Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's Special - - Interview with Emily March

It's my extreme pleasure to welcome one of my favorite writers to The Romance Dish today.  Whether writing historicals and romantic suspense as Geralyn Dawson or contemporary romance as Emily March, she's an author who, for me, never fails to deliver.  A USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty books, she's also a three-time RITA finalist, recipient of RT Book Reviews magazine's Career Achievement and Reviewer's Choice awards and the first two books in her new, contemporary Eternity Springs series have both earned Starred Reviews from Publishers Weekly. Emily's new series is set in the beautiful Colorado mountains where she and her family have spent summers since she was a child and her love of the area clearly shines through in Angel's Rest, the first Eternity Springs book to be published.  

Emily is also a mom, busy preparing for an upcoming college graduation and wedding, a devoted foster mom to rescued boxers (dogs, not athletes) and an avid supporter of Texas A&M University, her Alma mater.  I've decided not to hold it against her that her beloved Aggies are playing my beloved Florida State Seminoles tomorrow night in the second round of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, better known as March Madness! *grin*

For more information about Emily, visit her website, like her at facebook and follow her on twitter.  Be sure to also check out her Emily March Madness contest, with great prizes and daily winners during the entire month of March! 

But now...on to the interview!


PJ:  Hi, Emily!  Welcome to the Romance Dish and congratulations on all the praise you’ve been receiving for your new Eternity Springs series!  Angel’s Rest, the first book in this series, was released February 15th and is the story of John Gabriel (Gabe) Callahan and Nicole Sullivan. Please share a bit about their story with our readers.

Emily:  Thanks for the invitation to join you! I appreciate having the opportunity to talk about Angel’s Rest and my Eternity Springs series.

Now, about the story... you know, I could never be a reviewer because I have a terrible time summarizing my stories. How about I quote a wonderful reviewer? (This would be you.) Angel’s Rest is “an emotion-packed, heart-wrenching and, ultimately, uplifting story of loss, hope, friendship and love.” To me, Angel’s Rest is a journey of emotional healing taken by two wounded souls set against a backdrop of a small Rocky Mountain town with a big heart.

PJ:  Readers, you can find my full 5-Star review of Angel's Rest here

I love the title of this book, Emily. Did you choose it? Is there any special significance behind it?

Emily:  Angel’s Rest was my editor’s suggestion and I fell in love with it right away. As far as special significance goes…I leave that up to the reader to decide. I’m not saying there is…and I’m not saying there isn’t.

PJ:  You’ve captured the essence of a small town perfectly in Angel’s Rest. Are you a small town girl or just a small town girl at heart? Why do you think readers are so drawn to small town/community stories?

Emily:  I’m a little of both. I grew up in a relatively small town, but I’ve lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex since graduating from college. I think the appeal of small town stories isn’t so much that that the town is small, but that the author builds an appealing world and fills it with interesting characters. I like to draw a parallel between small town stories and the sitcom Cheers. The writers created a world with Sam’s Place and filled it with great characters. Eternity Springs is like Sam’s Place, without so much alcohol and with a quilting bee.

PJ:  I agree, and you've filled Eternity Springs with a wonderful cast of intriguing characters.  I'm looking forward to reading their stories!

I was one of the readers begging for John’s (now known as Gabe) story after reading your Callahan brothers romantic suspense series. Were you surprised by the number of people asking for the story of a character we’d never met? Why do you think his story resonated with so many readers?

Emily:  I have a strong sense of family that I believe comes through in all of my work. Romance readers especially like their happy endings, and in the case of the Callahan family, romantic happy endings weren’t enough. Readers wanted a happy ending for the family. (PJ nods her head in agreement.)

I was surprised—and gratified--by the number of readers who wanted John’s book. Considering I had a subgenre and pseudonym switch, it wasn’t the easiest thing to pull off, but I did the best I could to complete the story between A Callahan Carol, the Christmas story (free download at and Angel’s Rest.

PJ:  I read Angel's Rest first then followed it with A Callahan Carol and was very satisfied!  

We all seem to have a favorite secondary character whose story we’re aching to read. Now that you’ve given me John/Gabe’s story, I’m back to begging Victoria Alexander for Becky Shelton’s story. What secondary character from books you’ve read do you most want to see get his/her happy ending?

Emily:  I loved Elizabeth Lowell’s books about the Donovan family—Amber Beach was the first one, I believe. She left a couple brothers unmarried as I recall and I’d love to see more in that series. The Donovans were a strong, interesting family—I guess that’s why it appeals to me. I’m a sucker for families.

PJ:  You're in good company!  Most of us here have multiple family series on our keeper shelves.

