Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guest Author Maria Geraci wants to know what you're reading

Maria Geraci, author of Bunco Babes Tell All and the newly released Bunco Babes Gone Wild, doesn't just write about Bunco . . . she plays it regularly. Talk about writing what you know! Born and raised in Florida, she describes her road to publication as more like a detour. Please help me welcome Maria to The Romance Dish as she asks . . .

What are you reading this Holiday Season?

Shopping. Baking. Sending Christmas Cards. Cleaning… The list goes on. Every holiday season I stress out just thinking about all I have to get done. It’s enough to make my inner Scrooge wish for January 2. So whenever I feel a ba-humbug coming on, I take a deep breath and try to remember the reason for the season, and that no one really cares if my house is a little dusty except me (and maybe my mother-in-law) and that I’m only human and can only do so much. That’s when I try to slip in some Me Time. Because you know the old saying, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” And what makes this Momma happy is reading a good romance!

The holidays are a time when the familiar makes me feel comfy, so it’s the perfect season to reread an old favorite. A good Jennifer Crusie, my couch, and a hot cup of cocoa (with whipped cream on top) go a long way in reviving my holiday spirit. I’m currently reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And loving it. But then, Pride and Prejudice is a standard favorite of mine, so in a lot of ways it feels like an old friend (with a new twist, of course).

What are your favorite romances? Do you reread them? What are you reading this holiday season? Leave a comment below and one random winner will receive an autographed copy of my new release, Bunco Babes Gone Wild.

Berkley, November 2009

Georgia Meyer needs some time to think—and what better place to get her head on straight than Whispering Bay, Florida, in the company of her sister Frida and her sister’s Bunco friends, better known as the Bunco Babes? Georgia’s boyfriend—and boss—Spencer Moody made a slight miscalculation in the romance department and gave her a calculator instead of an engagement ring. So she needs some sisterly advice, in between rolling dice and drinking frozen margaritas, as to her next move.

While considering subtracting Spencer, Georgia meets the very handsome Dave Hernandez. Unfortunately when a Bunco night gets a little out of hand, Georgia reveals more of herself to Dave than she intended. Now, as she helps the Babes prepare for a Bunco Black Tie fundraiser, she needs to search her heart—and keep her shirt on—long enough to decide if a love affair with Dave might be a dream come true or just a flash in the pan.


  1. Hi Maria

    I too stress about what has to be done and I still have a bit to do I am getting there though and I always do as I am sure everyone does LOL.

    Love the sound of your book and I really am trying to fit more me time in. As for what I am reading I finished Kimberly Killion's Highland Dragon last night and loved it I am about to start a Mills & Boon Medical romance by Australian author Sharon Archer and then I am not sure I do have some great books to choos from one of the reasons I don't re-read a lot LOL.

    Have Fun

  2. Hi Maria,
    This book sounds like exactly the kind I read. I love contemporary romances and women fiction. I read a lot of historicals too. I recently dicovered YA romance and I'm reading a lot of those these days... all because of the Romance Dish btw. I won Gone Too Far by Jennifer Echols on their opening party and just LOVED this book (I mean really really loved it, like "where were those books all those years ?"). I've been reading some Sarah Dessen and Susane Colasanti since then and I know I'm going to read more ! ;-)

  3. Hi Maria-great to see you here! Congratulations on the release of BUNCO BABES GO WILD. I loved BUNCO BABES TELL ALL, it was warm, funny and romantic.
    (You know, I had never heard of bunco before I read your book!)
    I don't often reread books--I would rather read a new one. But just recently I picked up AIN'T SHE SWEET by Susan Elizabeth Phillips from my bookshelf and next thing you know I was rereading it right through to the end. Sugar Beth is one of my favorite contemporary romance heroines.
    I'll have to make sure BUNCO BABES GO WILD is next on my list to be read! Can't wait to revisit the world you created in your first book.

  4. I so agree with you Kandy about Ain't SHe Sweet !! I, on the other hand, love to reread my favorite books again and again. I've read some SEP's books about 10 times now... and the pleasure is still there.

  5. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for commenting! Yes, Me time is important. I plan to take some this evening!

    Emmanuelle, I love historicals as well:) Some of my favorite authors are Madeline Hunter and Eloisa James.

    Hi Kandy! So glad to see you hear. I adore SEP. "Ain't She Sweet" is one of my favorite of all time books. It's definitely due for a re-read soon!

  6. Woops, I meant to type "see you here." Obviously, I haven't had enough coffee this morning... off to rectify that right now.

