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Kicking off this week's Bandit Invasion are Donna MacMeans, Jo Lewis-Robertson, Kate Carlisle and Joan Kayse.  They've chosen the lovely photo at the left for inspiration.  I can't wait to see what they've written.  I know I certainly find inspiring.  In a purely artistic way, of course.  (grin)   Each of the authors has written a vignette based on today's photo but they've left them short a line or two. Your mission is to finish the vignettes. Be serious, humorous, sweet or spicy...whatever direction your inspiration takes you. Just have fun!  One lucky commenter will win a prize package containing a signed copy of Seduction of a Duke by Donna MacMeans, a long-sleeved Romance Bandits tee shirt, a Romance Bandits magnet and post-it pad, a signed copy of If Books Could Kill by Kate Carlisle and Scottish shortbread.

Our first vignette today is from Donna MacMeans. This award-winning romance author has been publishing witty and seductive historicals with a late Victorian setting since 2007. She’s also a CPA, which involves books of a whole different nature. Her latest, The Seduction of a Duke, was released in April 2009. She also has a short story in The Tails of Love anthology, the author proceeds of which go an AAF animal shelter.

Vignette #1 by Donna MacMeans

Lord Pemberton rose from wispy fog. What the hell? He remembered the crack of gunshot, the scream of his horse, then….

“Not hell.” A white-haired man studied a ledger. “Though it’s a wonder why not. Blasphemy...drunkenness…gambling”—he peered over his glasses – “I won’t even begin about the women.”

“Who are you?” Pemberton demanded. “Where’s Titan?” “Your stallion is fine. You, however, are dead. Now, where to send you.”

“I’m not in hell?”

“I don’t understand it myself,” the man said. “Of course, there’s the generous dowry you provided for that orphan and the charity given to your tenants.”

“You know of that?”

“We know everything. Still you can’t stay here.” He glanced overhead and chuckled. “Yes. They could teach him a thing or two.”


“God found you a placement. You’ll be expected to service and provide for twenty very special women. It can be demanding work.”

Pemberton’s clothes disintegrated, replaced by something that barely covered his privates. Shades appeared on his nose. He started falling…falling…till warm sand pressed his back. A voice from the heavens called out…

”Watch out for the one with a riding crop…”

Riding crop?  I can't wait to find out what happens next!  It's all in your hands now.  Finish Donna's vignette with a line or two (or more) and you could be one of today's winners.

Our second vignette is from Joan Kayse, a writer of historical and paranormal romance.  Joan's historical manuscripts have been finalists in many prestigious contests, including the 2006 Golden Heart.    Her manuscript of The Patrician's Fortune took home the grand prize in NOLA's The Suzannah, a multi-sub-genre contest and placed first in the 2009 Fire & Ice contest sponsored by Chicago North.  Joanie is also known for her ongoing love affair with PJ's chocolate turtles.

Vignette #2 by Joan Kayse

Gods, he hated sand.

Dav forced his muscles to relax, maintain the pose of a relaxed vacationer on the Isle planet’s premier beach resort. But he still hated sand. Had ever since his two year incarceration on the desert asteroid of Saudu. He hated the Prima Council too. Bastards had disavowed any knowledge of their best operative and left him to rot in that stinking hole. Which begged the question, why in the hell was he working for them again?

He took a steadying breath, worked the answer out again in his head. Because he wanted to bring them down. He had skills they needed, like it or not. Skills that this particular mission required and he intended to use them and cut the Council off at the knees.

A splash from the water drew Dav’s attention. He sent out a wave of probing energy which shot back at him like a cannon. He raised up on one elbow and peered over the edge of his sun guards. A tall, lithe woman strolled out of the water.

Stark naked save for some strategically placed kelp, her skin sparkled like diamonds. Rich chestnut hair swirled in tangled curls down her shoulders while cool aquamarine eyes scanned the area coming to rest on him.

Dav pulled the sun guards off and studied her at his leisure. Curves that would not quit, long, sculpted legs—with gossamer fins trailing along her calves. She raised one finely arched brow in a look both question and challenge. Find the Mermaid Queen had been his directive.

Dav smiled.

I have the feeling this is one woman who's going to give as good as she gets.  I can't wait to find out how y'all finish this one!


