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Today's Special - - Julie Anne Long

I am thrilled to welcome today's special guest to the Romance Dish!  Julie Anne Long is not only the author of one of the most talked about new books of 2011 (What I Did for a Duke) but also one of my personal favorites.   Julie grew up wanting to be a rock star and music still plays a large role in her life but writing was always her first love.  The author of ten published novels, Julie's recent release is the fifth book in her Pennyroyal Green series, a series that has taken its place on my list of all-time favorite series.  Julie answered some questions for me recently and will also be stopping by the blog today to chat and answer your questions.  She's a West Coast girl though so don't look for her until late morning East Coast time.  Please join me in giving Julie Anne Long a warm welcome!

PJ:  Good Morning, Julie and welcome to the Romance Dish! It’s such a pleasure to have you with us today. Congratulations on the release of What I Did for a Duke! This book has been getting amazing buzz around the internet, including a 5-star review from Janga here at the Romance Dish. Please tell us what readers can expect to find in this story.

Julie: Thank you so much for inviting me—delighted to be here with you lovely ladies! I’m so thrilled with the response to WHAT I DID FOR A DUKE, I can’t begin to tell you. My socks are knocked off. Everyone has been so warm and enthusiastic and supportive, and I hope you all know that it means everything to me.

What can you expect to find in the book? Some have called the story a “revenge” plot; I never really thought of it in that light, though I suppose it certainly seems that way in the beginning. I suppose I never looked at it as such because I knew my hero pretty well, and knew what was in store for both him and Genevieve Eversea. ;) We have an older, mature man (he’s almost 40 years old). And by mature I don't mean in terms of the number of years he's been alive; I mean in the way he's processed his life experiences—how he's integrated his triumphs and mistakes, his conquests and scandals and losses and his loves, into his character. He's a truly formidable man. At this point in his life, he sees himself with unflinching (and sometimes dryly witty) clarity, and he genuinely doesn't care what anyone thinks of him (even when the ton thinks he poisoned his wife) because he has such a strong sense of self. And I think when you take a man like this who personifies power and danger and maturity and make him vulnerable to love...well, to me, nothing's sexier.

So we have this Duke, who experiences a betrayal and sets out to right what he perceived to be a great wrong. But he doesn’t bargain for Genevieve Eversea—quiet, gentle, sensible Genevieve—or so her family believes. (Families often have blinders on when it comes to what's in front of their noses, and the Everseas are no different). When her world starts to fall apart (right in that first chapter), is when this really begins to chafe. And she's not entirely faultless in this.. Her cool self-control (which evolved in part as a defense against the unpredictable family members) is working against her and could be part of the reason she begins the story with a broken heart.

It takes just the right man to unravel that control. ;) To recognize her wit, and tap the sensual curiosity and passion and even a bit of that Eversea recklessness simmering beneath her surface. The duke ultimately teaches Genevieve to be unafraid of her true self, but he gives her the freedom to do it, because he sees her clearly and accepts her for everything she is without putting her in a box.

It’s a love story of true equals, I believe, brought together, ironically, by what each perceives to be an enormous loss—the duke of his fiancée, Genevieve of Harry. And from what I understand, it’s hilarious good fun, with lots of emotion, steamy sex, and an ending one reviewer told me she loved so much she read it over and over and over, which I loved hearing, because it reminded me of the way one listens to a favorite song over and over.

PJ:  Thanks for that wonderful summary!  I agree with that reviewer.  I've read several parts of the story, including the ending, many times already and I'm sure I'll continue to re-visit them many more! There are so many wonderful scenes in this book. What’s the one scene from What I Did for a Duke that you would never cut?

Julie:  Oooh…that’s a tough question. I feel like (I hope!) they’re all necessary to the story. When it comes to favorite scenes…I love their first real conversation: Genevieve newly devastated by a secret heartbreak and trying to disguise it, the duke calculatedly determined to charm and win her the way he's always been able to charm any woman he chooses to charm…but gradually they disarm, surprise, then actually almost enjoy each other's obvious subtle wit and intelligence. This is where they begin to recognize each other as people who may not be quite what they seem, and as equals. And this is the beginning of defenses coming down. You get clues in this scene, too, about the duke's vulnerability: she whips out his former fiancee's name as a weapon (because Genevieve is no milksop and she's fighting dirty, if subtly) and it stops him in his tracks.

