Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review - - Perfect for You

Perfect for You
By Candis Terry
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: February 28, 2017
Reviewed by: Janga

When Declan Kincade’s executive assistant Brooke Hastings, offers to accompany him on a trip to his family’s vineyard in Vancouver, it seems the ideal solution to Declan’s need to be in two places at once. Brooke’s presence will allow him to be in Vancouver to do his part in keeping Sunshine Creek Vineyard operating in the black while Dec and his siblings deal with family issues and, at the same time, enable him to keep the wealthy clients of his LA financial investment and wealth management firm happy. But from the moment Brooke persuades him that instead of a quick flight from LA to Vancouver, they should turn Declan’s trip home into a road trip in a red convertible, Declan’s world begins to change. He has been having trouble maintaining a proper professional distance from Brooke since his twin brother’s careless comment about Brooke’s hotness, and the intimacy of the fifteen-hour automobile trip erodes his barriers between the personal and the professional.

Brooke has been dreaming about Declan for years and she seizes the opportunity of the road trip to push against his rule-bound ways. From her choice of clothing to bucket lists to unplanned stopovers in romantic settings, she challenges Declan’s habitual control. When the two arrive at the family vineyard, she has the encouragement of her boss’s rowdy brothers and imaginative teenage sister in shaking up Declan’s orderly world and forcing him to deal with feelings that move him well beyond his comfort zone. But when Brooke refuses to accept less from Declan than she deserves, he has to choose between the successful but circumscribed world he has created and the risk of a love that offers happiness he never thought could be his.

Terry’s second book in her Sunshine Creek Vineyard series (following A Better Man) takes one of my favorite storylines, the uptight, stuffy hero whose world is transformed by a determined heroine with a freer spirit and an optimistic outlook, and gives readers another winning tale. Declan has reasons for his reserve and limited focus, but he is strung so tightly that the tension is almost tangible. He needs Brooke even if he is slow to realize it. There is never any doubt that Brooke loves him and hopes for an HEA, but she is no spineless wonder who is willing to sacrifice all she is for love. I was thrilled with the way she deals with her disappointment.

The Kincade siblings, including Jordan and his fiancée Lucy from book one, add interest and appeal to the story without distracting from the central couple. More of the family secret is revealed, but there is enough left to hook readers on the continuing mystery. Despite these connections, Perfect for You can easily be read as a standalone. I loved Terry’s Sweet, Texas books and wasn’t certain this series could match it. Based on the first two books, I think the chances that it will are excellent. If you like contemporary romance that offers appealing characters and a mix of the lighthearted and the angsty, the sweet and the sexy, I recommend Perfect for You.  I’m adding the next book in the series, Tangled Up in Tinsel (September 26) to my TBR list. It is Parker Kincade’s story. A Christmas book with a chef hero—I am sold already.


  1. I will have to add this to my list. I can already picture Brooke and Declan.

  2. I really enjoyed her Sweet, Texas, series and I'm looking forward to this new one from her.