Vignette #3 by Jo Lewis-Robertson

Yeah, nice hot sun, warm sand.

Bright. Ha, I can stare at it a long time through the shades though.


Rex blinks furiously and gazes down at his toes.

Oops! Tenting down below.

He sits up, shifting discreetly, and brushes the sand off his six-pack. He runs his fingers through his jelled hair and frowns.

Crap! Ruined the look.

He stares at the white glare of beach. An old man builds sand castles to his left. A bum in beachcombers pokes in the sand with a metal detector.

Hell, no action here.

Rex stands and flexes his muscles, admiring the ripple of muscle under the liquid gold tan. A movement catches his attention.

Hubba, hubba, look at that, will you?

A leggy blonde with a wide smile lingers at the edge of the water. She slips off her bikini top and tosses it over her shoulder.

Hey, this ain’t no topless beach.

Rex glances around hopefully.

Is it?

Sounds like some surprises are in store for our boy, Rex. What do you suppose happens next? It's all up to you!

Jo Robertson loves writing mystery-suspense stories with enough romance to ratchet up the stakes for her hero and heroine. A retired school teacher and the mother of seven children, she has plenty of drama in her own life to spur her imagination and add color and conflict to her stories.  You can learn more about Jo at her website.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kate is unable to be here today. We hope that she will be able to join us later in the week.

Golden Heart and Daphne du Maurier Award winning author Kate Carlisle spent over twenty years working in television production as an Associate Director for game and variety shows, including The Midnight Special, Solid Gold and The Gong Show. She also studied acting and singing, toiled in vineyards, collected books, joined a commune, sold fried chicken, modeled spring fashions and worked for a cruise ship line, but it was the year she spent in law school that finally drove her to begin writing fiction. It seemed the safest way to kill off her professors. Kate's first book, Homicide in Hardcover: A Bibliophile Mystery hit the New York Times Bestseller List. The second book in her Bibliophile Mystery series, If Books Could Kill, will be released February 2, 2010.


  1. What fun!

    We didn't read each other's vignettes until they appeared here. Love the diversity!

  2. Hi Dishy Dames! Thanks for having the Romance Bandits invade your lovely home:)

    Great work, Banditas! I'm always amazed to see the different responses writers have to a particular stimulus. I can see you all came up with something very different!

    Good luck in the draw, everyone!

  3. This is going to be a fun week

    Pemberton glanced around him and to his amazment there were 20 young Ladies in different styles of clothing and not much of it all with smiles on their faces,but from behind came a Madam wielding a riding crop with a stern look on here face. She announces herself as Aunty and that these were her girls and that he had better pleasure them well.

    So Dave had found the Mermaid Queen now what was he to do with her, mind you there was a lot of things he wanted to do with her, but he had to bring the Prima Council down. Oh this was going to be very enjoyable.

    This leggy blonde is just what I need. Rex starts walking towards her, she can feel someone looking at her and turns to meet him a very sexy man. This day could turn out very good for them if only the beach was deserted. Rex can feel her look boring into him and quickley looks for a secluded area where they can get to know each other a whole lot better.

    I am not very good at these but it was fun trying Thanks Guys. It is going to be awesome reading everyones stories.

    Have Fun

  4. OMG I can write a novel but I can't think of anything amazing to add to these clever vignettes. Must think then come back later!

  5. Pemberton found himself kneeling at the feet of a sultry, long-legged, crop weilding woman who smacked his bum while demanding that he see to her every need. "Like Hell!" he thought although he was instantly and quite visibly aroused by her dress and the whipping.

  6. This is fun, but I need some coffee before I can come up with additional lines. Love this.

  7. Good Morning, Donna! I've had so much fun reading the vignettes as they've come in. It's fascinating how four people can look at the same picture and have their minds conjure up so many different scenarios. I'm excited to see what directions our readers' minds take these stories!

  8. Hi Christine! The "Dishy Dames" are thrilled to have you all with us this week!

  9. I'm off to get my allergy shot and make a quick stop at the grocery then I'll be back to catch up!

  10. Good morning everyone -

    Joanie - thought it was cool that you put fins on the back of the mermaid queen's legs. I've always wondered how a mermaid would "do it" (grins). So is that his gun beneath that tiny black bathing suit?