We talk a lot about comfort reads here at the Romance Dish. What authors/books do you turn to when you need a pick-me-up or just want a “feel good” read?

Emily:  The old Julie Garwood historicals are hard to beat.

PJ:  I'm with you on the Garwoods!  Her medieval, Saving Gra
ce, is my all-time favorite comfort read. 

Shifting gears a bit, I was first introduced to you when you guest blogged (as Geralyn Dawson) at Squawk Radio back in 2006. The title of that blog was “Honey, Have You Squeezed the Dog Lately?” (Click here to read.)  By the time I finished reading about your precious Lucy and her amazing human family, I was laughing through the tears streaming down my face and had moved you to the top of my “must read” author list. You have since gone on to be a strong advocate for abandoned dogs and are a dedicated canine foster mom. Please tell us a bit about that part of your life and what others can do to help animals in need.

Emily:  Oh, thanks for the nice memory. We lost Lucy not long after I wrote that blog. She was something special.

Dogs play a special role in the Eternity Springs series because they play a special role in my life. My husband and I foster boxers for a local rescue group, Legacy Boxer Rescue. We adopted our dog, Doc, from Legacy four years ago--despite the fact he walked into my house and had explosive diarrhea on my dining room floor--and he's been such a joy in our lives. Three years ago after Legacy sent an email (with photos) begging for new foster homes for dogs on death row, my husband and I decided to help out that one time. "Yeah, right," she says, eleven dogs later.

We’ve recently placed our latest foster, Angel, named for ANGEL'S REST. Angel came to us last June after being hit by a car. She had a broken leg and fractured pelvis, hookworms and unfortunately, heartworms. Poor Angel totally captured my heart. She remained on strict crate rest for weeks and in mid-August, we discover that she was expecting some little Angels of her own. Angel gave birth to six puppies, three boys and three girls. Mama and the Angel Babies did great and LBR set about finding the perfect forever homes not just for one dog, but for seven.

Because Angel had so much going on, she was with us longer than our other fosters. Last month, she found her wonderful forever home with a family who has two young children and another dog. I couldn’t be happier for her. It’s such a rush when you see the dog you rescued and nursed back to health find a loving home. I miss her dreadfully, especially during the days when I'm at work in my office and Angel isn’t there at her "Angel's Rest" gazing out the window at the world, but her crate is now empty so we’ll soon have a new foster to love on. That's what rescue is all about.

To all my readers who are also animal lovers, I encourage you to consider fostering for a rescue group in your area. It's truly rewarding. If you have any questions about our experience, please ask!

PJ:  I have great admiration for people who foster rescues until they find their forever families.  Both of my dogs are adopted rescues and if I ever live in a neighborhood that doesn't restrict the number of pets to two, I'll be first in line to sign up as a furry foster parent.

Emily, I share your love of college football and understand you’re something of a tailgating legend down there in Texas. I’m always on the lookout for yummy treats to take to the game. What’s your favorite tailgate dish? Will you share the recipe with us?

Emily:  It’s a toss up between baked jalepeno poppers and a dip made with candied jalepeno relish mixed with cream cheese. Can you tell we like things hot in our house? Making the relish takes some effort, but the poppers are easy. Seed peppers that you’ve sliced in half lengthwise. Stuff with a mixture of cream cheese, cheddar, minced onion, minced garlic, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper—all done to taste. Wrap in a bacon strip, secure with toothpick, and grill at the tailgate. The aroma will make your tailgate the most popular on the lot. 

PJ:  Oh my, that sounds delicious!  (she says while wiping the drool off her keyboard)  I'm definitely adding the poppers to my tailgate menu. 

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I’m all about hoisting a pint to celebrate the Auld Sod. If you could take five fictional friends on an Irish pub crawl, who would you choose and why? (And if five isn’t enough, feel free to toss in a few extra!)

Emily:  Well, I’ll tell you what. Because it IS St. Patrick’s Day and I’m focused on family while answering your interview questions, I’m going edit your question a bit. I really, really, really wish I could go on a pub crawl with my favorite Irishman ever, my father, John Edward Dawson. We lost him right at a year ago and I dedicated Angel’s Rest in his memory. He truly was the greatest storyteller I’ve ever known, and he inspired me to write. Tonight, I’ll be drinking a Guinness to Dad.

PJ: I'm so sorry for your loss.  I'll hoist one to your dad too, with thanks for passing his wonderful storytelling skills on to his daughter.   

Back to your new series.  Hummingbird Lake, the second Eternity Springs book, will be released March 22nd with Heartache Falls following on April 26th. What can we expect to find in these two books?

