Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review - Seduced By A Rogue

Seduced By A Rogue
By Amanda Scott
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Release Date: January 4, 2010

Robert Maxwell has been sent by his older brother Alex, the Sheriff of Dumfries, to collect taxes for the Crown from Lord Dunwythie. Dunwythie refuses because as the steward of Annendale, he has always paid his taxes directly to the Crown and he'll be damned if he changes that. He knows that the Sheriff is only trying to extend his power in the region. Rob leaves Dunwythie with no taxes in hand and he knows that his brother will be less than pleased. The only good thing that happened at Dunwythie was Rob's introduction to Mairi Dunwythie, the beautiful, flaxen-haired daughter and heiress apparent to the Dunwythie estate. Their attraction is instant and intense, but practically forbidden given the situation at hand.

Lady Mairi will inherit her father's estate if her stepmother doesn't produce a son. Her father has taught her the ins and outs of managing the estate in the event he never has a son. Mairi is loyal to her clan, so when Robert Maxwell comes to collect taxes in his brother's name, she stands with her father in defiance of the Sheriff's order. Nonetheless, she is captivated by Rob's blazing blue eyes, dark hair and powerful build. But she knows that no matter how attractive she finds him, it will all come to naught. A relationship between them would be tantamount to treason in her father's eyes.

After being berated by his brother for not returning with Dunwythie's taxes, Rob concocts a plan to kidnap Mairi, thereby forcing her father's hand. Taking Mairi to his home, Trailinghail, Rob confines her to a spacious chamber in the tower, keeping her real identity a secret from everyone, lest he start a clan war. Rather than being treated like a prisoner, Rob treats Mairi more as a guest, providing her with every luxury. Surprised by his kindness, Mairi is even more surprised at how readily she shares her thoughts and feelings with Rob, and he feels equally comfortable with her. Their friendship soon blossoms into passion, but as they share their bodies, they guard their hearts, certain that they can never be together.

He did not deserve her, and he could not have her. He was not even sure that he loved her, because he did not know how a man knew love when it came. But he did know that he wanted her in his life more than he had ever wanted anything else.

Amanda Scott brings medieval Scotland to life, giving her readers a glimpse into this tumultuous, colorful time when practically any infraction could begin a clan war. Rob and Mairi are each trying to find themselves and who they are apart from who their families want them to be. Watching them learn to trust and love each other had me cheering them on. Because their clans are practically enemies to begin with, it makes--in their minds--their relationship virtually impossible. Happily, for them, love conquers all.

"Fear nowt of such matters, sweetheart. Having won you, I am yours now and for all time....and by the Rood, you are mine."

Add some intriguing secondary characters and a feisty, amusing little kitten and you have a winning story. Seduced By A Rogue is the second book in Ms. Scott's trilogy. I also read and thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Tamed By A Laird. Each book can stand alone, but if you're like me, you'll enjoy reading them both. Stay tuned for the final book in the trilogy, Tempted By A Warrior later this year.

Take a little trip to medieval Scotland and let yourself be Seduced By A Rogue.



  1. Gannon, you know how I love my medieval stories, especially those set in Scotland. This looks like another winner. I thank you for the great review. My wallet, not so much. ;-)

  2. PJ, I hear you on the wallet! LOL Amanda Scott writes a great Scottish medieval.

  3. Oh, Gannon, you know how much I love these kind of stories!!!! And man oh man, that cover model's eyes are yummO!!!

    I have always enjoyed Amanda's writing and it looks like this one is will be no exception.

  4. Aren't his eyes gorgeous, Buffie?! They just pull you right in.

    I immediately thought of you and PJ when I was reading this one, knowing your love of medievals. :)

  5. Gannon

    Great review I have added both books to my must have list I love stories set in Scotland and I love medieval stories so these books are winners in my eyes.
    Have Fun

  6. LOL @ Buffie! Nothing wrong with that. :)

  7. Helen, I hope you'll enjoy the books. Looks like we have another lover of medieval Scotland on our team. LOL

  8. OOH, Gannon. This looks like a really good book! Seems as if there haven't been too many medievals in my TBR pile lately, so definitely will check this one out!

  9. Deb, this is a great medieval to add to your TBR stack! Is your TBR pile as massive as the rest of ours? *g*

  10. Gannon,
    I will be looking into this series as well. It sounds verra interesting! How come since I began blogging here my TBR pile and wish list just keep growing and growing?! LOL.
    Also love the eyes on the cover model. Amazing.

  11. Cyndi, now you've discovered our scheme of making everyone's TBR piles grow and ours! LOL