    Jo - If it is a nude beach, I hope Rex appreciates the strategically placed sand castle.

    FUn lines, Helen - can't wait to read what others come up with.

  11. Cyndi - LOL - Hadn't thought about it until I read your continuation but .... I wonder if Pemberton used a riding crop on his stallion and now this is cosmic karma. (I wonder if Pemberton has certain other attributes of a stallion - evil grin)

  12. YAY!! The Bandits are in the house!!! This is going to be such a fun week, and you ladies have started it off with a bang or a boom or whatever the lingo is these day - LOL!

    I have to know who picked the picture? He is very yummy no matter which vignette he is stars in. ;-)

    Donna, I think it is wonderful to see the different stories from one single picture. It always amazes me!

    Christine, we are so happy to have all of you with us this week.

    Helen, you did a fabulous job on all of them!!!

    Kandy, LOL! Yes, you will definitely have to come back and add your lines.

    Cyndi, great job girl!

    Oh Donna, doesn't every hero in a romance book have the attributes of a horse *VBG*

  13. Good morning everyone!!!!

    Donna and Christine it is fun to see the different interpretations of one picture, isn't it?

    Helen...I think your offerings were spot on and yes, Dav needs to stay focused.....on his objective, not the fins!

  14. Kandy, do come much fun as it is to read each others vignettes are the ones the posters come up with (anybody remember a hang gliding granny from last year?)

    My word Cyndi...your first effort was great. Can't wait to see what coffee will do for ya ;-)

  15. Hi PJ (waving madly)!!

    Thank you and the Dishers for having us here this week. It's always fun to hang with some of our favorite ladies.

    And dangit....turtles. I suddenly have the next paragraph in my PJ turtles crawling out of the sand...sort of melty crawling all over Dav...

    Chocolate and caramels and nuts (pecans people!)ummmm...the Mermaid Queen's favorite!

  16. Hi Buffie!!!

    The picture was actually Donna's inspiration. That Donna....she sure is inspiring VBG

  17. So is that his gun beneath that tiny black bathing suit?

    Um, no Donna but I wouldn't discount that his "skill set" might be :-)

  18. Hey, looking at that photo leaves me speechless! Great job. I just left the Bandits blog saying that I want to go surfing on my 90th, if it's okay with you guys, I'd like your beach boy to join me!

  19. Cloaking myself in a protective layer of Lysol, I thought I could pop in to say hi to all the Dishy Dames without passing on my flu germs!

    Excellent vignettes, Banditas and yummo on the choice of pic!

    Loving the ideas you Dishettes have had so far - will try to pop back in later to cach up on some more. In the meantime, I wonder if that hunk wants to help ease my aches away!

  20. These are great! I love how different each vignette is even though they used the same picture. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

  21. Hey, my fellow Romance Bandits! This is such a great reminder of why I love you guys. Such varied imaginations & creative energies bouncing all over the place, even when we start from the same place.

    It's also a nice metaphor for us as authors, isn't it? We all started from the same place--a 2006 GH final--and look where the fates have taken us all. It's so much fun to watch the careers unfold.

    Good luck, everybody, adding to those wonderful vignettes!

  22. #2 Kelp...the key ingredient used for softening beans in cooking. That magical green stuff converted indigestible sugars and reduced flatulence...and the Mermaid Queen knew just where it floated. With her help, Dav could tell the Prima Council where to stick it and cure Saudu's little problem on his own. No more gas masks on the black market for the prisoners. No more unexplained explosions.

    The council might have wanted the kelp for their annual intergalactic ice cream social, but Dav was about to freeze them out. Seducing the Mermaid Queen would just be the cherry on his sundae.

  23. LMAO @ Maggie! That's hysterical!

    reduced flatulence. cure Saudu's little problem on his own. I love it!

  24. And scientists say the stars are made up of we know why!!!

    LOL, great job Maggie!

  25. I am going to have to do some thinking on these. If you only knew how long it took me just to come up with a Christmas poem for my Christmas letter.... *o*

  26. #3 "Hey, guido!" Mike, The Situation, crab-walked across the sand to Rex, popping his pecs so fast it almost made Rex dizzy. "You're in my shot, buddy. See the bum? Cameraman. The chick is mine.Beat it."

