Saturday, August 28, 2021

Review - - The Billionaire's Big Mistake

The Billionaire's Big Mistake
by Breezie Bennett 
The Miami Vices - Book 4
Publisher: Palm Island Publishing
Release Date: August 27, 2021
Reviewed by PJ

One grumpy workaholic on a mission to get the ultimate promotion. One ray of sunshine tour guide whose goal is a good time. He needs to unload the beachfront property her family runs to close a big deal, but never expects to fall hard for the fiery beauty who stands in his way.

Ethan Vice: One deal. One simple deal to flip a few dozen properties to another hotel chain, and I’ll be the CEO of Vice Hospitality, the ultimate goal on my list of business accomplishments. All I have to do is swing by some rundown hotel in the Keys I didn’t even know we owned, and get the guy who runs it to sign some paperwork. But the minute I arrive in Sandpiper Key, I’m blinded by sunshine and beauty and a woman unlike any I’ve ever met. Maria-Elena Martinez is wild and gorgeous and insists that life can be fun, a philosophy I’ve never understood. But before I know it, my heart is melting like an ice cream cone on the beach. What starts out as a playful interlude turns into a serious romance and suddenly I’ve just done the one thing I never do…I’ve screwed up and might not get the deal…or the girl.

Emmy Martinez: The minute Ethan Vice shows up on an official visit to La Magia, I am determined to show our “invisible investor” that the Martinez family has created true magic at our small but unique resort. But I didn’t expect the island tour to include hot kisses and long embraces from a billionaire who’s having fun for the first time. He may be the most serious man I’ve ever crushed on, but he’s also sexy, complicated, and is working his way into my family…and my heart. When our fling begins to feel like something far more permanent, I dare to believe that Ethan could be the magic I’ve been missing in life. That is, until I find out he’s made a terrible mistake that will ruin my family and break my heart. There’s only one way he can rescue our romance…but can this billionaire sacrifice success for the magic of true love?

PJ's Thoughts:

Ethan Vice eats, sleeps, and breathes the Vice family business and has since he was a young boy. All he's ever wanted was to follow in his father's footsteps and now that opportunity is within his grasp. He only has one task to accomplish and the CEO position is his. Supremely confident, Ethan doesn't anticipate it will take more than a few days to convince the Martinez family it's in their best interest to agree to allow their resort to be sold to a huge hotel chain in order to complete Ethan's multi-billion dollar deal. Of course, grumpy Ethan has yet to meet the gorgeous ray of sunshine that is Emmy Martinez, or spend time with her big, boisterous, loving, Cuban-American family, or experience the magic of La Magia and Sandpiper Key. Leave it to Breezie Bennett to take the most no-nonsense, fun-averse, workaholic member of the Vice family and transform him into my favorite hero of the series. I loved Ethan's growth arc and the man he eventually becomes once his eyes are opened, his heart engaged, and his priorities realigned. I loved the reactions of his siblings and their partners when they descended upon La Magia and discovered an Ethan they barely recognize. And I adored the sweet, sexy chemistry between Ethan and Emmy. So much fun! 

This book is such a delight - tender, sexy, heart-tugging, and pure magic. Bennett transported me to the Florida Keys with her vivid descriptions and sense of place. I could hear, smell, and feel the tropical beauty of Sandpiper Key. Then she populated the cast with a group of characters who made me want to book the next flight south. I want to experience all of Emmy's tours, fly over the sand with her in her golf cart, and soak in her exuberance for life. I want to enjoy the laughter, joy, delicious Cuban food, and well-loved stories at the Martinez family table. I want to spend time with the newly transformed Ethan and celebrate the special love that shimmers around him and Emmy. I want to go back to the first page of this book and experience the pleasure of their journey all over again, from beginning to end. 

If you haven't discovered Breezie Bennett's The Miami Vices series yet, I highly recommend it. There's such an endearing quality to her writing, along with some sizzle, spot-on family dynamics, humor, emotional storylines, and fun, fun, fun. The Billionaire's Big Mistake wraps up this series but we won't have long to wait before Bennett is back with a new book and a new series. Messing With the Billionaire: A Sweet Romantic Comedy launches Bennett's new Maid in Miami series on October 15, 2021. I've already circled the date on my book calendar. 


  1. Sounds like a fun read - thanks.

  2. Thanks for the review. I like stories with humor and this sounds like it fits the bill.

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  3. Wow - I've never read her before, but now I'll have to add her to my list. Thanks, PJ.

  4. I have the first 3 books and was waiting for this one to come out. I wanted to read them all at once.

  5. Thanks for the review of what sounds like a book that is a joy to read.