Monday, August 31, 2020

Coming Attractions



September is on the horizon (wow, how did that happen?) and it's bringing a whole lot of great books with it. It's also bringing plenty of fun to The Romance Dish! Here's what's on the schedule for September.

We kick things off Tuesday, September 1 with a review of Jayci Lee's Secret Crush Seduction. This second book in Lee's The Heirs of Hansol series for Harlequin Desire is a friends-to-lovers story, centered within a Korean-American family and their fashion empire. It's sexy, emotional, and hard to put down.


Wednesday, September 2, brings a review of Trust Fund Fiancé by Naima Simone. Also a Harlequin Desire, this 4th book in the multi-author, Texas Cattleman's Club, Rags to Riches series can be enjoyed on its own. In fact, I've already enjoyed this marriage-of-convenience, friends-to-lovers story twice, and probably will do so again. 

Stop by Thursday, September 3, for a review of Like Lovers Do by Tracey Livesay. The second book in Livesay's Girls Trip series, this one is a sexy, sassy, heart-tugging, friends-to-lovers romance I couldn't put down. 

On Tuesday, September 8, join us for Nancy's tour review of Road Out of Winter by Alison Stine. This dystopian novel releases on September 1.

Honeysuckle Season by Mary Ellen Taylor will be in my review spotlight on Thursday, September 10. Stop by to read my thoughts about this new contemporary fiction novel about "profound loss, hard truths, and an overgrown greenhouse full of old secrets."  

Stop by Monday, September 14 for my tour review of The Bachelor Duke by Cecilia Rene and a Q&A with the author. This is my first book by this author but the lure of a hero who has vowed never to marry and a curvy heroine who is the opposite of what society deems fashionable was too much to resist. 

On Friday, September 18, I'll be sharing my thoughts about The Prince Who Loved Me, the third book in Abigail Sharpe's humorous and heartwarming contemporary romance series. I've enjoyed the first two books in this series and am looking forward to Brandi and Sebastien's story.  

Tuesday, September 22 brings a tour review of Beyond Power by Connie Mann. The description of this second book in Mann's Florida Wildlife Warriors series calls it a "slow-burn sultry romantic suspense set in Florida's untamed wilderness filled with mystery, action and adventure." 

Don't miss the fun on Thursday, September 24 when I welcome Lenora Bell for a Q&A about her upcoming historical romance, Love is a Rogue, as well as an excerpt from the book. This first book in Bell's new Wallflowers vs Rogues series is an absolute delight. Fans of Bell's last book, One Fine Duke, will no doubt be excited to discover that Beatrice, the duke's bookish sister, is the heroine of Love is a Rogue and her cross-class hero is a dream. 

Nancy Northcott and Jeanne Adams join us Friday, September 25 for a look inside the creation of Caynham Castle, the site of their multi-author anthologies: Christmas at Caynham Castle and the upcoming Trick or Treat at Caynham Castle.

Join us Tuesday, September 29 for another tour review when Santa shares her thoughts about A Tail for Two by Mara Wells. Put a dog on the cover of a book and I'm there!

That's it for the schedule as it currently stands. I have more books in my review queue though so I'll be adding new reviews to the schedule as they are ready. Periodically check this post for updates throughout the month. You can easily do that by clicking on the link in the right sidebar.

What are you looking forward to in September? Cooler temps? Colored leaves? New television shows? Fall sports? (I'm still in a wait and see mode regarding sports) 

What upcoming books are on your reading radar?

I'm still cleaning out my bookshelves and have more packages to send out. Comment on this post by 11:00 PM (Eastern), September 1 for a chance to receive one of them. 
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  1. I hear you about waiting to see if sports will even be played. I see you have Tracey Livesay's book on the list. It was a wonderful book and many parts are so true.

  2. Books in September I'm excited for:

    The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult
    The Return by Nicholas Sparks
    Happily This Christmas by Susan Mallery
    A Little Country Christmas by Carolyn Brown

    And so many more! Stay safe PJ......

  3. I have been watching the Stanley Cup playoffs. I love sports and I found myself so desperate that I was watching games which had been played years ago....that is a true addict, I know. I have hopes that sports will arrive eventually.

    Actually, I hope a more normal form of life arrives eventually.

    I live in Texas and we are now having our 48th day of temperatures over 100. And the humidity is higher than normal. So, I want autumn....I want cooler temps and the scent of leaves of autumn. Right now, because we are in a semi-drought, the leaves are dropping off many trees. That is not a good thing.

    Sorry, did not mean to moan and groan.

    I have been finding books by new - to - authors so I have several books on the horizon.