And there’s another scene—I don’t want to give too much away—where the duke has just laid his heart on the line, but Genevieve doesn’t realize it. I love him in this moment: his dignified vulnerability, and the way he handles what must be devastation without her knowing it, is so quintessentially him, and echoes an earlier scene, in which she handles a similar situation in much the same way. We know, of course, that he doesn’t give up. 

PJ:  The first kiss between Genevieve and Moncrieffe, as well as his explanation of what a kiss should be, has readers (including me) sighing with pleasure. What are some of your favorite kissing scenes from books or movies? What makes them special?

Julie:  Good questions!! And thank you for the opportunity to remember this:
One of the most beautiful, erotic, charged kisses is this scene in Last of the Mohicans. (and we have to provide a little video to go with it, don’t we?)

It takes my breath away every time. These are two very beautiful, very strong people, who are in ways exotic and forbidden to each other. They don’t know whether they’re going to live or die within the next 24 hours; the attraction has been building for some time, it’s forbidden, its undeniable, it’s nearly unbearable. And the thing that knocks me out about that scene is the fact they don’t exchange a single word. You can feel his intensity as he searches for her through the crowded camp, though his movements are very controlled, very purposeful; his expression giving away nothing. He finds her among the crowd; they look into each other’s faces…and he leads her away. Without a word exchanged. As if there’s no question about what will happen next. There’s a desperation and beauty and primal potency to that kiss. It’s as intense as a sex scene, I think. He’s so swooningly masculine; they’re in many ways, as different as they are, such equals, so perfectly matched.

And this is the potency a first kiss should have: it should be earned. The moments leading up to it should be as tense as a crossbow drawn back. The reader should want it as badly as the hero and heroine, and feel as satisfied and transported and transformed as the hero and heroine in the wake of it. There are different ways to use kisses in a romance, but that first kiss is so meaningful, a pinnacle, and can be more intimate than sex.

PJ:  Wow!  Reading your description in the above paragraph is almost as good as reading the first kiss scenes in your books!  I agree with you about that scene in Last of the Mohicans as well.  It's one of my all-time favorites scenes from any movie.  I have the DVD and watch it often.

What I Did for a Duke is the fifth of your Pennyroyal Green series; a series that has climbed higher on my list of all-time favorites with each new book. How many more books will there be in this series? How long will we have to wait for Lyon and Olivia’s story?

Julie:  You’re so sweet! I’m still in awe of the fact that I could be among anyone’s all-time favorites. I’m very honored. And you know, I set out to develop the series premise to be sort of panoramic and flexible and rich in possibility, the stories limited only by the characters and circumstances I can dream up. Everything and everyone introduced so far is eligible to appear again and take a strong role in future stories. And I have LOTS of ideas for stories. I’ll be introducing new and resolving old story threads, so it might help to pay attention to details as you read the books, as they might become important later. ;) And as for Olivia and Lyon…I honestly can’t say yet. My publication schedule is determined by my publisher. My deadlines so far have been 7 to 8 months apart, and my publisher decides when the books appear. If you want to stay apprised, find me on my Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.chom/AuthorJulieAnneLong) or sign up for my mailing list at my website—click “get JAL’s newsletter.”

PJ:  Any helpful advice for the writers among us who are still trying to sell that first book?

Julie:  The one thing I can tell you definitively is that every author’s journey to publication—and through publication— is different—and that’s pretty much the only thing you can count on. ;) When I’m in a group of aspiring authors, or even published authors, I’m often reminded of the parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant: four blind men are invited to touch an elephant and then describe it. One of them seizes hold of the trunk and says very definitively, “the elephant is like a snake.” Another seizes hold of the elephant’s tail and says, “I beg to differ. An elephant is exactly like a rope.” The third one touches the elephant’s flank and says, “You’re crazy! An elephant is like a wall!” And so forth.

