Friday, August 14, 2020

Review - - The Legal Affair

The Legal Affair
by Nisha Sharma
The Singh Family - Book 2
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Release Date: August 18, 2020
Reviewed by PJ 


Rajneet Hothi built her empire with sweat, blood, and information. She knows everything there is to know about Ajay Singh, the future CEO of Bharat, Inc., as well as how crucial he is in securing her future. But she didn’t expect the passion that burst between them the first time they went head-to-head. She’d never felt anything like it before, especially during her marriage to her soon-to-be-ex-husband. When her company is blamed for her ex’s dirty dealings with Bharat, she’s forced to prove that Ajay is no match for her in the art of business or seduction.

Ajay shouldn’t trust Raj or her company. He’s on the verge of losing everything his family has worked to achieve, but he can’t stop thinking about the breathtaking way Raj opens her mind, body and heart to him. Throwing his infamous caution to the wind, he tempts the gorgeous CEO into his bedroom and boardroom. He soon realizes he wants Raj by his side and he’s willing to fight the people he’s always protected to be with her.

When Raj and Ajay discover the source behind Bharat’s leak, they must trust each other and work together to defy the odds and save the Singh legacy.

PJ's Thoughts:

I waited more than a year for this second book in Nisha Sharma's The Singh Family trilogy. It was so worth the wait. Raj and Ajay are everything I could have hoped for. And more. 

Rajneet Hothi is a strong, independent, successful woman who owns her power, her ambition, and her sexuality. I adored her. She makes this book sing (no pun intended). Ajay Singh is a man striving to make his mark in his family's company. He also is strong, independent, and accomplished but he's also much more than the businessman persona he presents to the world, as one unexpected evening with Raj demonstrates (grab your fans, ladies). When these two mix business with pleasure, with both of their reputations on the line, it creates an explosion of passion, pride, skillful maneuvering, and the possibility of a love of a lifetime...if they can outwit the forces determined to take them down.

As was the case with the first book in this series, The Takeover Effect, once I started reading The Legal Affair I couldn't put it down. Sharma pulls readers into a world of cut-throat business, steamy romance, and legal maneuverings as the Singh family fights to save their business from hostile takeovers. She creates vibrant, realistic, fully-dimensional characters who open a window into the rich cultural heritage and complex dynamics of these Indian-American characters. And the food! Keep your phone handy because if you're like me, you'll be ordering take-out from your nearest Indian restaurant before you're halfway through the book. 

Sharma fills this book with plenty of passion, adversity, and heart, and I am here for all of it. I swooned a bit over Ajay, especially when Sharma shows us the man's heart and vulnerability. Puppies, home-cooked meals, red-hot passion, and respect for, and confidence in, the woman who holds his heart. Enough said. But blended with that is a whole lot of strength and passion. It's only a man with all of those characteristics who could be a match for someone as amazing as Raj and could give her the space to be vulnerable herself while she gives him the safe space to do the same. Speaking of Raj, she brought me to tears a few times too (again with the puppy) but I spent most of the book cheering her on and yelling, "YES! OWN YOUR DESIRES" and "YES! SHOW THEM WHO'S BOSS!" Honestly, I'm surprised my condo neighbors didn't start pounding on walls. This character inspired loud, enthusiastic support. 

If you haven't discovered Nisha Sharma's Singh Family yet, I highly recommend giving these books a try. You don't have to read the books in order but I think you'll have a better understanding of the family and the obstacles facing them and their business if you start at the beginning. As for me, I'll probably go back to the beginning and reread both books (a few times) while waiting for the next one in the series. 


  1. I've not read her - thanks for the review - sounds interesting!

  2. I am ready to read a book that will have me screaming! Great review.

  3. A new to me author. You have written a terrific review and I thank you. I think a book about two people who are devoted to success would be a good read right now.

    Thanks for the review. I hope everyone is staying safe and taking care.

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