  7. Hi, Maria.
    I am reading THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER to my 5th grade class right now and have read THE CHRISTMAS COLLIE, THE HOUSE WITHOUT A CHRISTMAS TREE, and THE YEAR OF THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS TREE to them in the last week or so. As for myself, I haven't really picked up a book in the last week, but have the new Stepahnie Laurens chosen to read next.
    I'm stressing out just a little with things to do and things to buy and food to make, but it will all come together; it always does.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Hello and welcome to The Romance Dish, Maria! We're so happy to have you with us today. Congrats on the newest release! I have it and can't wait to read it!

    By the way, I saw on your website that you used to live in Melbourne. I lived there for 14 years! It's been awhile, but I remember it as a beautiful city. :)

    As for what I'm reading . . . To Desire a Devil by Elizabeth Hoyt. Reeeeeally good so far!

  9. Deb, you're right about things somehow coming together. At least, that's the mantra I'm chanting!

    And Andrea, thank you so much for having me here today! Melbourne was a great town to grow up in. How funny that you used to live there!

  10. Hi Maria. ^^

    Your book sounds great. ^^ I'm actually pretty good on getting things done as of now. Next week is another matter though. I have to help get the house cleaned, all 5 dogs will need baths, baking to be done....

    Right now i'm reading "The Winter Queen" by Amanda McCabe. I plan on getting "The Knight before Christmas" by Jackie Ivie and "An Affair before Christmas" by Eloise James done before Christmas though.

    I have a lot of favorite romances and i have re-read a few. I usually re-read when i have run out of books.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  11. I hear you, Helen! I can't wait until everything is decorated, wrapped, sent, cleaned, and I can sit down and relax. And then something else will pop up! LOL

    I love contemporary romances, too, Emmanuelle! And GTF by JE is on my list!

    Kandy, I've never read SEP before. I know, I know! That's a crime, isn't it? LOL

    I hope everything comes together for you, Deb! Merry Christmas!

  12. Maria, I was born there! I lived there from '74 - '88.

    Jedi, don't remind me! I have baking to do next week, too. LOL

  13. Hey Maria! Welcome to The Romance Dish! This year has really stressed me out. I was laid up with pneumonia for almost 2 weeks, my oldest son now has it, and I had to take the youngest one to the dr yesterday -- ear infection. The dh and I have gotten most of the kids' Christmas bought, but I haven't done anything else!!! So tomorrow is my got-to-get-it-all-done errand day. I'll definitely need to read after that!!!!

  14. Helen -- I'm so glad you enjoyed Kimberly's HIGHLAND DRAGON!!! I figured it would be something you would like.

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  17. Hi, Maria! Some of my fondest memories of living in San Diego are the two bunco groups that I played in! Loved it! And your books are such fun as well!

    I just finished an ARC of Helen Scott Taylor's THE PHOENIX CHARM. Wonderful!

  18. Helen, I really loved HIGHLAND DRAGON, too!

    Emmanuelle, GOING TOO FAR was excellent, wasn't it?!

    Kandy, you can't go wrong with SEP. I adore everything she writes!

  19. Deb, I love Christmas books! And I hear you on the stressing about everything. We just have to remind ourselves not to sweat the small stuff. :)

    Jedi, I have loads of baking to do this weekend!

  20. Gannon ~ Going Too Far was truly fantastic. Thanks again for offering it ;-)

  21. Hi Maria, your book sounds just lovely, the kind of escape one needs at this time of year.

    I plan to go all Regency this Xmas holiday, Reading Anna Campbell's 'Captive of Sin' at the moment, also plan to re-visit some of my dog eared Mary Balogh books, like the "More than A Mistress" and 'No Man's Mistress'. Love her books!!
    Also hope Santa brings me a few Xmas titles just so I can stay in the season!

  22. Just wanted to say a quick "Hi, Maria!" and commiserate about the holiday stress... I have a million things left to do--sigh. But I'm looking forward to getting in some FUN reading this month! Bunco Babes Gone Wild and Nick Hornby's Juliet, Naked are waiting for me...sooooooon!!

  23. Drew, Anna Campbell's newest is up next for me. Can't wait!

    Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn! This time of year is always so busy and just when I think I'm done, BAM - something else needs to be bought or made.

  24. Thanks so much for joining us today, Maria!!

  25. I love reading holiday books. I'm reading some Harlequin ones now. The Millionaire's Christmas Wife by Susan Crosby, The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle by Raeanne Thayne. Have a wonderful and safe holiday season.