In other words, because our careers are so uncertain and ever-changing, authors seek out certainty by leaping to conclusions based on a limited set of facts, and everyone interprets circumstances based on their experiences. And pretty much everyone’s wrong. LOL. The best advice that I can give any author or aspiring author is contained in a pair of articles I wrote with my agent, Steve Axelrod, called “Why Publishing is Making You Crazy—and What You Can Do About It: the Tao of Publishing.” Here’s a link:

If you read it and have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

And if you’re an aspiring author…write. Because when you’re a working author, you’ll have deadlines to meet, no matter the circumstances of your life, and you’ll be contractually obligated to meet them. You’ll need to get the work done no matter what. I think if you truly love it and want a career as an author, you’ll find a way to do it. e.g., I wrote my second book, To Love a Thief, mostly in 45 minute bursts to and from work on the N Judah Train in San Francisco.

PJ:  What do you enjoy doing on the days when you aren’t writing?

Julie:  On days that I’m not writing, I’m usually updating my website, answering emails or Facebook or Twitter, messages, packing up contest prizes, running to the post office, and so forth. It’s a 7-day-a-week job! LOL.

PJ:  I know that music played a large role in your life at one time. Do you listen to music while you write? If you do, what was the playlist for What I Did for a Duke?

I pretty much always listen to music as I write; it’s a way of offering a pacifier to my busy little brain so the story-creating part can get to work writing a story. LOL. I listened to a lot of different kinds of music when I was writing WIDFAD. I usually do exploratory wade-ins with music before I commit to listening to something while I’m writing, just to see what fits the mood of a particular scene. When I feel that internal “click” I know. I listened to quite a lot of Arvo Part as I wrote What I Did for a Duke; a lot of the Decemberists, Neko Case, Robert Plant and Alison Kraus, Ray La Montagne, and lots of others. With other books, I might obsessively listen to one thing or one composer over and over, like Debussy. It all depends!

PJ:  You live in San Francisco, a city I’ve always equated with romance. Have you ever thought about writing a story (historical or contemporary) set in that area?

Julie:  Hmmm….I suppose you’re right—it might just be a city of romance…it’s a little mysterious (fog-shrouded), characterized by dramatic highs and lows (those hills) and celestial vistas—like any good love story. Hee! Actually, I’d love to, and I’ve thought about it quite a bit. Oh, my goodness, if you only knew how many ideas I have. I keep wishing on stars and dandelions but my staff of helpful houseboys just never seems to materialize. And it’s really all a matter of finding the time to develop ideas properly.

PJ:  Here's hoping you're able to find the time to develop those ideas! :)

Julie, you’ve created a group of wonderful heroes and heroines for us to enjoy. Which of your heroines is most like you and which of your heroes is closest to your ideal man?

Julie:  Truthfully, there’s a little bit of me in ALL of them—the heroines AND heroes. I try to get inside them and identify strongly with their needs and motivations, and to do that I have to call upon my own experiences in loving and being loved, in being disappointed, in being mischievous, in communication, miscommunication, and so forth. And all the men I’ve written, truthfully, are in some ways the ideal men to me, because of their love for the heroines. Because isn’t that ultimately what we all yearn for, after all—to be the one-and-only, absolutely perfect match for some fabulous man, to be mutually loved, admired, seen, understood, respected, adored, wanted? In that respect, I think all of my heroes perform admirably, at least by the end of the stories.  I’d settle for any of ‘em. Though at the moment I’m quite partial to the Duke of Falconbridge. I like a man who patently isn’t a child. I don’t mind a bit of boyishness—to that end, a rascal like Colin Eversea suits me well, too—but...

PJ:  Can you give us a sneak peek into what you’re working on now?

Julie:  I’m aiming to finish a follow-up to TO LOVE A THIEF that many readers have long wanted – it’s Alice’s story. I’m setting myself a deadline of the end of this month, which might be sort of impossible, but it gives me something to shoot for.  I’ll let readers know when that’s ready for prime time! The next book in the series, HOW THE MARQUESS WAS WON, will be out in January 2012.