Emily:  Hummingbird Lake comes out next week. Yikes! Here’s the ad line:  

Shattered after her experiences in war-torn Africa, pediatric surgeon Sage Anderson gives up medicine and moves to Eternity Springs. Though she finds success as an artist, it isn’t enough to keep her nightmares at bay. Colt Rafferty is about to change all that.

Heartache Falls is a marriage in jeopardy plot. 

Long married and with her children grown, Ali Timberlake has come to Eternity Springs alone—searching for something that’s missing deep within herself. When her husband shows up—sexy, seductive, and determined to win his wife back—will she have enough room in her heart for him?

PJ:  Emily, thank you so much for being here today. As you know from my review, I loved Angel's Rest and can't wait to make a return visit to Eternity Springs next week for Sage's story in Hummingbird Lake.  Before we wrap up, is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?

Emily:  Other than to please go buy my books? *grin*  Yes, there is. I’ll soon be starting my fifth Eternity Springs book and I’m plotting. What are some of your favorite plot lines in romances? 

Emily has generously offered to give a copy of Angel's Rest to two random commenters (US addresses only) and because I loved the book so much, The Romance Dish is going to give one copy of Angel's Rest to a randomly selected international commenter. (must be from a country on Book Depository's approved shipping list).  Please include "U.S." or "International" in your comment so we know which draw to put you in.  Thanks!



  1. It is wonderful the work you do with animals. I love animals and can not resist doing anything I can to help them. I have adopted many abused/mistreated/neglected animals throughout my life, and expect to for the rest of my life.

    US resident

  2. Hi Emily and PJ

    Great post today love all the photos of the dogs they are so beautiful life wouldn't be the same without them would it.

    I also love the sound of this series I have added the books to my must have list.

    One of my favourite plot lines is friends to lovers and I do also love a tortured hero.


    Have Fun

  3. I'm thrilled to say that AUSTRALIA is on the Book Depository list. I am drawn to all the covers & I loved the interview. A great way to dig a little deeper.


  4. Its wonderful and exciting to see you are loving animals and those photos with dog are soo cute.Interview Questions

  5. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

    Welcome, Emily! It's great to have you with us today. Are you wearing green today? Doing anything special to celebrate the holiday?

  6. Congratulations Emily on your new series and it's great that you have a new name to go with this different type of story. What a great thing you're doing by fostering those dogs.

  7. June, I share your admiration of Emily and her husband for their work with animals. I've adopted four shelter/rescue dogs so far and imagine many more will join my family in the future.

  8. Hi Helen!

    My life certainly wouldn't be the same without my dogs in it!

    I highly recommend this series. As you know, I gave Angel's Rest five stars (fabulous book!) and I'm counting down the days until I can get my hands on book #2, Hummingbird Lake. Only 5 more days!

    I'm a huge fan of the "friends to lovers" plot!

  9. Hi Marybelle!

    Glad you enjoyed the interview! Aren't those covers gorgeous? The artist did a wonderful job. I feel like I could drive into Eternity Springs and recognize it immediately.

  10. Hi Maureen!

    Have you read Angel's Rest yet? I've been a fan of Emily's "Geralyn Dawson" books for years but I think she's really found her niche with her new contemporary stories under her Emily March name.

  11. Happy St. Patrick's Day, all!

    PJ, you know I loved Angel's Rest as much as you did. I am impatiently awaiting Hummingbird Lake and Heartache Falls.

    Emily, since reunion stories are my favorites and I dance with delight to find an H/H who show that there's life and love past the 30s, I'm especially eager to read HF.

    I remember that Squawk Radio interview too and being touched by Lucy's story. Our last three dogs have been rescues, and when our hearts have recovered from the loss of our beloved lady, Skye, we'll be making a fourth rescue part of our family.

  12. Emily, you mentioned on facebook that you're currently plotting book #5 in the Eternity Springs series. Is the series open-ended or do you have a finite number of books in mind?

  13. Okay, Highway6 is me, Emily. (It's the name I post under on my college sports boards--Highway 6 runs through College Station the home of Texas A&M University.)

    I'll stop in from time to time today to answer any questions.

    The Eternity Springs series is open ended as of now. I have a contract for books 4 and 5, so I know they'll be published. If sales go well, I'm happy writing about Eternity Springs for many books to come.

  14. Janga said, I dance with delight to find an H/H who show that there's life and love past the 30s, I'm especially eager to read HF.

    Me too!

    Janga said, when our hearts have recovered from the loss of our beloved lady, Skye, we'll be making a fourth rescue part of our family.

    Our hearts grieve and heal at their own individual pace. When your hearts are ready, just the right dog will be waiting.

  15. Great post! I love what you are doing for the animals. Also love the covers of your books. I have not read your work before but will be looking for your books. Thanks for the chance to win.


