Friday, December 4, 2009

New Releases For December!

It's that time of year again! When the weather has turned cold and readers love to curl up under a blanket (or a Snuggie) with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa and immerse themselves in a good book. And the December releases are here to help you choose that good book (or four)! Which ones have you read? Of those, which books would you recommend? Which releases are on your “must read” list? Tell us and one lucky poster will win a book!


Getting Lucky -- Elaine Barbieri
A Storm of Passion -- Terri Brisbin (Paranormal)
Bandit Queen -- Jane Candia Coleman (Historical Fiction)
Seducing the Heiress -- Olivia Drake
Delilah -- India Edghill (Historical Fiction)
Forver Waiting -- DeVa Gantt (Historical Fiction)
Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady -- Diane Gaston
Night of the Wolves -- Heather Graham (Paranormal)
Marrying the Marquis -- Patricia Grasso
Mistress by Mistake -- Susan Gee Heino
If He’s Sinful -- Hannah Howell (Paranormal)
Mistletoe Magic -- Sophia James
My Unfair Lady -- Kathryne Kennedy
Her Mother’s Daughter -- Julianne Lee (Historical Fiction)
For Your Arms Only -- Caroline Linden
Knight of Pleasure -- Margaret Mallory
Sold to a Laird -- Karen Ranney
Garden of the Moon -- Elizabeth Sinclair (Paranormal)
Desiring the Highlander -- Michele Sinclair
Her Colorado Man -- Cheryl St. John
The Viking’s Captive Princess -- Michelle Styles
Twelve Nights -- Hope Tarr


Sweet Deception -- Rochelle Alers
Tender to His Touch -- Adrianne Byrd
Saved and Single -- Sheila Copeland
Divorced, Desperate and Deceived -- Christie Craig
Kiss Me Twice -- Geri Guillaume
Santa, Baby -- Lisa Renee Jones
Breakfast in Bed -- Robin Kaye
Starstruck -- Julie Kenner
Dream Keeper -- Gail McFarland (Women’s Fiction)
Shadows from the Past -- Lindsay McKenna
Nanny Returns -- Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus (Women’s Fiction)
His Perfect Match -- Elaine Overton
Texas Blaze -- Debbi Rawlins
Another Memory -- Pamela Ridley (Women’s Fiction)
Christmas Male -- Cara Summers
Love in Translation -- Wendy Nelson Tokunaga (Women’s Fiction)
Blackmailed Bride, Inexperienced Wife -- Annie West
The Sweethearts’ Knitting Club -- Lori Wilde
Double the Heat -- Lori Foster, Deirdre Martin, Elizabeth Bevarly, Christie Ridgway
Better Naughty Than Nice -- Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jill Shalvis, Rhonda Nelson


The Seven Rays -- Jessica Bendinger (Paranormal)
The Dark Divine -- Bree Despain (Paranormal)
Magic Under Glass -- Jaclyn Dolamore
Beautiful Creatures -- Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (Paranormal)
Shadowland -- Alyson Noël (Paranormal)
Witch & Wizard -- James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet (Paranormal)

Romantic Suspense

Our Little Secret -- Starr Ambrose
If Looks Could Chill -- Nina Bruhns
Dying Scream -- Mary Burton
Hidden Fire -- Jo Davis
Untraceable -- Laura Griffin
His Secret Christmas Baby -- Rita Herron
With Extreme Pleasure -- Alison Kent
Cold River -- Carla Neggers
Spy Games -- Gina Robinson
Chill -- Stephanie Rowe
Like No One Else -- Maureen Smith
Hard to Hold -- Stephanie Tyler


Veil of Shadows -- Jennifer Armintrout
Scorched: The Dark Forgotten -- Sharon Ashwood
Heart of the Witch -- Alicia Dean
Divine Misdemeanors -- Laurell K. Hamilton
White Witch, Black Curse -- Kim Harrison
Rion -- Susan Kearney
Dating Outside Your DNA -- Karen Kelley
Born of Ice -- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dream Stalker -- Jenna Kernan
Bound by Dreams -- Christina Skye
Hunter’s Need -- Shiloh Walker
Once Bitten -- Clare Willis
The Lost -- J.D. Robb, Patricia Gaffney, Mary Blayney, Ruth Ryan Langan
Holiday with a Vampire III -- Linda Winstead Jones, Lisa Childs, Bonnie Vanak

Urban Fantasy

Vampire Sunrise -- Carole Nelson Douglas
Immortal -- V.K. Forrest
The Better Part of Darkness -- Kelly Gay
Torn -- Julie Kenner
Demon Bound -- Caitlin Kittredge
Unleashed -- John Levitt
Three Days to Dead -- Kelly Meding
Fallen Rogue -- Amy Rench
Flesh Circus -- Lilith Saintcrow
Dark Side of Dawn -- Kathryn Smith
Confessions of a Demon -- S.L. Wright