PJ:  Oh, that's wonderful news!  I've been hoping Alice would get a story!  Julie, thank you so much for graciously answering all of my questions.  Do you have a question you'd like to ask our readers?  

Julie:  I’ll give away a signed copy of The Perils of Pleasure to a random commenter—and whoever guesses the answer to this JAL trivia question (if anyone does!) will be an instant winner!

In LIKE NO OTHER LOVER, the second book in the Pennyroyal Green series, a flirtatious and unnervingly psychic gypsy girl named Martha Heron blurts the word “Lavay” to Violet Redmond. If you’ve read I KISSED AN EARL, you’ll know what happens to Violet a result. But in which JAL book did Martha Heron first appear?

Okay, everybody!  You have a chance to be an instant winner by being the first person to correctly answer Julie's trivia question and also be our random winner by leaving a comment.  Julie will be stopping in throughout the day to chat and answer your questions! 



  1. Congrats on the new release, Julie. I was one of those hounding you for Alice's book. I'm so excited and can't wait to hear more. I love the kiss in Last of the Mohicans.

  2. was it "to love a theif"?

    looking forward to reading "what I did for a duke" as I enjoyed the rest of the series so far and it just sounds soooo good :)

  3. was it "Ways to be Wicked" ? my very wild guess :)

  4. I want to say 'I Kissed An Earl'. I must tell you I could happily drown in your covers.

  5. Hi Julie! Congrats on the release of What I Did for a Duke. Everyone I know has been raving about it, and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. I confess that I have not had the opportunity to read any of your books yet, but that is an oversight that must be rectified immediately.

  6. Is it Like No Other Lover? Last of the Mohicans is one of my favorite movies!

  7. The Runaway Duke is my guess. I love the cover for What I Did For a Duke. I love the story idea too. Congratulations on your new release!

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  8. Good Morning! Just a reminder that Julie is on West Coast time so she's likely still tucked in bed dreaming of hunky heroes. She'll be here later this morning to respond to your comments and questions!

  9. Jane, isn't it great that Julie is writing Alice's book? I love it when favorite secondary characters have their story told!

  10. Gamistress, I highly recommend moving What I Did for a Duke to the top of your "must read" list. It's fabulous!

  11. Congratulations on What I Did For A Duke. I love historicals and have added this book to my wish list. :)

  12. Marybelle said, I must tell you I could happily drown in your covers.

    Aren't they beautiful? Such vivid colors and exquisitely staged. Even if I was unfamiliar with Julie's writing, I'd take one look at her covers (especially the Pennyroyal Green covers) and want to immediately lose myself in the book.

    Julie, do you have any input into your covers or are you just blessed with superbly talented artists?

  13. Lisa said, I confess that I have not had the opportunity to read any of your books yet, but that is an oversight that must be rectified immediately.

    Lisa, you have some fabulous reading ahead of you!

  14. Margay said, Last of the Mohicans is one of my favorite movies!

    Margay, I live near the area in western North Carolina where the mountain scenes were filmed. Every time I drive through there, the entire movie comes back to me in vivid detail, especially the first kiss and waterfall scenes. Last of the Mohicans is one of those perfect moments in time that you want to re-live over and over and over.

  15. I love the cover for What I Did For a Duke. I love the story idea too.

    Stacie, I hope you enjoy the book too! :)

  16. ChrisS, it's a wonderful story! Have you read the other books in Julie's Pennyroyal Green series? I highly recommend them all!

  17. I have to say I absolutely adored "What I Did For a Duke" and ended up buying several of your other books because it was so good.

  18. Dtchycat, isn't it great when you find an author you love and she comes with a back list? Hope you enjoy Julie's other books. There's a lot of wonderful reading ahead!

  19. Hi Julie,

    I was wondering how old you were when you decided that you wanted to become a writer and, what made you decide on this genre. (Historical Romance)

  20. I have read many great reviews on this book and Julie's other books as well. Like Lisa I have not read any of Julie's books but that will be remedied as soon as possible.

