. But Vaden‘s flesh and bones body beside her told her she had. It wasn‘t a dream. She had never felt more treasured, appreciated or respected. She felt empowered and capable of accomplishing anything she set her mind to. And she would. First on her list—Vaden.

Kindergarten teacher Olivia Connor is ready for a new life. It has been a year since her husband Tommy passed away and Olivia is ready to feel again. While her 10 years of marriage to Tommy wasn’t awful, it really wasn’t what little girls dream of either. I guess that is the kind of marriage you get when your high school sweetheart breaks your heart in pieces and you marry the rebound guy. Tommy wasn’t a bad guy. No, he was a nice guy -- always followed the rules and did well for himself on the police force. However, for Olivia the spark had died long ago.

Vaden Holbrook is the kind of man that haunts the dreams of every woman. Tall, dark and handsome with dark green eyes and full, lush lips. A cop with a cocky strut that screams “bad to the bone”. A man who knows how to use every single feature and talent he possesses to bring pleasure to the woman fortunate enough to be in his bed or whatever place he deems the “right” place.

Vaden is just the man to show Olivia that life is worth living and worth loving. Olivia quickly comes out of her shell and embraces a rather vigorous physical relationship with Vaden, including an extremely hot cop fantasy scene. As Olivia’s transformation begins, so does Vaden’s. He realizes that with the “right” woman, his physical attraction can expand to include mental and emotional attraction. Vaden can actually see a future with Olivia.

Karin Tabke does a fabulous job with this short story. As usual with Karin’s writing, this story is sexy and extremely hot!! Man, does this woman know how to write hot scenes!! And while the physical connection between Olivia and Vaden is front and center with this story, Karin carefully layers the story with mental and emotional connections between the two. It is story about two adults evolving and learning what each wants out of life. If you are looking for a quick read that will have you reaching for all the ice in your freezer (and then some!), then be sure to check the links below and buy a copy today!

~ Buffie


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  1. Buffie I love your review! Can I steal 'er borrow it? Are you writing?

    Thank you for having me today.
    Ladies, I am wide open to questions, so ask away!

  2. Hey there, Karin!!! Of course you can borrow ... no need to even ask!! As for the writing ... (ducks head) I know, I know!.

  3. Bad, Buffie! What are you waiting for????

  4. Great review. Just added to my list. Karin..I'm really looking forward to Blood Law. I love the cover...very yummy!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, Ing! Like I said in my review, this is a great quick read and it is sizzlin' hot!!!

    I, too, am looking forward to BLOOD LAW.

  6. Ok color me confused - this review is awesome, Buffie! - but don't you have a guest post going up tomorrow, Karin? I mean, this is just the review, is that correct?

  7. Thanks, Bonnie! Yes, this is just a review and Karin is scheduled for a day long visit tomorrow (1/30). I think she was just getting a head start ;-)

  8. Karin does great historical reads with her Blood Sword Legacy. I didn't realize she also wrote paranormal under a different pen name. I have ENEMY LOVER on my TBR mountain.
    Of course, hot cops are her speciality.

  9. Oh, I love the way you describe Vaden! Mmmm mmmm good. *g*

    Great review, Buffie!

  10. Thanks for commenting, Pat! Didn't you just love the Blood Sword series? Man, I sure hope that Karin writes the rest of the books as I want to see each of those guys get there HEA.

    And yes, she does write HOT cops!! ;-)

  11. Oh, I love the way you describe Vaden! Mmmm mmmm good. *g*

    Gannon, he is DEFINITELY mmmm mmmm good!! ;-)