Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today's Special -- An Interview with Charlotte Chatsworth

We have a very special treat for you today! Charlotte Chatsworth, the heroine from Anne Mallory's latest masterpiece, One Night is Never Enough, has been coerced--er, has been gracious enough to be interviewed for The Romance Dish. Please give Charlotte (and her creator, Anne Mallory) a warm welcome!

An interview with the heroine of ONE NIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH, Charlotte Chatsworth, by an Independent Agent* asking questions behind a screen (voice masked).

*Independence to be determined, time traveling magic and blurred realities not to be explained, identity much in question.

Interviewer: Charlotte, we met you in Seven Secrets of Seduction where you were jilted at the altar. How did that make you feel?

Charlotte: I...uh...well, I wasn't really jilted at the altar. It was more of a pre-altar arrangement. And mutual, I assure you.

Interviewer: Mutual because you knew there was someone out there who was far hotter?

Charlotte: Hotter? Why would I care about the body temperature of a prospective husband?

Interviewer: Hotter - you know, more attractive, sexy, handsome, dangerous, gorgeous, virile...

Charlotte: *looks suspiciously at screen* No. Because I saw that the hero and heroine of that book had eyes only for each other.

Interviewer: Maybe you were looking for someone better suited to your wild ways.

Charlotte: Wild ways?? What...who...when... To whom have you been speaking? I demand to know!

Interviewer: Really? That's delicious. I love it when y-, I mean, when interviewees demand. Easy to keep the conversation going.

Charlotte: You don't sound like you have too much trouble with that.

Interviewer: I keep my tongue very busy.

Charlotte: I think I'm disturbed.

Interviewer: Excellent! A little jarring will do you good. Back to the questions - how do you feel about your father selling you to a dangerously scurvy, but VERY hot, man on the turn of a card?

Charlotte: Angry. Alone. Cold. The usual really.

Interviewer: We will have to change all of that.

Charlotte: I do quite well on my own, I assure you.

Interviewer: Being on your own isn't fun. You need some spice. Someone who will provoke you away from that chill. But someone on whom you can always rely.

Charlotte: You seem rather keen on provocation yourself.

Interviewer: You have no idea.

Charlotte: *muttering* I think I'm beginning to.

Interviewer: Did you just mutter? Charlotte Chatsworth, incomparable beauty and ice queen of the ton?

Charlotte: Do you have any RELEVANT questions?

Interviewer: How do you feel about love?

Charlotte: It's lovely.

Interviewer: So you don't believe in it.

Charlotte: Of course I believe in it. And it is a lovely emotion for people who are able to show their emotions freely.

Interviewer: You can't show your emotions? You don't yearn to have someone to love?

Charlotte: Of course I yearn for it. But it is safer not to show... Wait. Strike all of that from the record!

Interviewer: So what if there was a really hot, virile, dangerous man waiting just for YOU? One who was completely and deliciously unacceptable. Could you yearn for him?

Charlotte: ...

Interviewer: I think you could. Especially after I first observed you splayed out on a garden bench, your face full of longing and desire -

Charlotte: OH MY GOD.

Interviewer: - falling to love and -

Charlotte: I believe the term is falling to temper!

Interviewer: - that passionate surre...wait, you are falling to temper? Now? Yes!!

Charlotte: Roman?! I am going to murder you!!

*Only the echoed sounds of mad laughter and running feet remain.

ONE NIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has a good deal of game playing in it of various varieties. If you had to play a game - winner take all, for high stakes - what game would you play? Chess, Poker, Vingt-et-un/21/blackjack, Monopoly, War, Trivial Pursuit, MineSweeper...other? Or would you figure out another way to turn events away from the game?

Anne will send a signed book (of the winner's choice) to a random commenter.

One Night is Never Enough
by Anne Mallory

From the first glimpse he knew he must have her-even if only for a single night...

Powerful, ruthless, seductive-the lord of London’s underworld-Roman Merrick gets anything he wants…and he burns for Charlotte Chatsworth, a polished jewel in the glittering ton. So he engages her debt-ridden gambler father in a game of chance, wagering ten thousand pounds against one night with the man’s exquisite daughter. And Roman Merrick never loses.

But one night is never enough...

Charlotte is devastated to learn that her reprobate father has lost her in a card game to the most dangerous man she’s ever met. With the threat of ruin behind every corner, Charlotte embarks upon a perilous path with the man she can not forget. But in truth, it’s Roman who has everything to lose-for a game undertaken for pleasure alone soon has him gambling his heart. And love and passion unleashed could bring his great, dark empire tumbling down...

Anne Mallory began writing on September 11, 2001 as an escape from the day (because she needed an escape with a happy ending). She sold her first book, Masquerading the Marquess, to Avon in 2003. Her eighth novel, For the Earl's Pleasure, was nominated for a RITA award at last year's RWA conference in Orlando. Andrea gave Seven Secrets of Seduction 5 stars and called it her favorite historical romance of 2010. Her latest, One Night is Never Enough, which was released on February 22, 2011, has been garnering rave reviews. Look for her next book (Andreas's story) in October! Please visit Anne's website http://www.annemallory.com/ to learn more about her and her delicious stories!