  21. Good morning, girls! Thanks for stopping by! I'm on my first cup of tea, and the sun MIGHT just come out today—we've had days of rain!! My cat is bellowing at me to be taken for his morning walk (he's an inside cat who's allowed to go out in the backyard with me. LOL) Thanks again to my lovely hostesses for having me, and to PJ for the great questions!

    Congrats Jane—you got the answer right off the bat!! LOL. that was quick!! Martha Heron did indeed first appear in The Runaway Duke! You win your choice of a Pennyroyal Green backlist title—either The Perils of Pleasure, Like No Other Lover, Since the Surrender or I Kissed an Earl! Send me a note to tell me you won at The Romance Dish along with your address) at :)

    So happy you're enjoying the series so far gamistress—I hope you love What I Did for a Duke, too! You'll have to let me know what you think if you get a chance!

    I'll post this real quickly so you ladies know I'm in the house, and then I'll post another comment in a sec...hang on! ;)

  22. Good Morning, Julie! Thanks for getting up early to visit with us today! I hope that rain peeks through for you today. After a weekend of gray, gloomy rain, we awoke today to blue sky, sunshine and lovely spring flowers. Wish I could share it with everyone!

  23. I'm back! :) I'm glad you girls loved the cover—isn't it incredible? I confess my jaw dropped when I first saw it. The cover artist, James Griffin, is brilliant, and Avon's art team is so gifted. Deborah Conter conducted an interview with him about the cover at her blog, Happily Forever After, and it's fascinating reading—an insight into how romance covers are conceived and designed:

    Avon usually asks me for ideas for poses and colors and for a physical description of the hero and heroine. And in this instance, I had a sort of germ of an idea for a high-contrast image against starry sky in honor of one particular scene in a garden. ;) They liked the idea and ran with it!!

    Dtchycat, so thrilled you loved WIDFAD!! Thanks for reading it! :) And I hope you enjoy the other books in the series just as much—you'll have to let me know what you think if you get a chance. I've been completely blown away by the response—the Perfect 10's, the Perfect 5's from the Romance Dish girls, the Desert Island Keeper Status from AAR, the A- grade from Dear Author—everyone has been so lovely and I"m so touched. If any of you ladies haven't had a chance to read it yet, you can check out an excerpt, reviews and FAQ's on my website,

  24. Hi Julie! I am making my way slowly through your books. Right now I'm reading THE RUNAWAY DUKE and absolutely am loving it. I cannot wait to start your Pennyroyal Green series. I must say that Tessa Dare (through Twitter) introduced me to your writing. (my whole feed was taken over by WIDFAD promos and links) I'm so glad I found you. :)

  25. Congratulations on the new release. I purchased the book yesterday, so I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

    Has to story arc significantly changed from what you envisioned with Book 1 or has everything unfolded as planned?

    Also, PJ mentioned your love of music, so did you ever sing or play in a band?

  26. Hi Julie, love your books. You have the best covers, they are always beautiful. Congrats on your new release can't wait to read it.

  27. Hi, Julie! I am so excited about reading your new release! The answer I Like No Other Lover. Forgive me if I'm wrong. The old brain tends to leak more and more every day! ;) Anyway, congratulations in advance to the winner and all the best with your success!

  28. Diane, I think I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I've been writing stories ever since I *could* write, anyway! My first (self) published work (bound by staples) was a Crayola-illustrated story called Reddy Rabbit. About a rabbit who was, shockingly enough, red. LOL. My career path was in journalism, but I veered into playing music fairly seriously for awhile (I played guitar, sang in and wrote songs for several San Francisco area bands, played in small clubs, etc.) while I worked a fairly serious corporate job. But I eventually returned to my first love, writing (I always wanted to work independently), and finished my first novel around 2002, I believe. It (the Runaway Duke) was published in 2004. And I'll post this comment so you girls know I'm still in the house, and then answer a few of other questions!

