Friday, March 4, 2011

New Releases for March

A new month means new releases! I’ve read Julie James’s newest, A Lot Like Love, and as you can tell from my review yesterday, I loved it! Julie just gets better and better. I also read and enjoyed Monica Burns’s Pleasure Me. It is a great emotional read. I’m currently reading Anne Mallory’s One Night is Never Enough and am once again blown away by her talent. It is a terrific book!! Which March releases have you read? Of those, which ones do you recommend? Which ones are you most looking forward to reading? Tell us and one lucky commenter will win a book I picked up from last year’s RWA conference in Orlando!

Until April, happy reading!


An Unlikely Countess – Jo Beverley
Sins in the House of Borgia – Sarah Bower (Historical Fiction)
Wild Desire – Lori Brighton
His Enemy’s Daughter – Terri Brisbin *
Pleasure Me – Monica Burns
To Defy a King – Elizabeth Chadwick (Historical Fiction)
The Union Quilters – Jennifer Chiaverini (Women’s Fiction)
It Happened One Bite – Lydia Dare (Paranormal)
Treasure Me – Robyn DeHart
Scandal of the Year – Olivia Drake
Invitation to Ruin – Bronwen Evans
Keep a Little Secret – Dorothy Garlock (Historical Fiction)
Never Kiss a Stranger – Heather Grothaus
Bought: The Penniless Lady – Deborah Hale *
Lady Wicked – Delle Jacobs
Sweet as the Devil – Susan Johnson
To Desire a Wicked Duke – Nicole Jordan
Deadly Vows – Brenda Joyce
The Widowed Bride – Elizabeth Lane *
Wicked Seduction – Jade Lee
What I Did for a Duke – Julie Anne Long
Captured by the Highlander – Julianne MacLean
Seducing the Governess – Margo Maguire
One Night is Never Enough – Anne Mallory
The Perfect Scandal – Delilah Marvelle
Healing the Highlander – Melissa Mayhue (Paranormal)
The Shy Duchess – Amanda McCabe *
Madame Tussaud – Michelle Moran (Historical Fiction) *
Seduced by Destiny – Kira Morgan
The Heiress – Lynsay Sands
Her Scottish Groom – Ann Stephens
Highland Heat – Mary Wine
Devil’s Own – Veronica Wolff


Tyler – C.H. Admirand
Not Without You – Jean Barrett
Swept Off Her Feet – Hester Browne
Primal Calling – Jillian Burns
Harvest Moon – Robyn Carr
Cleaning Nabokov’s House – Leslie Daniels (Women’s Fiction)
Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts – Lucy Dillon (Women’s Fiction)
Secret Daughter – Shilpi Somaya Gowda (Women’s Fiction)
Some Like Them Rich – Shirley Hailstock (Women’s Fiction)
How to Knit a Heart Back Home – Rachael Herron
A Silken Thread – Brenda Jackson *
A Lot Like Love – Julie James
High Octane – Lisa Renee Jones
State of the Union – Doglas Kennedy (Women’s Fiction)
In the Line of Fire – Jennifer LaBrecque
Emily and Einstein – Linda Francis Lee (Women’s Fiction)
A Light at Winter’s End – Julia London
In Good Hands – Kathy Lyons
Staying at Daisy’s – Jill Mansell
Playing for Keeps – LuAnn McLane
Letters From Home – Kristina McMorris (Women’s Fiction)
A Creed in Stone Creek – Linda Lael Miller
She’s the One – J.J. Murray
When You Were Mine – Elizabeth Noble (Women’s Fiction)
Sing You Home – Jodi Picoult (Women’s Fiction)
Welcome to Last Chance – Hope Ramsay
Steady – Ruthie Robinson
Inevitable – Michelle Rowen
Upgrade U – Ni-Ni Simone (Women’s Fiction)
Friday’s Daughter – Patricia Sprinkle (Women’s Fiction)
Face-Off – Nancy Warren
The Guy Next Door – Lori Foster, Susan Donovan, Victoria Dahl


