Monday, March 15, 2010

Hot Dish for March

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, I thought this month I would share with you my Irish crush.

Now, while there are other Irish men who are sexier and may catch your eye quicker, this man has had a hold on me for at least 20 years.

See, it is not just his looks (and believe me, I *DO* think he is quite good looking!) that attracted me to him.

Oh no.

When he sings to me (yes, to ME specifically -- hey, a girl can dream), my heart flutters, my eye lids droop, and my breath quickens. It has been that way since the first time I heard him sing and this hasn't dwindled over the years.

Oh no, not one single bit.

I would love to run my fingers through his hair, to squeeze his well-defined biceps, and to hear his brogue as he speaks sweet nothings in my ears. Aahhhhh. Oops! I'm sorry, I got lost in my own dreams.

So, my Irish crush is . . . . BONO.

Yes, Bono! As I said before, you may not think he could stop traffic with his looks, but honey I would stop for him anywhere, any time!!! There's something about a teen crush that you just can't shake.

So my question for you today is this . . . do you still have a crush on a celebrity that began several years ago?

~ Buffie


  1. I fell in love with Johnny Depp years ago when he was in 21 Jump Street. I would have never imagined that he would become one of the biggest movie stars. I still adore him.

  2. I'm with Jane. I still have a crush on Johnny Depp that began years ago, too. But I also have a crush on George Clooney and Patrick Dempsey, both of which began years ago.

  3. Buffie, I will agree with you that Bono has a great voice!

    I'm sitting here trying to think of someone and I am drawing a blank. Isn't that sad? I'll think about it and get back to you. ;-)

  4. Hey Jane! I used to love watching 21 Jump Street! I thought it was a great show, and that young Johnny was some great eye candy.

  5. Hey Margay! I agree with you on all three counts! I remember watching Patrick Dempsey in that old movie, Can't Buy Me Love. He was quirky then, but there was still something about him.

  6. Andrea! Drawing a blank? What's up with that?????

  7. Buffie, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought so! Also, I forgot to mention Robert Downey, Jr - he's another crush of mine. Good looks and a sense of humor - what's not to love?

  8. I fell hard for George Clooney when he played Falconer on the TV show Sisters. All these years later, I still think he's the epitome of sexy charm. Plus Clooney is a good Irish name, so he's a great March hero too. :)

    Paul Newman was my longest celebrity crush. He made my 12-year-old heart beat faster, and I never had cause to regret my pre-teen choice of a hero.

  9. Nice choice for Hot Dish this month, Buffy! :) I don't know a lot of Bono and/or U2's music, but I really admire his efforts to help third world and developing countries pursue debt relief and economic development.

    I'm with y'all in regards to Patrick Dempsey. Fell in love with him and Eric Dane on Grey's Anatomy. Give me McDreamy and McSteamy anytime! ;)

    I also really like Jimmy Smits. He may be old enough to be my father, but he's still smokin' hot!!
    But since we're talking Irish and St. Patrick's Day, is it wrong to admit that I adore guys with accents? Just something about a guy with a British or Irish accent. Guess that's one of the many reasons I adore Colin Firth too.

  10. My crush on Pierce Brosnan goes back 29 years. I have a lovely photo of the young Pierce in my St. Patrick's Day blog for this Wednesday.

    Janga, Paul Newman was very crush-worthy. He made my young heart go pitter-pat more than a few times too!

  11. Margay, yes to Robert Downey Jr. too!!! :P

    Janga, seems like Clooney is on everyone's mind. I totally agree with Paul Newman too! Nice, very nice.

    L -- oh yeah, Jimmy Smits. Got a rough edge to him, but that's what makes him sexy :-)

    PJ -- I knew you would bring up Pierce. Yes, he is one FINE looking man. Those eyes, that accent. YUM!

  12. I'm right there with you on Bono, Buffy. His music is hit or miss for me but I think he's fabulous. I keep my fingers crossed that some tabloid report doesn't surface one of these days shattering all of my illusions of him. LOL

    Janga, I fell for George on Facts of Life and followed him through ER and into his movie career. I have to admit I missed him on Sisters. And Paul Newman stole my heart when I was a teen and he was old enough to be my father!

  13. Okay, I'll admit it for all to know - it's Kevin Costner - He ages as I age, and it's the perfect way to have a crush.

  14. L, I like Jimmy Smits too. I remember the first time I saw him on LA Law back in the 80's. I melted into a puddle right then and there.
    He's only four years younger than I am so I figure, like Maria and Kevin Costner, we'll just grow old together. ;-)

  15. Irish, I remember seeing Paul Newman in movies but he didn't really grab my attention until "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", in my college years. Like a fine wine, he only got better as he matured.

  16. Drew said; I guess mine is the Irish Daniel Day-Lewis, starting of course, with Last of the Mohicans. Running through the woods, bare-chested, carrying a musket, his long hair rippling behind him...*slap*

    I've watched that movie so many times I can probably recite the dialogue. ::Sigh::

  17. PJ, I didn't really get Jimmy Smits' appeal until West Wing, but I fell in love with him then. He was so sexy in that role, and his integrity and marital fidelity made me wish life could imitate art in the political realm.

  18. Irisheyes - Glad to see another Bono fan here!!

    Hey Maria. I like Kevin Costner too, especially in For the Love of the Game.

    Drew - YAY! Another Bono fan!!! Yes, Daniel in LOTM is something to behold :-)

  19. Buffie said: Andrea! Drawing a blank? What's up with that?????

    I'm thinking strictly of 20 years or more ago. LOL! You know how much I love my Christian Bale. And since we're the same age, I will grow old with him. ;-)

  20. Oh!! I just thought of one, Buffie! Harrison Ford! I loved him as Han Solo and Indian Jones and haven't stopped. Sigh.

  21. YAY! Andrea finally thought of someone. And what a great someone! I absolutely love Harrison Ford in all the Indiana Jones movies. I wouldn't mind an adventure with him ;-)

    And yes, I know ALL about your fascination with Christian!! :P

  22. I love Bono and U2--nice choice, Buffie!

    Oh, I have quite a few girlhood crushes that have lingered:

    Rob Lowe--so good-looking he's almost too perfect

    Pierce Brosnan--I used to sigh over him as Remington Steele

    Kevin Costner--thought he was cute as could be in Silverado and he's aged nicely.

    Daniel Day Lewis--when he's wearing buckskins and running through the wilderness in LOTM....*sigh*

    And I've always had a thing for Sean Connery--must be the Scottish brogue.

    I could add many men from recent years, but I think I'd run out of space...Hugh, Clive, etc. *vbg*

  23. Glad you like Bono too, Gannon!

    And YES to Rob Lowe!!! I remember having a few of his pictures from Teen Beat magazine :-)