    Damn. Rex knew if he slunk away, people on the Jersey Shore would be kicking sand in his face for decades. And if he stood up to this bozo, he just might have a chance for fame and fortune of his own---and make his dream come true---owning a tanning parlor right on the beach. Rex popped his own pecs, feeling an inexorable surge of MTV-induced machismo. "Make me," he snarled.

  27. Anna, I hope you are feeling better soon. The flu is not a fun thing!

    LOL @ Maggie!!! So funny! Love the Guido reference!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. What a fun idea! I must say, though, it was hard to tear my eyes away from your inspiration long enough to read the vignettes.

  29. Hi, everybody! I rarely sleep in, ,but today I found myself dead as a doornail at seven in the morning.

    Great vignettes, my fellow Banditas! Love the time travel, Donna, and Joanie, great idea. I can't wait to see what that "mermaid" has in store for our hero.

  30. Oops, forgot to thank the Romance Dishers and P.J. for inviting us this week. We've been very excited about the rowdy invasion we have planned!

  31. Helen, I think those endings were great. I love Aunty Cindy's thought that he'd better pleasure her girls. Tee hee.

    Thanks for playing.

  32. Yay! The Banditas are here!

    Hilarious, Maggie! You are on a roll today! LOL! (And there goes my exclamation point quotient for the week.)

    I'm no good at off-the-cuff responses to these. I'll think and come back later.

  33. Keep going, Cyndi. I like how you keep with Pemberton's language -- "bum."

    Kandy, fortify yourself with some killer caffeine and rejoin us!

  34. P.J., I was thinking the same thing. How can writers come up with such completely different ideas. I must say my fellow Banditas went with the unusual and different. Good job, my friends.

  35. Maggie said, "That magical green stuff converted indigestible sugars and reduced flatulence..."

    OMG, Maggie, that's hilarious!

  36. Great ending to my vignette, Maggie. I used the name Rex deliberately. Reminded me of the 99-pound weakling advert. Anyone remember those?

    I like how you maintained the self-absorbed quality that underlies Rex's character.

  37. The true story of the inspirational photo - The lovely ladies of the Dish sent us some photos to select from for this venture. As we debated amongst us about which photo to use - Joanie said she wanted a photo with people in it. I sent the group this photo as a joke, but it appears it turned out to be the winner!

  38. Hi, Romance Dish! Thanks for hosting us this week.

    Monday's banditas have set the bar high. I love all of these!

  39. Jo, I remember those "Rex" ads. It's also a good name choice for an egomaniac since it's Latin for "king."

  40. Donna, I too love pictures with people in them. When I see people I always wonder what their story is. You did a great job picking this one. You should have told me you wanted a hottie ;)

  41. Karyn -- great job!!! Now I want to know what happen nexts :)

  42. Happy Monday, All! Wow! What a great way to start off our Invasion! Donna, Joanie and Jo, your vignettes are fabulous *g* (and the guy in your chosen photo isn't half-bad either ;-))

    And I'm loving all the endings you all are coming up with!

  43. Ooh-la-la, Drew. Love that the hero is rising to the occasion, so to speak, at the wiles of Titan.

  44. Ah, Buffie, in the Lair we ALWAYS want a hottie. Trouble is, we can't always get one :-D.

  45. Hello and welcome to all of our Bandita buddies!!!!! We are SO glad to have y'all here this week!!

    Wow, these vignettes are awesome! Great job, Donna, Joan, and Jo! I, too, am amazed that they are so different.

    Off to read the comments....

  46. Good job, Helen!! Very nice. ;-)

    LOL, Cyndi! I like your way of thinking!

    OMG, Maggie, that is classic!! LOL!

  47. Drew -

    Fantastic! Loved your ending. I want to hear more!

  48. Anna - I hope you feel better soon. That cloud of Lysol is not an attractive look on you. Hugs...distant hugs(grin),

  49. Sorry to hear you're sick, Anna. It's going around! Feel better soon!

    Oh, Maggie, you are spot on today!!