Strings Attached – Judy Blundell (Historical)
Leverage – Joshua C. Cohen *
Haven – Kristi Cook (Paranormal)
Wither – Lauren DeStefano (Paranormal)
Unnatural – Michael Griffo (Paranormal)
Clarity – Kim Harrington (Mystery)
Falling Under – Gwen Hayes (Paranormal)
Human.4 – Mike A. Lancaster (Science Fiction)
Darkest Mercy – Melissa Marr (Paranormal)
Angelfire – Courtney Allison Moulton (Paranormal) *
Recovery Road – Blake Nelson
Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest – Amos Oz
Tortall and Other Lands – Tamora Pierce (Fantasy)
Dark Mirror – M.J. Putney (Historical, Paranormal)
The Liar Society – Lisa & Laura Roecker (Mystery)
The Dark and Hollow Places – Carrie Ryan (Paranormal)
Between Shades of Gray – Ruta Sepetys (Historical)
Outside In – Maria V. Snyder (Paranormal) *
Miles From Ordinary – Carol Lynch Williams

Romantic Suspense

Hidden Away – Maya Banks
Kiss Me, Kill Me – Allison Brennan
Living on the Edge – Shannon K. Butcher
Deadly Lies – Cynthia Eden
Lies in Disguise – Bernice Layton
Live Wire – Lora Leigh
Against the Law – Kat Martin


American Vampire – Jennifer Armintrout
Primal Bonds – Jennifer Ashley
Never Again – Michele Bardsley
Accidentally Catty – Dakota Cassidy
Dreams of a Dark Warrior – Kresley Cole *
The Guardian – Connie Hall
Moon Cursed – Lori Handeland
How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf – Molly Harper
Taste Me – Tamara Hogan
Truth or Demon – Kathy Love
The Truth About Vampires – Theresa Meyers
Hunger Untamed – Pamela Palmer
Fated – Rebecca Zanetti

Urban Fantasy

Demon Song – Cat Adams
Serpent’s Storm – Amber Benson
River Marked – Patricia Briggs
This Side of the Grave – Jeaniene Frost
The Neon Court – Kate Griffin
Pale Demon – Kim Harrison
Under Wraps – Hannah Jayne
Aftertime – Sophie Littlefield *
Late Eclipses – Seanan McGuire
Iron Crowned – Richelle Mead
Etched in Bone – Adrian Phoenix
Dead on Delivery – Eileen Rendahl
A Hundred Words for Hate – Thomas E. Sniegoski
Dead Waters – Anton Strout
Blackout – Rob Thurman
Green-Eyed Demon – Jaye Wells
Rogue Oracle – Alayna Williams
Those Who Fight Monsters: Tales of Occult Detectives – Multi-author anthology

Erotica/Erotic Romance

Surrender to Me – Shayla Black
I Spy a Dark Obsession – Jo Davis
Saddled and Spurred – Lorelei James
Island Nights – P.J. Mellor
Blood Wicked – Sharon Page (Historical, Paranormal)
Any Wicked Thing – Margaret Rowe (Historical)
Naughty Bits 3 – Multi-author anthology

* released February 15th


  1. So far, I have read:
    To Desire a Wicked Duke by Nicole Jordan
    The Perfect Scandal bu Delilah Marvelle
    The Heiress by Lynsay Sands
    **I loved all 3 of these and would recommend them to anyone

    I am currently reading One Night is Never Enough by Anne Mallory and really like it so far

    In my TBR pile I already have Seduced by Destiny by Kira Morgan and am looking forward to it. There are so many books out that I would love to read and so little time to actually read them!

  2. I am most looking forward to A Lot Like Love by Julie James and One Night is Never Enough by Anne Mallory. I can't wait! :)

  3. Books I've read:

    An Unlikely Countess (Jo Beverley) Bought: The Penniless Lady (Deborah Hale)
    To Desire a Wicked Duke (Nicole Jordan)
    The Widowed Bride (Elizabeth Lane) What I Did for a Duke (Julie Anne Long)
    The Heiress(Lynsay Sands)

    I absolutely adored To Desire a Wicked Duke - I liked it so much that I ended up buying several of her books. Also loved What I Did for a Duke (again, a newer author to me so I ended up buying several of her books).

  4. I'm a huge Anne Mallory fan, too. I'm also looking forward to Shannon Butcher's new release.

  5. I need to quit my job so I have more time to read. A list of books I would happily dive into.

  6. So many good books again this month there goes the savings again LOL I love it.

    I have read Pamela Palmer's Hunger Untamed and it is fantastic I loved it

    Thanks for the list Andrea

    Have Fun

  7. Haven't read any of these yet, and so many great books!!! I've gotten behind not being able to read as much as I'd like to. So if I had to pick one of these it would be:

    The Shy Duchess – Amanda McCabe

    The idea of a shy Heroine appeals to me.