Erotica/Erotic Romance

Scarlet Nights -- Lucinda Betts
Flame Seeker -- Kay Danella (Fantasy)
Breathless -- Bonnie Edwards
The Satin Sash -- Red Garnier
A Mermaid’s Ransom -- Joey W. Hill (Paranormal)
The Moonlight Mistress -- Victoria Janssen (Historical/Paranormal)
Sex Drive -- Susan Lyons
Wild Instinct -- Sarah McCarty (Paranormal)
Soul of the Wildcat -- Devyn Quinn (Paranormal)
Claimed by the Wolf -- Charlene Teglia (Paranormal)


  1. I actually haven't read any new December releases. I'm still finishing up my November ones of "All he Desires" by Anthea Lawson and "The Winter Queen" by Amanda McCabe. I'm looking forward to what everyone thinks of the new releases though. ^^

  2. i've been seeing beautiful creatures all over the blogging world so i really want to read that one :)

  3. I'm really looking forward to reading Nina Bruhns "If Looks Could Chill." I really liked the first book in the series. I've never read anything by Stephanie Rowe before. I might have to check out her books.

  4. I've already got most of the historicals, paranormals and UF on my wishlist. Just got the Kelly Meding to read, looks like a good debut book.

  5. I've read The Better Part of Darkness, a debut by a friend and fellow chapter mate. It is fabulous! It has the grit, yet human warmth of Law and Order--with a fabulous paranormal world, too.

  6. I will be copying this list and taking it with me onmy next shopping trip. Thanks for provding it!

    I have Laurell K. Hamilton's, Divine Misdemeanors ordered. I have anxiously been awaiting this book and can not wait to get it in my grasp.

  7. Thanks, ladies! I've got the December releases that I want to read, but I'm way behind on my personal reading -- like September!! After I finish my current review book, I'm going to pick a couple to read from my TBR pile. :)

    I'm volunteering at my kids' school this morning so I'll be back when I can. Thanks!

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  9. Diane Gaston is one of my autobuy authors, so her new one is already on my TBR shelf. I also bought Lori Wilde's The Sweethearts’ Knitting Club, thanks to Eloisa James's recommendation, and I'm looking forward to the Double the Heat anthology since both Elizabeth Bevarly and Christy Ridgway are long-time favorites.

    But the December book I am most anticipating is Barbara O'Neal's The Secret of Everything. Whether she writes as Barabara Samuel. Ruth Wind, or Barbara O'Neal, I love her books.

  10. Andrea, I'm with you on being behind in my personal reading. And with all the fabulous new books coming out each month, I'll never catch up! :-D

  11. I've got only one of these new releases (historicals), so am going to have to copy the list and check 'em out. What about new Christian historical or contemp releases---or are there too many to list?
    Thanks for the updated list, Andrea!

  12. I haven't read any December releases yet but there are a bunch I would like to read. Caroline Linden, Margaret Malloy, Alison Kent are just a few that I will be looking for.

  13. I haven't read any December releases yet but The Lost- J.D. Robb/Patricia Gaffney/Mary Blayney/Ruth Ryan Langan sitting in my to be read pile.

    Looking foward to getting Gentlemen Prefer Succubi-Jill Myles, Torn-Julie Kenner, With Extreme Pleasure-Alison Kent, and Hard to Hold-Stephanie Tyler.

    Hmm thats more than I thought. LOL.

  14. I have added these to my rather lengthy TBB list:

    Right now, though, I am doing my yearly Christmas read-a-thon. :-)

  15. I now can look at the list properly since it's not 12:30 in the morning. lol I've actually haven't heard of most of these books. So i went ahead and looked them up (I'm being a bad student. I should be finishing my last assignment for time management.. how ironic this is. lol) I've found that these books really interest me now and are on my "must read" list.

    Seducing the Heiress -- Olivia Drake
    Gallant Officer, Forbidden Lady -- Diane Gaston
    Mistletoe Magic -- Sophia James
    My Unfair Lady -- Kathryne Kennedy
    For Your Arms Only -- Caroline Linden
    Knight of Pleasure -- Margaret Mallory
    Dying Scream -- Mary Burton

    Perhaps i should ask for gift certificates for Christmas.... lol

  16. I just looked at the list again and i do have one book coming my way "Double the heat". ^^ I can officially say then that'll i'll have one December release read whenever i get it.