  29. Julie, I didn't know that you were also a songwriter. What types of music did you write (and also play)?

  30. Anyone who read my review knows how much I loved WIDFAD. I'm with PJ in proclaiming it one of my top reads of 2011--and I've already read more than 6o books this year.

    What my review may not have made clear is that I've been a JAL fan since 2004 when I bought The Runaway Duke after reading Ellen Micheletti's DIK review of it at AAR. I loved the characters, the story, and the prose, and Julie has been one of my autobuy authors ever since. To those of you who haven't read her books, my advice is hie thee to a bookstore ASAP. You're missing some of the best books in our genre.

    And I must say I'm delighted that we're going to get Alice's story.

  31. Kati, we're glad you found Julie too. You have so many wonderful books ahead of you!

    I love when favorite authors recommend other authors to read on social sites, blogs, etc. Romance writers are one of the most supportive groups I've ever encountered.

  32. Penfield, be sure to block out enough time to read the entire book. It's hard to put down!

  33. Hi Virginia! (waving) Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you on Julie's covers. They're some of the best ones out there!

  34. To those of you who haven't read her books, my advice is hie thee to a bookstore ASAP. You're missing some of the best books in our genre.

    Ditto what Janga said!

  35. Hi Kati! I'm VERY Delighted you're enjoying my books so far, and I can't wait for you to get started on my Pennyroyal Green series!! Tessa Dare is a doll to introduce you to my books via Twitter! :) And she's a talented writer, too! One of the pleasures of being a romance author is the warmth and connection and support of other authors, and it can make all the difference in the world when a trusted and beloved author recommends your books. I was thrilled and surprised when Julia Quinn recommended the Pennyroyal Green series on Facebook last week, and I just found this comment from a reader on my Facebook wall (, as a result of that. It's completely delightful and funny:

    "What can I say at a time like this? It's devastating really. I'm so sorry to say, I won't be able to read your books anymore. You see, after JQ recommended your book ,I promptly bought Perils of Pleasure, A Lover Like No Other and Since the Surrender. I then spent the next 3 nights (8pm-4am) reading them...all! So you see, if I'm to get any sleep and keep my marriage in tact (my husband's not really a big fan of my spotaneous bursts of laughter at 2 in the morning when he's trying to sleep...whatever) I'm going to have to stop reading your books. I've tried to rationalize my behavior, saying to myself "well, it was just because I fell in love with Spider & Miles Redmond, I'm sure the next book won't be as good" then it was "Chase is sooo funny with his fear of all things "puppety" and then there were the names. Don't even get me started on Mr. McCacaus Bigg and Hugh G. Wrexion." So you see, I have no choice. Once I finish all your other books, that's it, I'm done! Cold turkey..."

    and this one:

    "I am so glad Julia Quinn recommended What I did for a duke I read it a few days ago and had many laugh out loud moments too...since then I have been like a woman possessed reading Runaway Duke, To Love a Thief, I kissed an Earl and now I am on Since the Surrender...You have become won of my favorite authors next to Julia Quinn and Eloisa James and Susan Elizabeth Phillips my top pics for romance authors. Greetings from New Zealand."

  36. ROFL! What wonderful facebook comments, Julie! Thanks so much for sharing them.

  37. Julie, since we're talking about authors recommending other authors...

    Do you remember what author (or book) was your introduction to romance fiction? What authors and sub-genres do you enjoy reading for pleasure today?

    I have to go out for a bit but I'll be back in a couple hours to catch up with the comments!

  38. Hi Julie! This book sounds wonderful! I actually haven't read any of your books....yet. :) I will have plenty of time this summer to catch up on some much needed reading and this series is at the top of my list!

  39. Virginia and Connie, thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words!! And good guess, Connie, but Jane beat you to it! Hee!

    Penfield—sometimes writing a story is more archaeological dig. :) I'll unearth pieces of the story all out of order, and I'll know they belong in the story, but I won't know quite how, yet. :) I'm primarily a pantser—the story often comes to me as I write, unfolding as a result of the development of characters and dialogue, and in that way I sort of generate my own inspiration once i get going. Towards the end of a book, as I sense where it's going, I'll plot more, shape the emotional arcs of the story, and so forth.

