Friday, August 27, 2021

Review - - True Love Cowboy

True Love Cowboy
by Jennifer Ryan
McGrath - Book 3
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: August 24, 2021
Reviewed by PJ

Cowboys live by their word, their wits, and their loyalty.

Jon Crawford has returned to Montana, determined to take over his father’s ranch and raise his daughter in Big Sky Country, leaving the big-city life behind once and for all. He doesn’t have time to fall in love, but he doesn’t count on stubborn but beautiful Trinity McGrath, who arouses his protective instincts even as she tries to push him away.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Trinity, but now she has everything she needs—her family, friends, and a safe and secure life. With a business to build, Trinity doesn’t have time for romance…until Jon comes barging into her life and all her intentions are turned upside down! 

Still, an attraction like theirs is too powerful to deny, and sometimes true love comes along when you least expect it. But when someone from Jon's past comes back with a vengeance, Trinity and Jon will have to do everything they can to save themselves and their new love...

PJ's Thoughts:

I've been eagerly anticipating Trinity's story. The past few years have not been easy for her and she's still dealing with the PTSD effects of the trauma she experienced. Jon is exactly the type of man I hoped would enter her life and the fact that he has an adorable four-year-old daughter is a sweet bonus. But, these three will have some major hurdles to overcome before they reach their happy ending. 

Ryan is so good at creating suspenseful stories that engage my emotions and keep me on the edge of my seat and this one is a doozy. My heart was in my throat at so many points during the book. There were times I cried, times I was so furious I wanted to scream, gut-wrenching scenes that had me ready to do bodily harm to a certain secondary character, and sweet, poignant scenes that captured my heart. The book is very realistic and difficult to read in certain parts. The villain gets what's coming to them in the end but the pain they cause along the way might be a trigger to some readers. 

As always, I enjoyed the McGrath family coming together to support one another. I always have fun watching the siblings and their partners interact. It was lovely to finally meet their parents, see the relationships of each of the earlier couples progressing, and cheer their happy endings. I enjoyed the solid relationship Jon and Trinity built with one another. I especially appreciated the respect they had for each other, the deep caring, and how they both put Jon's daughter, Emmy first. And I loved how Trinity finally regained her confidence and turned the tables on Jon in a sweet twist at the end. If ever a family had earned a happy ending, it was Trinity, Jon, and Emmy.

This is a book that could be read on its own but for a better understanding of what Trinity endured, I strongly recommend reading the books in order. Or, at the very least, reading Waiting On a Cowboy, the book where Trinity's trauma occurs. If you want to read the stories of all of the McGrath siblings in order, the books are: Tough Talking Cowboy (Drake McGrath and Adria Holloway), Waiting on a Cowboy (Tate McGrath and Liz Scott), Love of a Cowboy (Declan McGrath and Skye Kennedy), and True Love Cowboy (Trinity McGrath and Jon Crawford).

Content Warning: Readers should be aware this book contains child abuse, PTSD, and violence.


  1. Thanks for the review,this will not be a book I am able to read but it sounds like a good strong story.

    Hope everyone is well and safe and happy.

  2. I haven't started this series but I look forward to reading. Love her books.

  3. This sounds like good book and a good series. Thank you for the review.