    Can't wait to hear what you come up with, Janga! <--(couldn't resist another exclamation point. LOL)

  50. Well done, Drew! Like Donna, I want to read more! ;-)

  51. BUffie - That's right! If I remember correctly you have quite a collection of hotties.

    I don't think we knew we wanted a hottie until one popped up (grin). Seriously, it was a joke. I loved the photos you guys sent. I was leaning toward the stairs myself.

  52. Maggie - Did I mention that I loved your inspirational and educational use of kelp? Too much fun on the flatulence.

  53. How fun. ^^

    1) Pemberton barely hear the word "riding crop" when he was suddenly faced with 20 of the oddest women he's ever laid his eyes on. They were dressed in an odd assortment of clothes. Nothing like he's ever seen before. The one closest to him dressed up as some kind leather contraction spoke. "Welcome Lord Pemberton to our abode. It was granted that you're not evil enough for hell, yet not pure enough for heaven. Therefore, we are your purgatory. We twenty women are all different time periods. The only thing we share in common are that we are unwanted virgins. Many of us were called blue stockings, dorks, nerds, and weirdos. Your job is to satisfy our unmet needs that were never satisfied when we lived.I'll first introduced you to Jordan. She's the one over there with the riding crop and body armor. She wants it rough and wants to speak to you in Klingon when you make love. Are you ready"....

    2)She spoke "Welcome brave soul to Pacifica. I take it you are here for the challenge". "Challenge?" questioned Dav. "Yes, the challenge for my hand in marriage. The challenge entitles feats of courage. You will face off against the best warriors in the kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms. You will face great difficulties and pain, but if you succeed you have me. So what say you brave soul" "Shit" was all Dav could say.

    3) Rex looks around and sees no-one. {Oh good. Time to make my move}. Rex starts to make it down to the topless beauty. She turns around and flips her long hair and gives a seductive glare {Yes! Score}. Rex get's down to her and says "Hi my name is Rex and your's must be Aphrodite". "My name is Julia" and with that another woman comes up suddenly from behind Rex. "Thanks for keeping my girl company while i was making my way down the beach" she says to Rex and the two woman embrace. {Dame. my Luck. Course the only hot woman on this beach is a lesbian} thinks Rex as he watches the two woman start to frolic in the waves.

  54. Jedi, great job! I especially like the 20 virgins! lol!

  55. Great job, Drew! Love the "hold his nose and plunge in."

  56. Wow, this was so call! I loved, loved, loved the vignettes! Interesting that you all went for a slightly supernatural theme. Hmm, and he's really SUPER NATURAL, isn't he? Looking forward to reading the entries now.

    Hey, Dishies, thanks for having the Bandits to play! This was always such fun at RNTV and now the tradition continues! Yeeha!

  57. Donna, one of the really fun things about this is that the vignettes are all secret. Only PJ read all of them and she wasn't telling, no matter how I tortured her with a tickly feather duster!

    Helen, I think you should get the Golden Tanned Man for being our first entrant! Great entries, by the way! I particularly like your take on Lord Pemberton!

  58. Hey Everyone!

    What a FUN way to start the Bandit Invasion! (Aunty snaps her crop with glee.)

    HUGE thanx to the Dishes for inviting us this week! As Nancy said, our Monday gals have set quite a high bar for the rest of us to follow. With some of the follow ups I've already seen (flatulence? rising to the occasion?) I think everyone is more than up for the task!

    who is off to practice her crop flicking on Permberton...

  59. Cyndi, that was pretty hawt!

    JT, if you've got any spare turtles, please, sir, can I have some more?

    Susan, love your metaphor!

  60. Maggie, do you think the Mermaid Queen still has her cherry? Snork! Love your take on the vignettes!

    Susan, aren't they a clever trio? Wish Kate could have come to play but it just wasn't possible, sadly.

  61. Ah, good morning everyone...reaching for my own black shades...Egads, who let the sun out?

    Lovely man, er picture, er vingettes, ladies! I'm thinking the Dish readers are going to have some fun finishing these!! Can't wait to see what they come up with...(all puns intended!)

  62. OMG, DREW!!!!! Your answer is brilliant! I think we might have a bit of horsing around going on very soon! Fantastic!

    Jedisakora, what great takes on the vignettes. Oh, poor Rex doesn't seem to be doing too well in picking up the chicks, does he?

