Sunday, December 20, 2009

Review -- WILD MAGIC

Wild Magic
By Ann Macela
Publisher: Medallion Press
Released: October 1, 2009

Twenty-five years ago: Ten years after their grandfather's death, cousins and magic practitioners, Bruce Ubell and Alton Finster receive their grandfather's diary with instructions that take them to a secret room in the basement of the family mansion. Awaiting them in the dark, musty room is a pouch containing their evil destiny.

Careful, very careful not to touch the contents, he loosened the drawstrings. Holding the bag by its bottom corners, he slid the contents out of their covering and into the bowl.

The two of them sat until dawn, staring at what fell out.

The contents stared back.

With those final two sentences of the prologue, Macela had me hooked. I could hardly wait to find out what happened next!

Present-day Chicago:

Irenee Sabel is the beautiful daughter of a rich, socially prominent family. As a member of the elite group of magic practitioners known as Swords, she has been given her first solo assignment: to find and confiscate the Cataclysm Stone, an evil fifteenth century relic being used for personal gain and evil purposes by ruthless businessman, Alton Finster. While attending a party at Finster's home, she sneaks into his study and is about to open the secret floor safe, where she has detected the relic's presence, when she hears someone picking the door lock. She quickly casts an invisibility spell over herself before the door opens and a handsome man in a tuxedo enters the room. Immediately identifying him as not having magical powers, she's confident he will never be aware of her presence.

She heard him curse before closing the safe and the portrait. His hand still on the frame, he suddenly froze for a few seconds, then whipped around.

And looked right into her eyes.

He could see her.

How was this possible?

As she looked at him, a pulse of excitement ran down her backbone, and she was suddenly filled with a sense of well-being Her magic center under her breastbone fluttered.

Jim Tylan, agent for the Department of Justice and Homeland Security, has always been aware of his "hunches" - that little voice in his mind, the tingling at the back of his neck - that warn him of danger and help him solve cases. While searching Finster's study for the second set of financial records that he hopes will help the DOJ finally bring the corrupt arms and drug kingpin to justice, his hunch tells him he's not alone. But when he turns around he's not at all prepared for the jolt of desire that fills him when he sees the beautiful woman standing on the other side of the room...the beautiful, glowing woman.

A man who is not a warlock should not be able to see through Irenee's spell. Jim is invited to the practitioners' campus where it soon becomes evident that he is able to do much more than just see through Irenee's invisibility. He's what the practitioners call a "Wild Talent", with magical abilities of his own. It's all very "woo woo" to Jim and a struggle to accept but this is Irenee's life. As the two join forces to bring down Finster and Ubell, their initial attraction grows and they begin to bond - emotionally, physically...magically. It soon becomes apparent that they are soulmates, two people destined to be one another's mate for life. But, for Jim to accept the "soulmate imperative", he must also accept Irenee's position as a Sword, a position that will always place her in danger from evil forces. Can this man who values control and has been trained to be a protector live with a woman who can protect herself and probably him too?

Ann Macela has written a captivating, suspenseful love story set in a realistic world of magic that I had no trouble believing. The characters come alive in her talented hands, the story flows smoothly with heart-stopping action and villains that give off an aura of such intense evil that I got chills. What stood out the most for me in the book, however, were her descriptions of the magic. They were so vivid, so vibrantly painted that I could easily envision each of the magical acts as they occurred. My only disappointment is that I waited so long to read an Ann Macela book!


Do you believe in magic? Have you read any of Macela's books? One lucky commenter will win a signed copy of Wild Magic.


  1. I haven't read any of Ann Macela's books this one sounds very interesting I must keep my eye out for it.
    Thanks for a great review PJ

    Have Fun

  2. I believe in some type of magic. There really is too many unexplained things that happen in the world. ^^ Plus being the Harry Potter fan that i am i'd like to think there is magic anyways. ^^

    I actually have never any of Ann Macela books. Till now i've never heard of the author either. I love fantasy books and a fantasy combined with a romance sounds just amazing. ^^

  3. Fantastic review, PJ! I have Ann's first book on my TBR shelf, but haven't had a chance to read it. Guess I'd better get to it!! :)

  4. Wow, another great review.
    Do I believe in magic? I believe in the magic of love between a man and woman. But, otherwise, probably not.

  5. 1. Do You Believe In Magic?
    Yes, I Do Believe In Magic.

    2. Have You Read Any Of Macela's Books?
    No, I Have Not Read Any Of Ann Macela's Books As Of Late.

    The Book Sounds Awesome. A Book That Can Combine Romance And Magic Is A Pretty Kool In My Opinion.


  6. Wow, I am getting introduced here to some fascinating authors and their books, keep the reviews coming!

    I must say, I am hooked by what you wrote in the review, even though I don't believe in magic, I can quite happily suspend my belief and immerse myself in a world such as is described here!

    Another book to keep an eye peeled for! Cheers~

  7. This sounds like a book I would love!

  8. This sounds very different from my usual reading! I have not read this author. I don't believe in practicing magic but I like stories with magic in them!
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  9. I agree with Martha. I like to read about light-hearted magic--"Bewitched" kind of magic. I don't like the dark magic; too weird, too spooky, too un-Christian.
    Melissa Mayhue has written some good ones about the Fae and Faery magic.

  10. I've never read any of her books. And I believe in some kinds of magic, :).

  11. I would like to believe in magic - but haven't seen any evidence of it so far. I haven't had a chance to read any of Ann Macela's books yet, but I'm going to be checking them out now for sure.

  12. Your review is wonderful and I'm looking forward to reading Ann's book. She is a new author I have not read before. I don't believe in magic but I love reading about it.

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

    Happy Holidays to All!!!

  13. Another great review PJ! It is a testament to Ann's writing that you had no problems diving into the magical world she has created. I may have to check her out.

  14. Wooooow, this book sounds exactly like something I would like! I so have to get it!

  15. I believe in Magic - as in miracles, and anything is possible....

    I haven't read Ann, but will now!



  16. Ok, I am TOTALLY late on commenting but wow!!! What an ending hook!!!

    Must. Add. To. Shopping. List.