  16. Among my favorite romance story lines is friends to lovers. I also enjoy seeing strong family relationships--and lots of pets, of course--in books.

    Thanks so much for your devoted efforts to boxers. We adopted a rescued dog years ago, and she is such an integral part of the family.

    And congratulations all around, on Angel's Rest, the graduation and the wedding!

    Entry--U.S. (Email in profile)

  17. Hi Geralyn/Emily. I remember that SR interview also. Lucy is well known in our household! When I first told the family about her I got everything from "Awwwww" to "That's gross!" (the boy, of course!). We're a dog family through and through, though, and we all thought your devotion was admirable. We rescued our Maltese and turned him from a scared, mean, skittish little boy into a loving, trusting little man! I think after the kids leave I may consider fostering.

    I absolutely love small town series. I'm very excited about Eternity Springs! I'm waiting till all 3 books are out before I take the plunge. It will be my reward for getting through this nasty winter!

    I'm a sucker for all sorts of plot lines. In contemporaries it is very satisfying to see a hero or heroine overcome childhood difficulties and find their HEA. I'm also very fond of a contemporary spin on an old fairytale (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, etc.). I really just love wounded souls who feel that they are unlovable and then that certain someone shows them how wrong they can be.

    Happy St. Paddy's Day all!!!!

  18. Hello Emily! Firstly, congratulations on your new series. The first book has a premise which I really like regardless of the subgenre. I admire authors who are willing to write about characters trying to cope with intense grief.

    I also like stories in which the hero and the heroine have some history together prior to the first chapter of the book.

    Also, your work with animals is very inspiring. :D


  19. What a fantastic interview, PJ and Emily! Welcome, Emily and Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm so looking forward to reading Angel's Rest and the following two books in the series. I love romances set in small towns.

    Bless you for the work you do with animals. I volunteer with a local dog rescue group here. It's called Friends for Life, and they take the dogs that come in to Animal Control to save them. It's wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time. Both of my dogs are FFL dogs, and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

    I'll raise a glass in your dad's memory today. I lost my mom last year in April, as well. I'm sure your dad will be saying "Slainte" right back to you.

  20. Hi Emily and PJ

    The premise of the book sounds beautiful. I can't wait to read it.

    I love books where the lovers are star crossed. There is something or someone stopping them from being together even though they madly love each other. That is so heart-wrenching.


  21. What a beautiful and heartwarming post. I have two dogs which I rescued from Lap Dog Rescue who are precious. You are an inspiration. U.S. resident

  22. Your series sounds captivating and special. Your work with dogs is admirable. I enjoyed the photos and this post greatly. U.S. resident.

  23. I have not read your work before but will be looking for your books. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Virginia, you have a lot of wonderful reading ahead of you, both the Emily March books and those she's written as Geralyn Dawson.

    Good luck in the draw!

  24. Among my favorite romance story lines is friends to lovers.

    Irish, that's one of my favorites too. Probably because the late dh and I were friends first. ;-)

  25. I admire authors who are willing to write about characters trying to cope with intense grief.

    Antonia, Emily excels at this type of writing. I give Angel's Rest my highest recommendation!

  26. Both of my dogs are FFL dogs, and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

    Not a chance of that, Gannon! Your two are such sweethearts!

  27. Hi Bron! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you'll enjoy Angel's Rest and the rest of the Eternity Springs series.

  28. Hi traveler! Thanks for stopping by today. What kind of dogs do you have?

  29. Petite said, Your series sounds captivating and special.

    Hi Petite! I've only read the first book, Angel's Rest but I can vouch for the fact that it is indeed captivating and very, very special.

  30. I loved your Geralyn Dawson books, but haven't had a chance to read any of your new series. Thanks for sharing your rescue stories with us, I admire you for caring and giving so much.

    USA resident

  31. Thanks for the well wishes. The rescue group called this afternoon with another urgent dog. She may or may not be coming to us tonight....

  32. Hello and welcome, Emily! So glad you could be with us today. :) Congrats on all the great buzz for ANGEL'S REST!

    I love the picture of your dogs!! The work you do for animals is nothing short of amazing.

    As for plot lines, I love enemies to lovers and friends to lovers the most.

  33. The rescue group called this afternoon with another urgent dog. She may or may not be coming to us tonight....

    I'll be watching your fb page to see how it turns out. Sending good thoughts!

  34. Sorry I forgot to mention US for me.

  35. Emily, thanks so much for visiting with us today.

    Posters, watch the blog for news of today's winners. I'll try to get it posted Saturday or Sunday.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

  36. Stunning interview thank you to all for sharing it with us !!

    Take Care