Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review -- Sins of A Highland Devil

Sins of A Highland Devil
Highland Warriors, Book 1
By Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Publisher : Forever
Release Date: January 3, 2011

Three proud warriors locked in a struggle for victory...Three beguiling women united in their vow to restore peace...

In her compelling new trilogy, Sue-Ellen Welfonder transports readers to the Highlands of medieval Scotland where men are strong, brave, and honorable and their women stand beside them equally as brave and true, ready to defend all they hold dear.

Scotland's king has ordered the three clans---the Camerons, the MacDonalds, and the Mackintoshes---who reside in the Glen of Many Legends to fight in a battle to the death. The clan with the most men standing at the conclusion will reside in the glen while the others will be relocated. Of course, the king doesn't realize that even enemies will work together when they have a common goal, for no Highlander is willing to leave their home, the land that is as much a part of them as the beating of their heart and the breath that gives them life.

Something inside him cracked and split, flooding him with a white-hot determination such as he'd never known. Highlanders and their land were inseparable. His bond with these hills was deep, powerful, and impossible to sever. The Glen of Many Legends was more than just his home.

It was his soul.

James Cameron is the laird of his clan and is known by all as "The Devil", a man who shows no weakness, leading his men with duty, honor and courage. Surprisingly, he finds he has one weakness---a titian-haired lass more beautiful than any woman he has ever seen. James wants her with a passion he can't deny, except there's one problem; she is a MacDonald. But sometimes the desires of the heart are worth any price.

In the night, she'd taken his breath and his body. Here, in the open, and beneath the wild, roiling sky, she came near to capturing all of him. The morning breeze riffled her cloak, molding it to her curves. And her braids were beginning to loosen, the gleaming strands tumbling about her shoulders. It was a becoming dishevelment, more lovely than if she'd undone her plaits and arranged the glossy red curls with the sole intent of tempting him.

Almost, he believed she had.

Catriona MacDonald has secretly harbored feelings for James Cameron for many years, but how can she possibly love her sworn enemy? She protects her heart by verbally sparring with James every time they cross paths---and Catriona makes sure that happens often, brazen chit that she is---reminding him that they will never be more than enemies. Her brain may say that, but her heart and body tell a different story. Will logic or love emerge the victor? Seeing what's inside Catriona's and James' hearts makes it all very clear.

Torchlight fell across his raven hair but cast shadows over the proud lines of his face. The contrast suited him, making him look like he stood on the edge of light and darkness. He was a fallen angel come to tempt her. And she wanted to succumb. She drew a breath, sure she'd never seen a more beautiful man. Pure masculine power rolled off every inch of him, and his tall, broad-shouldered presence made her hot and shivery.

His magnificence overwhelmed her, sending desire racing through her.

While a clan battle was imminent and tension continued to build, it was Catriona's and James' battle of wills that swept me up and held me captive. Their verbal jousting made me laugh, and when they finally gave into their passion, it made me sigh. James is a quintessential Highland laird: proud, stubborn, honorable, and loyal to those he loves. Oh, and of course, he's verra sexy! Catriona is full of fire and sass, leading James a merry chase. She's independent and fiercely loyal to her clan, traits that frustrate James, but ones that he can't help but admire. The battle that James and Catriona are engaged in is one in which they both emerge the victor, stronger than before because they now have each other.

Sins of A Highland Devil is my first Sue-Ellen Welfonder book---how did that happen?---but it certainly won't be my last. I'm looking forward to the next two books in this trilogy. All of the secondary characters have been introduced, and I can't wait for them to have their moment in the spotlight: Alasdair MacDonald, Catriona's brother, ; Marjory Mackintosh and her brother Kendrew; and Isobel Cameron, James's sister. Two more Highland warriors and the two captivating women who will win their hearts. Oh, yes, I cannot wait!

~ Gannon


  1. Gannon

    Great review I have not read any of Sue-Ellen Welfonder's books either but that will be changing I love the sound of this book and a trilogy whoo hoo.
    I have added it to my must have list

    Have Fun

  2. Helen, I really enjoyed it, and the fact that it's the start of a new trilogy...even better. That and a few sexy Highlanders! *g*

  3. Terrific review, Gannon! This sounds like a wonderful series that will transport you straight to the Highlands. :)

  4. thanks for the review, it sounds great. haven't read any of her books before either but may have to make this the 1st.

  5. Andrea, it most definitely "transports you straight to the Highlands."

  6. Gamistress66, as I said, this was my first book by Welfonder. I highly recommend it!

  7. Wonderful review, Gannon. It sounds fabulous and one I would really enjoy. I know that we share a love for sexy Highlanders ;-)

  8. I know that we share a love for sexy Highlanders ;-)

    Absolutely, Buffie! I thought of you when I read this. Sexy Highlanders in medieval Scotland...right up your alley!

  9. Great review, Gannon! You know how much I love my medieval highlanders. ;-)

    Welfonder is an auto-buy for me and I've been looking forward to this new trilogy...even more so after reading your review!

  10. PJ, if you're a fan of Welfonder, you're sure to love this one!

  11. Medieval times, kilted warriors, the Highlands, independent women - what's not to like? Sounds like this will be a good series.

  12. You all know I love me some Highlanders. Going to the top of the list.

  13. Medieval times, kilted warriors, the Highlands, independent women - what's not to like?

    Librarypat, I couldn't agree more! :-)

  14. You all know I love me some Highlanders.

    You are in good company, Dianna. *g*