    *Sorry for the double post. I wish there was a way to edit.

  17. I'm still trying to finish up November and ones before. However, December has been fabulous so far with:

    Sandra Marton's 2nd book in her Orsini Brothers Dante: Claiming His Secret Love-Child was remarkable. Anna Cleary's At the Boss's Beck and Call about second chances....amazing. Melanie Milburne's addition to the Royal House of Karedes very intense with a horrible secret. Robyn Grady's Devil in a Dark Blue Suite....very romantic, sexy and second chances. Still left to read Jane Porters Duty, Desire and The Desert King a sheikh book and Carol Marinelli's Bedded For Passion, Purchased for Pregnancy.

    Of course when will the house get decorated, shopping and cards done with all of these Dec releases with more coming in the mail???? Happy Holidays everyone.

  18. I'm back! I'm sorry I was away so long -- my morning volunteer job turned into an all-day volunteer job. ;-)

    Janga, I enjoyed Diane Gaston's newest. My review for it will be posted soon!

    Deb, I haven't listed Christian/Inspirational books before because my list is always way too long, but if there's an interest (and I assume you'd be interested ;-) ) then I'll start listing those, too. :)

  19. Jedi, I always ask for bookstore gift cards for Christmas! And my husband always puts one in my stocking. ;-)

    I hear you, Marilyn! Usually by this time of the year, we are completely decorated, but we still have to put the tree up this year. I'm just so busy!

  20. Aaaaah, Andrea, one of the reasons I was shocked most when RNTV closed down was that I feared that from now on, I'd never again know which the new releases are every months. Thank God for TRD!

    I'm ashamed to admit that I have never even heard of most of the titles and/or authors on the list. However, If He's Sinful was reviewed ... here(?) ... no ... at RBTB? ... not sure at the moment, but I know I read a review and this one got me hooked. I definitely have this one in my TBO (To Be Ordered) pile.

    And Hidden Fire. I can see it. It's lying not thirty centimetres (too lazy to convert that into inches right now) away from me, on top of the eleven other books I possess but haven't been able to read at the moment. That means, it will come after those eleven other books. Or ... maybe ... hmmm, who knows?

  21. Looks like another great month for romance! Like Andrea, I've been so busy reading books for review I haven't been left with a lot of time for other reading. I'm almost caught up though and plan to dive into some of the November and December releases.

    Ones I'm looking forward to are:

    A Storm of Passion
    For Your Arms Only
    Sold to a Laird
    The Sweethearts' Knitting Club
    Double the Heat
    Hidden Fire

    I've already read and enjoyed:

    Blackmailed Bride, Inexperienced Wife

  22. Andrea, don't worry about it. I'm only interested in a few authors anyway. You did a great job compiling December's list. As I've said before, TRD ladies are making my TBR pile grow and my pocketbook shrink with the great reviews and comments you've got here. YAY! Keep up the great work!

  23. Thanks for putting up a list for December releases! It's very helpful. I'm not familiar with some, but I am looking forward to reading Stephanie Tyler's new series. Also Robin Kaye's new one and Jo Davis.

    I was wondering if anyone new what day Robin Kaye's "Breakfast in Bed" is released? I thought Dec.1,
    but someone at Barnes & Noble told me they didn't know when and it may be a print by demand. Thanks!

  24. I've already read these two:
    Dying Scream - Mary Burton (excellent)
    Dream Stalker - Jenna Kernan (great)

    This is the ones I am wanting:
    Hidden Fires - Jo Davis
    If Looks could Chill - Nina Bruhns
    Chill - Stepanie Rowe
    Hard to Hold - Stephanie Tyler
    Dating Outside Your DNA - Karen Kelley

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

  25. Amber, "Breakfast in Bed" is listed at both Amazon and with a December 1 release date. However, Amazon has it listed as "pre-order", BN says "ships in 1-2 weeks" and Robin Kaye's website says "Look for Breakfast in Bed at your favorite bookseller--coming January 1."

  26. Martha, I've been looking at the Burton seeing some great reviews, glad to hear you recommend it, too. I now have The Lost and the Ranney book, working on more.

    I just finished All He Desires by Anthea Lawson, great read, recommendedl. I liked her debut book but this one is even better.

  27. Wild Instinct by Sarah McCarty. I read the 1st book Running Wild with stories 1,2 & 3 and can't wait to read this one!!!

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

    Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!

  28. why i always the one that haven't read most of the books mentioned ?:)

    i really like to read these below :

    Three Days to Dead -- Kelly Meding
    Scorched: The Dark Forgotten -- Sharon Ashwood
    Beautiful Creatures -- Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (Paranormal)