  8. I have been in a little reading slump lately so I haven't read any of them yet. I have Pleasure Me, To Desire a Wicked Duke and The Heiress. I am getting all the highlanders LOL, just waiting for their release and/or pay day.

  9. So far I have read:

    Seducing the Governess by Margo Maguire
    Playing for Keeps by LuAnn McLane
    Deadly Lies by Cynthia Eden

    Right now I'm reading Seduced By Destiny by Kira Morgan

  10. A Lot Like Love Julie James
    There are a lot of good books this month.

  11. So far I've read the Julie James which I have already gushed about. I'm also definitely interested in the Amanda McCabe book, since I read the Welborne Manor anthology. I've been looking forward to the stories for the Fitxmanning brothers for a long time. And I definitely want to check out Pleasure Me. So many great books to read as always!

  12. Thanks for including Any Wicked Thing! Is it weird to say I was re-reading it myself last night before I went to bed?

    I've got Jo Beverley's and Elizabeth Chadwick's books on my nook for vacation!

  13. eeek -- it can't be march yet. I've been in a bit of a rut & works so busy that I barely got anything read last month. The piles getting a little big. :)

    did get to read To Desire a Wicked Duke – Nicole Jordan

    looking forward to:
    What I Did for a Duke – Julie Anne Long
    Seducing the Governess – Margo Maguire
    The Heiress – Lynsay Sands
    One Night is Never Enough – Anne Mallory
    Devil’s Own – Veronica Wolff
    re Me – Monica Burns
    Treasure Me – Robyn DeHart

    Can't wait till things calm down so I can tackle some of these books :) Happy reading all (enjoy one for me ;)

  14. Thank you, TRD, for always bringing new releases to my attention. I really appreciate it. :)

  15. These lists always remind me of how lucky we are as romance readers to have such a wide range of choices every month. I’ve already read What I Did for a Duke – Julie Anne Long, One Night is Never Enough – Anne Mallory, Harvest Moon – Robyn Carr, and A Light at Winter’s End – Julia London. All were 4-5 star reads for me. An Unlikely Countess – Jo Beverley, A Lot Like Love – Julie James, and Welcome to Last Chance – Hope Ramsay are all on my TBR shelf. Several of the women’s fiction titles are on my must-read list. I’m a big fan of Patricia Sprinkle—her mysteries and her women’s fiction--so I’m looking forward particularly to Friday’s Daughter. I’m also eager to read Mary Jo Putney’s first YA novel, Dark Mirror, and although I almost never read erotica, Maggie Robinson’s Any Wicked Thing is a can’t miss-book for me.

  16. Sorry I'm late, everyone! I was working at the Book Fair at my kids' school.

    June, I'm so glad you're liking Anne's newest! Her writing just blows me away. :)

    Trisha, I can't wait until you read those so we can discuss!!

  17. Dtchycat said: Also loved What I Did for a Duke (again, a newer author to me so I ended up buying several of her books).

    I've never read JAL's books before either, Dtchycay, but picked this one up based on several glowing reviews. I have a feeling I'm going to be purchasing her backlist!

  18. Jane, I hope you enjoy Anne's as much as I do!!

    LOL @ marybelle! Isn't that the truth?!?!

  19. You're welcome, Helen! I really need to try Pamela's books. I've heard great things about them!

    Kirsten, I love a shy heroine, too. It's a nice change from the typical "outspoken" and independant" women we read about. I hope you enjoy it!

  20. Sorry to hear you've been in a reading slump, Dianna. It happens to all of us at one time or another. I hope you enjoy Monica's Pleasure Me!

    Buffie, I need to pick up LuAnn's from the bookstore!

  21. You'll love it, runner10!

    Lisa, since we have similar taste in books, I'm going to have to check out Amanda McCabe's books. If you like them, then chances are that I will, too!

  22. Maggie Robinson said: Is it weird to say I was re-reading it myself last night before I went to bed?

    LOL! Nope, not weird at all! :)

  23. gamistress, I hope works slows down so you'll have a chance to read the books on your list!

    You're very welcome, Deb!