    Your list of upcoming books is filled with books that look really good. In case no one has told you recently, y'all find so many good stories for us and you do such a good job of letting us find out about them, I thank you very much. It cannot be easy to choose the books and get them all read and review. Thanks and keep it up, please.

    1. Thank you, Annette. That means a lot to me. And you're very welcome. <3

  4. I love fall, so I am looking forward to cooler temps, changing leaves, and college football (fingers crossed!).

    PJ, I appreciate so much all that you do to keep this site going. It's a tough job, and you do it really well. This is a fantastic site!

  5. I'm lookinf forward to Jamie Beck's Truth of the Matter, Erin Nicholas' Semi-Sweet on You, Roxanne St. Claire's Man's Best Friend, and Samantha Chase's Last Beautiful Girl. Then there's Laura Trentham's A Highlander is coming to Town and Kerrigan Bryne's All Scot and Bothered. There are more but only so many days in a month.

    1. A lot of those are on my list as well, Eileen. It's going to be an autumn of great reading!

  6. Mary Balogh's Westcott story Someone to Romance just came out so that's on my list, and JD Robb's Shadows in Death will be out September 8th - those are two of my must read authors.

  7. I start my new job Tuesday after being unemployed for the past 6 months. So looking forward to getting a regular paycheck.
    Looking forward to leaves changing and scarf weather. Not looking forward to winter though.

  8. The first 2 things I'm looking forward to in September are 1.) seeing our son for a couple days one the first leg of 2.) our trip up to Idaho for 2 weeks. We're leaving Friday. The first week, my husband will be working but the cooler weather and change of scenery will be wonderful! Of course, we will be takiing multiple masks, hand sanitizer, etc.

    I am very much looking forward to Lenora Bell's book; Kerrigan Byrne's ALL SCOT AND BOTHERED; Shana Galen's THE HIGHLANDER'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE; Grace Burrowes' MY HEART'S TRUE DELIGHT; and Courtney Milan's THE DUKE WHO DIDN'T. I'm sure I'm forgetting other books but these are the ones off the top of my head. :-)

  9. Like Lovers Do looks fabulous.


    1. also looking forward to fall with the change of colors and cooler weather.

    2. It's a wonderful series from Tracey Livesay. I enjoyed both books one and two.

  10. I am looking forward to the cooler temps and beautiful autumn display by trees. However, I will not be looking forward to raking and moving trees down to curb for removal. There are several mature trees around the garden and I managed to stress a shoulder this summer. Ack.

    Am also looking forward to some of the titles you mention. And one of my favorite romantic suspense authors, Juno Rushdan, has a Harlequin Intrigue coming out this month, Witness Security Breach!

  11. Fall is my favorite season. I can't wait for the cooler, hopefully drier air, the crunch of leaves while walking in the woods, the colors, and Fall produce - but not pumpkin spice everything. Just not a fan. I hope we can get out and maybe drive in the mountains when the color is here. I have only left our house 5 times since March 11. Once for a trip to the greenhouse and for 4 doctor appointments. I have a compromised immune system and COVID is spiking here. I see some promising books listed here.
    Honeysuckle Season by Mary Ellen Taylor sounds intriguing. As usual, all the historicals appeal, especially the Christmas anthology. It combines my favorite topic and format. I am a fan of action and intrigue, so I will be looking forward to Beyond Power by Connie Mann. Like you, put a dog on the cover and I am there. I am looking forward to finding out more about A Tail for Two by Mara Wells.
    Take good care of yourself, stay safe, and stay healthy.

  12. The Mara Wells and Sharpe books sound good as well any new contemps.

  13. I hate to see summer go - in Pgh. we get so little sun. As always my historicals come first but I've been mixing it up lately.

  14. Summer is my favorite season, but my daughter, son and I all have a birthday is in the fall season so Autumn does have something to say for it. I'm looking forward to new book releases from Shana Galen, Sophie Barnes and Jennifer Ashley. And I just received my copy of Sabrina Jeffries' latest release. That one is next on my to-read list.

  15. We don't get any cooler weather down here in southern Florida, just hurricanes that have gained fuel and start rearing their ugly heads.

    I'm looking forward the historical romances, especially Vivienne's and Mary Balogh's books.

  16. Looking forward to my mini vacation that I normally take during the labor day weekend

  17. I am looking forward to both my and my daughter's bdays - both in November. My favorite season is summer, no jackets to wear.
    Natty's Mama (Karen T.)

  18. Looking forward to the Livesay And Taylor books. Spring and Summer are my favorites, warm weather and I can wear sandals.