Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Special -- Kimberly Killion

Reading, Writing, and Retreat!

Hello, ladies! Thanks for having me back on The Romance Dish. I’m visiting you from a B&B in Tim-buk-tu Missouri. I’m perched on the side of a bluff (not literally) overlooking the frozen Mississippi with a fresh dropping of 10 inches of snow on the ground. The birds are fat and the company I’ve surrounded myself with is brilliant! Stick around…

One of the best perks of being an author is having great friends to share your grins and groans with. Aside from passing emails back and forth between critique partners and hooking up at conference, the best perk is going away on a retreat. That’s where I’m at now and this one has been an adventure like no other. Of course, I’m sharing company with some of the greatest minds in the biz. Eileen Dreyer, who has NEVER A GENTLEMAN coming out in March is always entertaining. The brilliant mind of Elizabeth Grayson never ceases to amazing me. Then I’m fortunate enough to be sharing company with Carol Monk and the infamous Patricia Rice. And if they aren’t entertaining enough, Angie Fox is always good for a laugh.

We started out drawing straws to see who got to brainstorm first. I won! And I got some amazing feedback for my next story I started yesterday! Woo-hoo! I’m going to remain all mysterious about the story. Holla all you want, but that’s just how I roll. *vwg*

Next we moved on to Eileen’s next trilogy in the Drake’s Rake series…YES! There’s going to be more of those devilish stories. All I’ll tell you is that there’s a Drake and he’s a rake. I think you’ll all be excited to know that some of the great dames in Romance publishing, Elizabeth and Carol, and hard at work on new and exciting stories, and Patricia Rice is moving toward a contemporary psychic romance. Sounds cool, huh?!

And this afternoon, we brainstormed book two of Angie Fox’s next super series, THE MONSTER MASH! I’ll just say, for anyone who read the DEMON SLAYER series, this next series she is working on is going to blow you away!

Now, aside from brainstorming, we eat, and sleep, and write, and drink, and read, and eat, and write…well, you get the gist of it.

So, I know you all have questions. I've got the goods on these gals. What do you want to know...?

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting weekend Kimberly. I love "chatting" to authors and hearing about their books and up and coming releases so much fun. I am going to the Australian Romance Readers Convention in March and am soo looking forward to it.

    Have Fun

  2. Hey Helen! I'm the same way ... it is so great to get a look inside the life of an author. And I personally love a retreat with a group of friends. I'm still jealous over the ARR Convention. Sure wish I was going!!!

  3. Welcome back, Kim! This sounds like a wonderful way to create, share and get invaluable feedback...and have some fun while doing it!

    Do you have a structured agenda that you follow on your retreat? Set times for gathering to brainstorm followed by everyone retreating to their respective corners with their laptops? How frequently do you gather to do this? Once a year? More often?

    Most importantly, what's the menu for this little gathering? ;-) What foods do our favorite authors consume as they create the heroes and heroines whose stories we love to read?

  4. Buffie, Andrea and Gannon...I'm thinking this sounds like a tradition we need to implement! *g*

  5. Hey, Kimberly! I've seen Eileen posting about the retreat on FB, but I didn't realize you were there. Fun!

    How long does a brainstorming session usually last? What's your favorite libation to get those creative juices flowing? *g*

    Buffie, Andrea and Gannon...I'm thinking this sounds like a tradition we need to implement! *g*

    PJ, I think your idea is brilliant!

  6. Kimberly! How you doing? I'm glad you're got more books coming out soon--and yes, you are in good company with those ladies you listed. The MORWA ladies are a hoot and very helpful!

    I wish I could have more writing retreats with my pirates. :) Imagine the hijinks we could get up to.

  7. Good morning, Helen, and thank you for stopping by. I so envy your plan to go to the Austalian Romance Readers Convention. That's sound like too much fun!

  8. Hey, Buffie! Thanks for having me back! I love it here at the Dish!

    PJ,We drew straws to see who was going to brainstorm first. Everyone came to the retreat in need of something. The place where we are staying has a gathering room with a fireplace and so we "gathered" there and put on our thinking caps and just start tossing ideas around.

    We went to a fancy restaurant last night, but for the most part, we let the B&B people feed us. They are a non-profit sheltered community staffed with adults with downs syndrome. It's called the Village of the Blue Rose in Clarksville, MO

    As for drinks...they all drink wine. I drink whiskey, but the bad Eileen Dreyer introduced me to Grand Marnier. Ah-yi-yi...!

  9. Hey, Gannon! We usually spend a couple hours brainstorming a story because it's usually a series or we just get going on something and the ideas fly and we can't stop. LOL

    You guys definitely need to do something like this. It's waaaaay fun!

    Hey, Ms. Hellion! Damn I miss you and your people! If you all decide to getaway, consider going to KC for a "musical blades" pirate fest. And count me in! LOL

  10. *waving* Hey, Kimberly! Welcome back and congrats on all of your recent releases!

    Sounds like you all are having fun! *ahem* Now, what hawt hunks are there serving you--er, serving drinks to you and the other gals? Gerry? Hugh? Gerry?

  11. PJ said: Buffie, Andrea and Gannon...I'm thinking this sounds like a tradition we need to implement! *g*

    Yes, PJ!! Terrific idea!!

  12. I wish I could have more writing retreats with my pirates. :) Imagine the hijinks we could get up to.

    Hellion, I know that would be one fun retreat! :-)

  13. What a great group of writers to have all in one place concentrating on relaxing and encouraging each other. I bet the creative energy lit the place up. It sounds like a wonderful way to spent several days.

    The last retreat I went on was 20 years ago to a Girl Scout mother- daughter weekend at a farm. Somehow having your daughters show you up at Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies isn't quite the same as eating, drinking, talking, relaxing, and brainstorming with friends and fellow writers.

    I am going to check into the place you stayed. Sounds nice.

  14. Buffie, Andrea and Gannon...I'm thinking this sounds like a tradition we need to implement! *g*

    I say YES to this!!!

  15. I wish I could have more writing retreats with my pirates. :) Imagine the hijinks we could get up to.

    MsHellion ... I bet all of us could imagine some of the hijinks - LOL!

  16. Pat, thanks for stopping by. Somehow what you described doesn't sound like a retreat - LOL! My idea of a retreat is no kiddies! Ha!