  1. Scrabble is not terribly sexy or hot but I know I stand a good chance.


  2. I would probably choose a game like Vingt-et-un/21/blackjack or poker. Something that would not take too long. Besides, I have always liked playing cards.

    I am currently reading ONE NIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. I have less than 100 left of it and am LOVING it! It is a great book with interesting characters.

  3. I so love Anne's books she is an autobuy author for me although I am behind in reading the last couple but they are at the front of the bookshelf waiting for me to pick them up loved the interview.
    As for a game I would play probably trivial pursuit although I am not very good at games LOL

    Have Fun

  4. I have terrible luck playing games but I would probably go with blackjack. I never get the right tiles for Scrabble. Never. I always get all vowels or no vowels. LOL

  5. Oh wow, sounds like a very good book. Black Jack works for me, or Texas Hold em.

  6. Ooh.. I not a very good game player but I do like to take chances.If I had to play a winner take all type of game I would probably pick blackjack.
    The books look wonderful and love the covers.


  7. Good morning, Anne (and Charlotte)! We are are so happy to have you visit today. Congrats on all the terrific buzz this story is getting! I stayed up way past my bedtime last night finishing it. It is another Top Pick for me!!

    I like Texas Hold 'Em....but I will say that after reading ONINE you have made me appreciate chess! :)

  8. Marybelle, I love Scrabble!!

    So glad you're enjoying ONINE, June!! Isn't it terrific?!

  9. Oh, Helen, you have got some great reading ahead of you! You will love SSOS and ONINE!

    Blackjack is great, Stacie! Even the name of it is sexy...blackjack.*g*

  10. Dianna, it is a wonderfully intelligent book. I hope you get the chance to read it!

    Hey, Chris! Anne has been blessed with gorgeous covers. And the stories inside are just as gorgeous!

  11. I am off to work, so I'll check back in in a little while. Oh, and Anne is a West Coast gal, so I'm sure she'll be checking in a little later, too. :)

  12. I loved this interview, how fun!

    As for me, I can play blackjack, and Texas Hold 'Em, but other than that, gambling games aren't really my thing. Plus, I feel as though I have the completely wrong personality for gambling. I can not just take fifty dollars, play and gamble, and walk away when/if I lose. I would feel as though I wasted that money, and feel compelled to get it back. Not good.

  13. I'd prob want to stick to cards though luck usually disappears when money is on the table -- but in certain situations, that could be a plus ;) of course attempts at distraction & "creative play" could also be benefitial ;)

  14. I would definitely play UNO. It is one of my favorite card games and I'm pretty good at it. :)

  15. Oh, I love the responses! I am a rabid game lover. :)

    Marybelle - Could depend on the tiles you get. ;) Scrabble is a lot of fun though. Nice pick!

    June - a fellow card lover! And so happy you are enjoying the book!

  16. Thanks, Helen!! And I'm a huge Trivial Pursuit lover. :)

    Stacie - I hate it when that happens! I play WordAce on my phone over lunch sometimes, and I just have to sit there shoveling in my soup or sandwich, staring at all I's and O's, itching to start a new hand. :)

  17. Dianna - Texas Hold Em = heart!

    Thanks, ChrisS!!

    Triple thanks, Andrea!!!

  18. Lisa, I'm not a $$ gambler either. I like playing for the sport and fun. But if we do go out, I treat it as entertainment money. $20 on movie night or $20 on a few hands of cards, then watching others play. I find it enthralling to watch other people play poker, so it works out, lol. I watch on tv sometimes. I would think myself slightly odd, but with the amount of shows at night, there must be other people watching too!!!

    Ha! Gamistress66, I like how you think!

    Trisha, Uno is classic! Fun for everyone in the family. :)

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  20. What a fun and giggle worthy interview. :) As for games, winner take all, I'd go with Scrabble of course. Somehow I end always end up with the Z,X,Q tiles but I manage to rally in the end. Who's laughing now?

    aggiegirl11187 {at} yahoo DOT com

  21. I'd choose poker or blackjack, but I'd hate to risk everything on the turn of a card.

  22. Kati - lol!

    Penfield - it would be horrifying, wouldn't it??

  23. It would be blackjack for me. It's been so long since I've played any games.


  24. Hey, Lisa! Wasn't the interview great?! I was smiling as I was preparing the blog.

    I don't think I have the right personality to gamble either. I'm too conservative with my money. One time when we were on vacation in Vegas, I won $104 on a slot machine and walked away. My husband looked at me like, Really? LOL!

  25. gamistress66 said: of course attempts at distraction & "creative play" could also be benefitial ;)

    LOL! And this is why One Night is Never Enough is so much fun!!

  26. I would play monopoly. Love that game. Plus, it goes on forever.

    I love Anne's books. I can't wait to read this book. Anne is an automatic buy for me and this book looks amazing.


  27. Trisha, I can't wait for you to read ONINE so we can discuss!!!

  28. Anne Mallory said: I am a rabid game lover. :)

    I am, too! My husband...not so much. But he will play when we have family over for Family Game Night. :)

  29. Kati said: Somehow I end always end up with the Z,X,Q tiles but I manage to rally in the end.

    Oh, those are the best ones to have! Especially on a double or triple word score!