    PJ, how to describe my bands...well, "alternative" for lack of a better description! We were crazy for 60's music (Kinks, Velvet Underground, The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, Zombies, you name it), as well as guitar bands (esp. jangly ones) like 10,000 Maniacs, R.E.M., The Plimsouls, U2, Bettie Serveert...I'm still a music nut. :)

    Janga, you're such a sweetheart!! I can't tell you how much your support, and PJ's, has meant over the years. It's people like you—discerning, voracious readers, aspiring writers, and dedicated reviewers and bloggers—who review and blog out of sheer love of the genre and share with other readers the books you love— that have kept me writing. It means more to me than I can say!

    (Sorry I'm not commenting faster, girls—I was commenting through Typepad and it kept logging me out!! LOL. I've been wrestling with it! Finally got in through blogger.)

  40. Hello Julie, thanks for stopping by today to chat. It is always great to hear from you. I was going to try and answer the trivia question but you already have a winner! Congrats Jane!!! I just wanted to say that I love this series and can't wait for the next book to come out, good thing we only have to wait till January. Congrats on your recent release!!!! I have one book in this series signed so it would be wonderful if I could get another! *crossing fingers*


  41. I've thought of one other question: Can we assume that Lyon and Olivia are fated to be together or is there a chance that it's a case of unrequited love?

  42. Oooh, that's a good question, PJ! My sister and I would sneak Rosemary Rogers, Laurie McBain and Kathleen Woodiwiss books out of my mom's nightstand drawer. They were amazing, those books. But I've always been a voracious reader across all genres, going by impulse, recommendations from friends, recommendations from booksellers...I can passionately love authors who occupy very different locations on the literary spectrum, like Amanda Quick or Wallace Stegner. :) Loved Jane Austen, Amanda Quick, Julia Quinn, Stephanie Laurens, Loretta Chase, but I probably wrote my first book with those big, big romance books of the 80's in mind—anyone remember Through a Glass Darkly by Karleen Koen? Monster bestseller, such great characters and storytelling.

    Among the stack of books (lots of them!) on the floor next to my bed right now are Alexander McCall Smith, David Mitchell, M.C. Beaton, P.D. James, A.S. Byatt, Loretta Chase, LaVyrle Spencer, and a book called "Skyskcraper" written in the 30's about a swingin' single girl working in NY. It's a delight. I'm going on a 30's-40's kick lately for some reason!

  43. i came to the series late but i love Julie Ann Long. I, too, love that kiss from LOTM. but I thought they were 'doing' it, it was so hot (i mean, when i saw it in the theatre) lol t

  44. Hi, Julie! I have What I Did For A Duke on my Nook, and I'm about to start reading it today. Can't wait!!

  45. Oh, I read Through A Glass Darkly years ago! Really intense.

  46. I just laughed,cried and fell in love reading THE RUNAWAY DUKE. JAL binge, here I come!

  47. Hey Leagh! Thanks for the congrats and for stopping by! :) I'm so thrilled you're loving the series—and very excited that new people are discovering it, too! Hugs right back to you! :)

    Penfield...GREAT question, but I can't give the answer away! LOL. What do YOU want to happen? I do know what happens to them, however. ;) The next book in the series, HOW THE MARQUESS WAS WON, isn't their story, but you get insights into how Olivia's been in Lyon's absence...and what she plans to do next.

    Hey Thea!! So nice to see you here! :) So thrilled you're enjoying the series, of course. And as for that scene in LOTM...well, the jury's kind of out for me as to whether they're only kissing or actually doing it. LOL. Either way, it starts with a kiss, and then they begin to climb each other, and then...

    That's awesome, Gannon—thanks for kindling WIDFAD! I hope you have a wonderful time reading it. :)

    Yay, Kati! So pleased you had a wonderful time with THE RUNAWAY DUKE! I heartily endorse your binge, and hope it proves to be worth your while! ;)

  48. I haven't seen Last of the Mohicans, but I think I have to after seeing that kiss :)
    Congrats on your new release! It's look awesome.

