Thursday, March 17, 2022

Review - - Lucky Leap Day

Lucky Leap Day
by Ann Marie Walker
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: January 18, 2022
Reviewed by PJ

Up-and-coming screenwriter Cara Kennedy has the biggest meeting of her career in two days―but for now, she's on vacation. Her short trip to Ireland is all planned out:

  1. See the sites around Dublin
  2. Don't think about her jerk of an ex she was supposed to spend this trip with
  3. Relax with some Irish whiskey
  4. Propose to a sexy Irish musician on Leap Day
  5. Wake up married

Wait, those last two things weren't on her list...

A whirlwind trip to Ireland is supposed to end with a suitcase full of wool sweaters and souvenir pint glasses―not a husband you only just met!

After one-too-many whiskeys, fledgling screenwriter Cara Kennedy takes a page out of someone else's script when she gets caught up in the Irish tradition of women proposing on Leap Day. She wakes the next morning with a hot guy in her bed and a tin foil ring on her finger. Her flight is in four hours, and she has the most important meeting of her career in exactly two days―nothing she can do except take her new husband (and his adorable dog) back to LA with her and try to untangle the mess she's made of her life...

PJ's Thoughts:

Looking for something fresh, fun, and Irish this St. Patrick's Day? Do I have a book for you! 

Don’t hesitate. Don’t question. Don’t second guess. Just take a leap…straight into Lucky Leap Day by Ann Marie Walker. Buy the book, clear your schedule, and dive into this funny, endearing, utterly charming story that stole my heart and refuses to give it back. I laughed, cried, sighed, swooned, and cheered through the entire story. 

Everything about this book checked my happy reader boxes, from the beautifully developed cast of characters, to the vividly depicted settings, to Finn’s lopsided smile and Irish brogue (*melts*), to the sweetly sexy (yes, they can both exist side by side and while love scenes are all closed door I never felt like I was missing one bit of the emotion or chemistry between these two) romance, to Cara learning to embrace her spontaneous side and reach for her dreams, to Oscar the dog who never shares his thoughts (until the epilogue) but still manages to get his point across (as any dog owner will understand), to surprising twists and turns, and more. 

Finn and Cara danced their way across my mind as if I was in a dark theater watching them bring their story to life on a big screen. Which, by the way, they absolutely should be doing! I want to sit in that theater, munching popcorn while laughing out loud, swooning through heartfelt sighs, sobbing into tissues when everything goes sideways, and leaping to my feet, clapping until my hands sting, while cheering until my voice cracks as their HEA plays out in front of me. Kind of like I did in my own living room while reading Lucky Leap Day

Do yourself a favor. Don't miss this one. 

Best served with a glass of Irish whiskey...but maybe stop at one...unless you're in an Irish Pub being serenaded by a gorgeous musician with a charming Irish brogue. Then you're on your own. ;-)


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. This does sound like a wonderful book and I love books which make me laugh. A new to me author who sounds talented.

    Be Happy.

  2. Perfect recommendation for today! We can all use some laughter. New author to me.

  3. This sounds like my cup of tea!! Thanks for the rec, PJ.

  4. This one sounds like such fun. It reflects my Irish heritage, even diluted by several generations. Where I grew up people were primarily of Irish and French decent. The Leap Year tradition was still there to some degree. Girls could ask the boys out and I am sure there might have bee a proposal or two.
    My dream is to spend some time in Ireland enjoying the culture, pubs, and music. I'll be bringing along my own husband, so won't be making the "mistake" Cara did.