  63. #1 Pemberton looked down in shock at his inexpressibles, or what there was of them. And at his bare, somewhat hairy feet. Where were his Hoby boots? He'd paid a fortune for them, and his inestimable valet Vickery polished them nightly with champagne.

    Speaking of which, he had a devilish thirst, finding himself in this arid desert with no sight of any of these twenty maidens on the horizon. Well, if he had his way---and he always did---it would not be he servicing and providing for them, but altogether the other way around. That white-haired fellow obviously did not know he was dealing with St. John St. Michael St. Francis Xavier Saint, Marquess of Pemberton and Master of Sin.

    (I could not leave out Donna's!)

  64. Drew, loved your plunge pool version too!

  65. Maggie, loved your Regency detail. Fantastic. Especially loved the long list of names!

  66. These are so good I have to go to work today but I will be stopping in when I get home to finish reading everyones.
    Love them

    Have Fun

  67. OMG, Maggie!! Kelp to control the Universe's flatulence problem? hehehehehe!! I like the way you think!

  68. Dav shrugged. He would just hold his nose...and plunge in.

    ROFLMAO.....Karyn this is BRILLIANT!!!!

  69. St. John St. Michael St. Francis Xavier Saint

    Holy Rake, Batman!!!

    Great job Maggie!

  70. I dunno Karyn...proactively works for the "modern woman".....

  71. Drew, I rather like the idea of Captain Sin! Can I steal it? Pretty please with sugar on top!

  72. Maggie - Loved all the saints in Pemberton's name. No wonder he wasn't sent to hell (grin)!

    Drew - These are hilarious!

    So if Pemberton is Master of Sin, and Rex is Captain of Sin...what shall we name Dav?

  73. Rocket Jockey of Sin?

  74. Anna, Run with it, as you had a hand in it,

    Not...going...there...Want to, but not going there :-)

    Dav~ hmmm. Lord Sin of the Seaweed?

    Hmmm...better than Charlie Tuna or the Earl of Farthling...

  75. What a fun way to kick off Invasion week. Like Donna said, each vignette is so different -- but equally fun.

  76. Drew, clearly it was meant to be. And JT, you've been hanging out with the gladiators a bit too much lately, young lady!

  77. Oh, by the way, Drew, thanks for picking COS!

  78. Hi Dishies! Thanks for hosting an Invasion of Romance Bandits! Ladies, that is one FINE piece of...inspiration. Grins.

    OMGosh, I'm LMAO about these vignettes and the continuations. Maggi, SNORK!!! Love it!! JediSakora and Drew...FAB!!!

    Jo, SEVEN is sleeping in? OMGosh, we gotta get you to relax, girl. Sleeping in is at least nine a.m. darlin'! Grins.

    Like everyone else, I'm always so amazed and delighted and humbled by the sheer creativity in the Bandit Lair. One photo, four worlds. Outstanding, ladies!

  79. Only PJ read all of them and she wasn't telling, no matter how I tortured her with a tickly feather duster!

    Anna, your mistake was in who was wielding that tickly feather duster. Had it been one of Buffie's Hotties I'd have given up the secrets of the vignettes in record time!

  80. I'll remember for next time, PJ. Bwahahahahahahaha!

  81. Drew, love Captain Sin...and LOL at "hoist the colors!"

    Maggie, love all those names!

  82. Not...going...there...Want to, but not going there :-)

    Oh, go ahead, Joanie. It's the perfect setup! *vbg*

  83. Donna, a collection does not begin to describe all the hotties I have hidden around.

    Great job, jedi!!! I was hoping you would stop by and put your 2 cents in.

    Anna, I suggest the next time you want to get something out of PJ using feathers, you really need to have a hottie welding those feathers. She responds so much better to hotties!!! :P

  84. Buffie, I have a nefarious plan involving a hottie for next time. Hmm, perhaps I should ask him to come in early so we can discuss strategy...

  85. Sorry I'm so late checking in for Day 1 of the Bandit Invasion. I love the vignettes, ladies and everyone's efforts to finish them! Fun, fun, fun!!

  86. Cyndi, lol re: the crop! Does Mike know about it? *snort*

    Maggie, you are on a roll! LOL

  87. LOL - Love Lord Sin of the Seaweed, but as she is the Queen of the ocean, and Dav is to be her love slave - wouldn't he be a Captive of Sin? (Who knew The Romance Dish could be such a great source of titles?)