  49. JAL said, We were crazy for 60's music (Kinks, Velvet Underground, The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, Zombies, you name it

    Great choices! I came of age to the music of the late sixties/early seventies and was a huge fan of those groups, especially The Doors. "Riders on the Storm" is still one of my all-time favorite songs.

  50. Mariee, you HAVE to see the Last of the Mohicans!! Not only is Daniel Day Lewis unbelievably hot in it, it's to-die-for romantic and the soundtrack is a killer. I forgot to mention that I listened to that rather obsessively for a while while I was might have been Beauty and the Spy. ;)

  51. Not only is Julie a superb author, (I've read several of her books more than once), but the Tao of Publishing she mentioned is something that any thinking creature should read. As Diane Keaton's character said in Sleeper about God and Dog being the same thing spelled backward, "Kinda makes ya think."

  52. Was it Since the Surrender? Good Luck with new book.

  53. Julie Ann, it is so wonderful having you with us today. I must say that I have loved your books for a long time and you have given me so many hours of enjoyment. I have not had a chance to read your latest but am looking forward to a quiet weekend so I can devour it. Thanks again for being with us today.

  54. Sorry I'm late to the party, Julie!! Today was my first day of work after staying home with my kids for 6 1/2 years. :)

    We're so glad you could be with us today! I have to admit that I've not read any of your books before...BUT, I bought WIDFAD because of all of the terrific buzz it's been getting. I cannot wait to read it!

  55. KMC, what a lovely thing to say! I have to say, the Tao of Publishing really stuck a chord when we both gave the presentation and wrote the articles, and as one person who attended my presentation in New Jersey said, "you could almost hear the collective sigh of relief in the room" after hearing what I had to say. I'm not entirely angst free, but I'm at a place where I can finally help others ease their career angst, and that's a great feeling!!

    Renald, thanks for popping in!And thanks for guessing! :) But it's not Since the Surrender—Jane guessed the right answer first thing!

    Trisha, I hope you do get a chance to read the books! :) And if you do, pop into my facebook page to let me know what you think, if you get a chance!

    Buffie, you're a doll—it's so nice to be here with you girls at the fab Romance Dish, and I'm so thrilled you've enjoyed my books for year! :) Hope you have a wonderful time reading WIDFAD this weekend. And Andrea, glad you were able to stop in—and hope you have a great time reading it, too!

  56. Julie, thanks again for the terrific interview and for being here all day to chat with our readers. You're the best!

  57. It's 8:30 p.m. here, kittens, and bedtime or close to it for a lot of you, probably, so I'll say thank you to my lovely hostesses for the invitation and to all of you for stopping in! It's been a pleasure chatting with you about What I Did for a Duke and other interesting stuff. ;) I'll leave it to one of the Dish girls to choose a random winner of the signed book and let me know who it is! Good luck! And please keep in touch:

    Facebook Friend and Fan pages:


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    or sign up for my newsletter on my website—click "Get Jal's newsletter" on any page!

    Sweet dreams, lovelies, and take care for now! xo...julie

  58. Got here too late,just want to add how much I love Julie's books

  59. Hi PJ. I agree, the jewel tone covers are absolutely gorgeous and very eye catching. I have find myself drawn to books by their covers and have found many wonderful new authors to read this way. I haven't read Julie Anne's Pennyroyal Green series as of yet, but from what I see here it sounds like a good one.

  60. I recently read one of Julie's books (Like No Other Lover) and simply adored it. Now I've got her backlist in my sights and I'm looking forward to reading her newest as well.

  61. Hello Julie, i read 'What i did for a duke' recently and thoroughly enjoyed it! And im reading 'i kissed an earl' which sure seems fun (i've just started), umm.. im actually very confused and i have a question: which book is about olivia and lyon? whats the name of the book if it has been released? or is it still to come? i'm so intrigued by their story so i hope i get to read it very soon!! thanks, really enjoyed your books.