Thursday, March 3, 2011

Review -- A Lot Like Love

A Lot Like Love
By Julie James
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Release Date: March 1, 2011

You would think that being the daughter of a billionaire computer software magnate means that Jordan Rhodes lives a perfect life. Sure, she enjoys luxuries that only the very wealthy can afford and has friends she can count on, but that doesn’t equate to an all-consuming happiness. She lost her mother in a car accident years ago, her twin brother was recently incarcerated for hacking into Twitter (and causing all sorts of chaos), and it’s difficult to date someone when you’re not sure if they’re doing it for you or your money. One thing that does make Jordan happy is being the owner of and running her wine shop, DeVine Cellars. When two FBI agents enter her store one day, she is immediately on alert. She isn’t particularly fond of the agency after the way her brother was treated during and following his arrest. The agents offer her a deal: in exchange for her help with a case they’re investigating involving a fellow wine connoisseur of hers that is laundering money, the FBI will release her brother from prison early. Since Jordan is very close to her twin, she doesn’t have to think twice about her answer.

After six months undercover resulting in a huge bust of dirty cops, FBI special agent Nick McCall is ready to take a little time off and visit his family in New York to celebrate his mother’s sixtieth birthday. When his boss calls him into his office a few days before he leaves, he knows something is up. Davis wants Nick to help a fellow agent, Huxley, with a case before he leaves. Huxley will pose as the boyfriend of billionaire heiress Jordan Rhodes at a charity wine function in order to slip away and plant bugs in the target’s office and all Nick has to do is monitor the situation from a van outside. That is, until Huxley becomes violently ill and Nick has to step in to play the part. From the moment Nick meets Jordan, it’s obvious that she doesn’t care for him, but that certainly doesn’t stop him from irritating her. . . on purpose. When something goes slightly wrong with the investigation, Nick and Jordan must continue their “relationship” in order to keep appearances. Which, of course, leads to something a lot like love . . .

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Julie James’s books ROCK! Her writing is smart and sexy; each plot is fresh and unique; and each book contains characters that are truly remarkable and stick with you long after you finish their story. Plus, most of you know how much I *love* sexual tension in my books and Ms. James has become one of my “go to” authors for that. Phew! The banter between Nick and Jordan positively sizzled.

Thick snowflakes fell around them and tangled in her hair. Her voice was low, her tone as cold as the air. “The next time you want to know something, Agent McCall, don’t bother to sweet-talk me first. Just ask.”

“I assure you, Ms. Rhodes, when I sweet-talk a woman, she knows it.” He held out his hand, being polite. “You’re not going to get far in those boots.”

She ignored his hand. “Watch me.” She turned in her heels and walked away from the car, heading through the semi-plowed, snow- and ice-covered parking lot toward the entrance of division headquarters.

So help him, she didn’t slip once.

Jordan is my kind of heroine—she’s strong and confident without being “over the top” feministic. She has a soft side, too, and isn’t reluctant to show it. Nick is absolutely delicious. His type of hero—the protective alpha male—has recently become one of my favorites. There’s something innately sexy about a rough and tough guy whose one weakness is the woman he falls for. It was pure pleasure to watch their power play.

When I met Julie James at the RWA conference in Orlando last year, she mentioned that in this book, she wrote her first love scene from the hero’s point of view. Seeing as I’m a fan of that—ahem—I couldn’t wait to read it. Wow. I’ll just put it this way, even in the dead of winter, I needed to fan myself after that love scene. So. Incredibly. Sexy.

Jack Pallas (aka Mr. Sex on a Stick) and Cameron Lynde from Something About You play key roles in this book and I was overjoyed to see them again. Now, I simply cannot wait for Jordan’s brother Kyle’s book! He left quite an impression on me. *g*

Julie James’s previous book, Something About You, was one of my Top Picks for 2010 and I have no doubt that A Lot Like Love will be on my list for 2011. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up this book. I guarantee you will love it!


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  1. I love Julie's books. Good to know that this one is a steamy read like her last release. Jack is my favorite, but I can't wait to meet Nick.

  2. Andrea

    I have heard a lot about Julie's books but as yet haven't read them this is something I must change soon

    Something About You is a finalist in the Aust Romance Reader Awards this year and I will be at the convention and at the awards dinner and am looking forward to it

    Have Fun

  3. Thanks, Andrea! I picked up my copy of A Lot Like Love yesterday. Can't wait to read it!

  4. Thanks for the great review, Andrea! I've got A LOT LIKE LOVE on my list, and I can't wait to dive in.

    Isn't that cover gorgeous?!

  5. Awesome review Andrea! I picked up my copy on Tuesday and loved the book!

    I agree with you totally about Julie's heroines. They're all women who I would totally have as girlfriends and have a glass of wine with. And I'm with you about the "over the top feministic". I'm all about girl power and the Sisterhood, but it's all about moderation. :)

    Loved loved the cameos by Cameron and Jack. And how hilarious was the scene when Jack had to get a bit cave man with Kyle because he was "getting fresh" with Cameron, lol.

    Considering how much I've loved Julie's previous books, and how similar our book tastes seem to be, not surprised you loved it as much as I do. ;)

    But am I the only who thinks Wilkins and Huxley need their own book? In the meantime, bring on Kyle's book!

  6. Fabulous review, Andrea!!! I can't wait to read this one.

  7. Great review, Andrea! I cannot wait to read this book!! And I will be able to soon with Spring Break just around the corner. :)

  8. Loved the review, Andrea! Julie James went on my auto-buy list after I read Just the Sexiest Man Alive. I've loved all her books. Like you, I included Something About You on my top books of 2010 list. A Lot Like Love is already on my TBR shelf. I can't wait to read it.

  9. Jane, if you love Jack, then you'll love Nick, too. They are both sexy hawt! *g*

  10. Oh, Helen, you really need to read Julie's books. Buffie introduced me to them with Just the Sexiest Man Alive. I highly recommend every single one of them! :)

  11. It is a gorgeous cover, Gannon. And it fits the story perfectly!

  12. Lisa, I knew you'd love it!! Yes, it's all about moderation and Julie does it so well. I love that scene, too!! I actually laughed out loud at that part and a couple others and my husband gave me a look. LOL! Count me in with those who would love to read about Wilkins and Huxley! They are terrific secondary characters. Kyle's story should be great!!

  13. Buffie, you will love it. I know you will. And I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again....thanks again for introducing me to Julie's books!

  14. Woohoo! Bring on Spring Break, Trisha! I know you'll love this book!

  15. Thanks, Janga! Julie is an incredible writer, isn't she? Some people have stated that straight contemporaries are dead and I couldn't disagree more. Especially with authors like Julie James. I hope you enjoy A Lot Like Love!

  16. I'm reading this now and completely agree with Andrea's review. Besides sparkling dialogue and great plots, Julie's books have terrific characters - whether main characters or secondary ones. In each book, the male and female leads also have supportive friends that strengthen the stories.

  17. Thanks, Penfield! Having memorable characters is so important, isn't it? Julie writes some of the best out there. :)

  18. Wow! Great post. I really can't wait to read A LOT LIKE LOVE, especially after reading your review.

  19. I do read contemporaries occasionally. I'll have to keep this book and author in mind the next time the mood strikes.

  20. Thanks, Amber! I hope you enjoy it. :)

  21. librarypat, I hope you'll give Julie's books a try the next time you're in the mood for a contemporary. They really are terrific!

  22. I don't read many contemps having way too may historicals, paranormals and UF to get to, but I never miss Julie James books. Love her heroines and the wit.

  23. That speaks volumes, Pam. I hope you enjoy A Lot Like Love!