  24. Janga said: These lists always remind me of how lucky we are as romance readers to have such a wide range of choices every month.

    So true, Janga! We are very lucky indeed. :)

  25. just finished and the loved the following:

    Saddled & Spurred - Lorelei James
    Hidden Away - Maya Banks

    and currently reading:

    Surrender to Me - Shayla Black

    was a good release month so far...and have a list of TBR for this month as well

  26. There are many wonderful books. I am looking forward to Letters From Home by Kristina McMorris, Cleaning Nabokov's House, and Patricia Sprinkle's book.

  27. I'm looking forward to JAL's What I did for a Duke. lydia Dare's It Happended One Bite. Julie James' A Lot Like Love and Accidently Catty by Dakota Cassidy. Michele Bardsley's Never Again. I was sure Eileen Dryer, Kerrelyn Sparks, Candice Camp and Jill Shalvis had new books out this month too but did not see them on the list! IDK maybe they are April releases. I have Treasure Me by Robyn DeHart but have not read it yet or any of the other books. They are still on my wish list. All the books on the list look good really.

  28. Hi, Chele! I loved the cover for Lorelei James's book...which is why I included it. *g* Thanks for stopping by!

  29. Good choices, traveler! I hope you enjoy them!

  30. Hi, Johanna! I believe those are conidered April releases...I know Jill's (The Sweetest Thing) is. I am SO looking forward to that one! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  31. There are so many good releases this month. I haven't read any of them yet. I'm looking forward to
    Etched in Bone by Adrian Phoenix
    Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells
    How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper
    Live Wire by Lora Leigh

  32. As usual, it's another great month for reading. I still have sooooo many books in my TBR mountain, and I still keep adding to it. LOL

    So far, I've read:

    An Unlikely Countess by Jo Beverley
    Invitation to Ruin by Bronwen Evans
    A Light At Winter's End by Julia London

    I'm reading Healing the Highlander by Melissa Mayhue right now.

  33. My TBR will fall on me one day!

    What I'm looking forward to reading:
    Pleasure Me – Monica Burns
    Wicked Seduction – Jade Lee
    Hunger Untamed – Pamela Palmer
    Iron Crowned – Richelle Mead
    Dead Waters – Anton Strout
    Blackout – Rob Thurman

    I guess I'm more Paranormal/UF than historicals this month.

  34. The one and only book that i have for March Release is Wild Desire By Lori Brighton :)

    I'm looking forward :

    - It Happened One Bite – Lydia Dare
    - Seducing the Governess – Margo Maguire
    - A Lot Like Love – Julie James
    - Haven – Kristi Cook
    - This Side of the Grave – Jeaniene Frost
    - Etched in Bone – Adrian Phoenix

  35. I'm sad the Julie Anne Long new book I won didn't get here yet, must read soon as it arrives; same with the Jeaniene Frost.

    Read Dreams of a Dark Warrior, very good tho I still favored previous Demon from the Dark. Both take place at same time but you don't feel you are reading the same story at all. Not so with the Sands Heiress, same time as Countess, disappointed as too many scenes were repetitive.

    Meanwhile I have two others I'm reading this weekend since I don't have the Long - River Marked by Briggs and When Shadows Dance by CS Harris (Sebastian St Cyr series), both series high faves for me.

    Have to pick up Julie James and Cynthia Eden this week, the Jaye Wells, Jade Lee. So far now in the TBR - the Jo Beverley, Anne Mallory,Lydia Dare, Jennifer Ashley, Handeland. And still some more I want as if this isn't enough lol.

    A new author here I want to try, Bronwen Evans seeing it featured around.

  36. WOW. Another month with too many books to add to my Wish list.

  37. Andrea, that Molly Harper one has intrigued me by the title alone. I'll have to check it out!

    Gannon, I need to pick up Julia London's. I really enjoyed your review of it. :)

  38. LOL @ Sheree! I think a lot of us can relate to the massive TBR pile. I hope you enjoy Monica's!

    mariska, I'm also intrigued by Margo Maguire's latest. The premise sounds like something I would LOVE to read!

  39. Pam, I'm really looking forward to reading Julie Anne Long's newest. It'll be my first by her!

    LOL @ librarypat! Tell me about it!

  40. A Lot Like Love, One Night is Never Enough, and Pale Demon (which I’m reading now) top my list. So many others look good!