  88. Dav is to be her love slave - wouldn't he be a Captive of Sin?

    Love slave, is it? That would be news to Dav. You see...he's and EXPERT fisherman and he's got his bait all ready to catch him some mermaid....

    Charm, people!!!

  89. Thanks ^^ PJ, Anna, & Jeanne! I'm glad you like them.

  90. Ooh, Dav can't be the Captive of Sin! That's Gid!

  91. WOOT!!! What an incredible kick-off to the week. I love the vignettes.. and that picture's not too shabby either!

  92. Super job, everyone! These are great!

  93. Jedisakora, thanks for your story endings. Pemberton's story is cool. I love that his purgatory punishment is satisfying the virgins' unmet needs.

  94. Drew said, "Dav shrugged. He would just hold his nose...and plunge in."

    OMG, this is LOL hilarious!

    Drew said, "Tenting, hell, he was a raging flagpole now. Hoist the colors!"

    Oh my, this is a super way to tie the stories together. Well done, Drew!

  95. Well - in MY ending to Joanie's story Dav IS a love slave. The Mermaid Queen ties him up in kelp and seduces him until he can't resist. After all, every good fish knows how to steal the bait yet avoid the hook!

  96. Thanks to everyone who joined us today! It was great fun and can't WAIT till tomorrow's wave of invaders come in!

  97. Just wanted to second Joan's sentiments. It's been great fun. Can't wait to see tomorrow's posts...and the day after that...and the day after that ... I sense a pattern here.

    Thanks everyone for playing along today!

  98. Okay, I maybe late, but here goes:

    #1. “Well, what do we have here?” The question came from somewhere above him, the sound of the riding crop hitting again a leg. He gulped. Never had he found himself in such a situation.

    “Oh, Tara, can we keep him?” Excitement laced the softly spoken words.

    “If we do, I get first dibs on him.” Dry humour, he liked that. Why the hell couldn’t he see them?

    “You had the last one first.” argued another, “it’s my turn, Tara said so last week.”
    Sand pushed against his side, hands moved over his near naked body. Good lord, if he didn’t think of something other than these girls having their way with him, he’d embarrass himself. An image of his great-aunt Ester flashed into him head. Yep, that will do it.

    “He’s not very responsive, is he?” yet another said.

    “Stand up,” ordered the first. The tap of the riding crop on his should, told him she meant business. He stood ready to defend himself..

    With the sun now behind him he could see the women for the first time. He blinked sure that he was mistaken. Twenty identical pair sapphire blue of eyes looked back at him, a scantily clad Lady Chastity stood before him. Not even great-aunt Ester could save him now.

    #2. “I see you have finally come in search of me?” Her question threw him off guard for a moment. Who had told her of his mission?
    Her throaty laugh sent a red-hot shot of desire to his groin. Shit, now I’m in trouble.

    #3. He walks towards the vision of every mans dreams and picks up the discarded top.

    “I do believe you dropped this?” He smiles showing off his new pearly whites, he’d have her back in his bed in no time.

    “Hey, you,” a shout comes from behind him. “You over grown moron, you’re in our shot.”
    Laughter played in his beauties eyes.

    “I think you had better move before Ross comes down here and knocks you on your ass.”

    “I can take care of old Ross.”
    He turned to follow the direction of her stare. Shit, now I’m in for it.

    An over muscled six foot five ball of fury ran down from the grassed area toward him.

  99. Ack, I'm late for the party! And what a party it has been so far. I'll be at the DDJ tomorrow, but will be popping in as I can. You Dishies are all so clever! I hope the creative sparks fly all week!!

  100. Many thanks to Donna, Joanie and Jo for today's terrific vignettes and to everyone who stopped by to join in the fun.

    Come back tomorrow for a new picture, four new vignettes and more terrific prizes. After reading all the wonderfully creative finishes to today's vignettes, I can hardly wait to see what y'all come up with tomorrow!

  101. Great job, Sandie! Hope you'll come back and play again tomorrow!

  102. Sandie, Great Aunt Ester? Oh, how hilarious!!!! What great entries! Good luck!