  30. Penfield said: I'd choose poker or blackjack, but I'd hate to risk everything on the turn of a card.

    Exactly! I'm not that risky. I'd rather play it safe with family or friends. ;-)

  31. AndreaI, I could not live without games!

  32. I would play monopoly. Love that game. Plus, it goes on forever.

    I love Anne's books. I can't wait to read this book. Anne is an automatic buy for me and this book looks amazing.


  33. Danielle, I love Monopoly! Can't get anyone to play with me, though. LOL I hope you enjoy Anne's when you get the chance to read it!

  34. Okay, so I have to ask... Anne, can you give us any hints (even a tiny one) about Andreas's story? Wow, I can't wait to read how HE falls in love. ;-)

  35. Hi, Anne! We're so happy to have you with us today.

    Cute interview! I'm so looking forward to reading One Night Is Never Enough.

  36. I'm terrible at playing cards....which is why everyone wants to play with me. It gives them a guaranteed win.

    I was once with some friends after classes and I asked them: "Who wants to beat me at cards today?" and everyone was so excited about it lol

    I admit that I haven't read an Anne Mallory book yet, but I have read so many great reviews about One Night is Never Enough, especially the one from Dear Author. It sounds like a great read and I like the premise.

  37. Our family loves games. Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Scattergories, Scene It, Clue, etc. And my husband and I love to play Spades with our friends.

  38. Andrea L - blackjack is a great one for a "turn of the card" moment!

    Andrea, I LOVE that you walked away with your won dough! And family game nights = heart.

    Hi, Danielle!! Great choice. Monopoly is a fiercely played game in my extended family. We hunker down for marathon stretches. :)

  39. Andrea -- Andreas's story definitely falls under the Beauty and the Beast theme. I had never written one before, but it was great fun to do. :) The heroine is very determined to break down his walls, and she requires a battering ram - and heavy explosives - in order to do it. ;)

  40. Hi, Gannon!! Thank you for having me! And, Spades! A college favorite!

    Antonia - I absolutely love the mental image of your friends' excitement. It sounds like above all else you are a terrific sport - and everyone likes to play with someone fun. :)

  41. I'd choose Trivial Pursuit. Anne's Seven Secrets of Seduction was among my favorite books of 2010. I can't wait to read this one.

  42. Boggle, just cause I am pretty good at locating words so I might actually win! I am a horrible card game player, I am not 'lucky' on the draw.

  43. Antonia said: ...I have read so many great reviews about One Night is Never Enough, especially the one from Dear Author.

    Wasn't that a great review, Antonia?! I was so glad to see it. :)

  44. Gannon, our family has a TON of laughs when we play Scattergories. Some answers are hard to resist writing down. *snort*

  45. Anne Mallory said: Andreas's story definitely falls under the Beauty and the Beast theme. I had never written one before, but it was great fun to do. :) The heroine is very determined to break down his walls, and she requires a battering ram - and heavy explosives - in order to do it. ;)

    Oooooooh, explosives and a "Beauty and the Beast" theme?! Color me happy!!

  46. LSUReader, I think SSOS was on a lot of people's "favorites list" from last year. *g* I hope you enjoy ONINE!

  47. Dtchycat, I haven't played Boggle in forever! We used to play it a lot when I was a kid. :)

  48. Strip poker, a win win either way.

  49. I am so not a gambler; I can’t bluff to save my life. With that in mind I would go with a game that required some skill and strategy… chess. BTW love your books!!!

  50. Congrats on the new release, Anne. I would probably play Trivial Pursuit or Clue. I'm a huge fan of both games and hope I'll be able to win.

  51. I'd probably pay Scrabble, it's the only game I'd have half a chance at winning.

  52. I am not a good game player. I would try to stay away from games but if I had to I would try Scrabble or Minesweeper.

    smccar1 at hotmail dot com

  53. LSUReader - I hope you enjoy the new one!! And I'm a big TP fan too. :)

    Dtchycat - Boggle is a great choice! Have you ever played the computer version where the letters rise? I'm blanking on the name. But so addictive!

  54. Andrea - figurative explosives, but now I'm pondering future possibilities... :)

  55. Renald - Lol!!!

    Thanks, Kat!!!

    Jane, I haven't played Clue in forever, but I used to really love it. And it is one of my favorite movies. I love Tim Curry. :)

    Barbara and Stephanie - I think we could put together a Scrabble coalition here. Who's in?

  56. Thank you again, Andrea, Buffie, Gannon, PJ, and all the Romance Dishers, for having me as a guest! I had a great time. :)

  57. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and dished about your favorite games!

    Extra special THANKS to you, Anne!! We had a blast!!

  58. I'm horrible at games especially cards. Sometime on a rare occasion I will win a game of Trival pursuit or Scrabble. Thanks for sharing

  59. I would probably play Monopoly as I am hopeless at any game of cards. I love Anne's books, especially three Nights of Sin which left a vry lasting impression of me. LOL