Friday, January 15, 2010

Hot Dish for January

As Andrea, Gannon and PJ can attest, I am an easy target. Yes, I am one of those women who falls easily for the hero in any story, whether in a book or on a screen. I quickly find myself in the world of my hero, immersed in his story, and intrigued by his being. Once again this has happened to me, but this time I find myself falling for two men. Yes, TWO men at the same time and it is all because my husband introduced me to them.

I'm talking about the characters of "G" Callen (played by the adorable Chris O'Donnell) and Sam Hanna (played by the rock hard LL Cool J) from the television show NCIS Los Angeles. For those of you who don't watch this fabulous show (and you really should!) let me introduce you to these guys.

First, both guys are special agents for NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). They work for the Los Angeles branch of NCIS. Needless to say they are both physical fit (have you seen the guns on Sam? Oh hello!) and they know exactly when to pull their guns ;-) Oh yes, sex appeal plays a part on this show and I'm happy it does.

I think I fell first for Sam Hanna (LL Cool J's character). Sam is a team player. He has a quick wit and an even quicker smile. And dimples always seem to make me melt just a little bit more. Not only does Sam have huge arms (hubba hubba), but he also has a huge heart and he is not afraid to show a bit of it. While Sam does leave a few things from his past a secret, there is not enough missing pieces to drive me to distraction. I only need to look at him (and his arms and dimples) to get distracted.

As for "G" Callen (Chris O'Donnell's character), it took me just a minute or two longer to fall for him. But I have to confess that I was head over heels for both these guys by the end of the first show. G is a man full of mystery and intrigue. He doesn't have a family, doesn't remember ever having one and the rumor around NCIS is he doesn't even know what his first name. Thus the letter G. To me he is the classic tortured hero. He needs a woman to calm his soul, to show him unconditional love, and to be he all in all. And that is what pulls at my heart and my soul.

So tell me ladies, have you jumped on the NCIS Los Angeles band wagon? If not, what could possibly be stopping you? If so, tell me if you have fallen for Sam or G or both :-)

~ Buffie


  1. HI.
    I am not on the NCIS LA bandwagon. I watched the first show and just didn't feel any chemistry between the characters---maybe I should give it another try?! I do LOVE the orginal. Mark Harmon does something for me; he always has. Maybe I just like older men. Hehehe! That said I do agree with you about Sam's physique, it is drool worthy.

  2. Yes, Cyndi, do give it another try. I think you will see a difference from the first show. I have grown to enjoy every single character and Hettie is just something else. She tickles me. I too LOVE the original. Mark is a cutie pie, and I love Tony. He is so funny. The dh and I love watching the series and have started collecting the seasons on DVD.

  3. I haven't seen NCIS LA but maybe I should give it a try. I do like LL Cool J. :)

    Like Cyndi, I adore Mark Harmon. I've had a mad crush on the man since his college football days. :)

  4. Good choiceS this month, Buffie! ;-) I don't watch the show regularly, but have watched a couple of episodes and thought they make a great team. Dennis and I are long time LL fans and I have always thought that Chris is such a cutie pie.

  5. I haven't watched NCIS LA, Buffie. Could be due to the fact that my hubby, who was a naval intelligence officer, thinks it's stupid to have a show called NCIS LA when there's no office there! LOL

    I must say that LL Cool J has a smokin' physique and Chris O'Donnell is adorable.

    PJ and Cyndi, I've always liked Mark Harmon, too!

  6. Never have been an NCIS just never did anything for me. Now they guy playing Don Epps on Numbers...oh yeah..I'm totally there, babe. Even better is Leverage. The hunky dude with the unusual long hair (don't see that often these days) has totally captured my heart. An awesome hero!!

  7. Funny, I was just on Romance Bandits talking about NCIS. I haven't seen the LA version but I may have to catch it now.

    I love the regular version because it takes place in the DC area and down to Norfolk. Since I live in the DC area and used to live in the Virginia Beach area, I enjoy watching it. Plus I love the plot twists in that show. The writers are great.

    Of course, you were talking about the hotness, Buffie. So I'll check out the LA version soon.

  8. Hi, Buffie. My husband (Navy vet) and I watch NCIS and I got hooked on it late last winter. My husband sometimes watches NCIS LA, but not often.
    We also both really liked JAG and wish it was still on...

  9. I love NCIS and we have had a couple of episodes of the new NCIS Los Angeles but that is all so far I really hope they show more of them because I loved the ones I saw.
    Thanks for the pics Buffie you have made my day

    Have Fun

  10. PJ, I like Mark Harmon too and I really love his character on NCIS.

    Andrea, Chris is definitely a cutie pie in my book.

    Gannon, tell that hubby of yours that is the wonderful thing about tv -- it doesn't have to be correct! LOL!

    Monica, sorry NCIS doesn't do it for you. I haven't watched Numbers yet. I think it conflicts with one of my other shows.

    Christie, yes it *IS* all about the hotness ;-)

    Deb, too funny that you started watching it late last year because that is around the time the hubby got me watching it and I'm so glad he did.

    Oh Helen, I am so happy that you are able to catch some of the shows. Isn't it great?!

  11. You know, I keep hearing about this show. I think (based on your description of the heroes if nothing else) I'm going to have to break down & check it out.

    And it has nothing to do with my nursing a crush on Chris O'Donnell since his days as George Clooney's side kick in Batman and Robin. No, certainly not. Who would confess to such a thing? Not me.


  12. We have been NCIS fans for years. When the new show started this year, we were very happy with it. It is so different from the original, but still a part of the whole. My DH and I try not to miss any of the shows. Your comments about "G" needing a good women came close to this week's program. He felt a connection to someone and thought of her for years. Unfortunately, the feeling weren't returned.

  13. Buffie,
    I LOVE your pick for Hot Dish for this month! I am a huge NCIS fan, and really enjoying this spin-off. I loved Chris O'Donnell in Circle of Friends, and his stint as Dr. Finn Dandridge (aka McVet) on Grey's Anatomy, so he won me over right away. :) I do like that his past is such a mystery, and how he is so able adapt and assume his undercover identities so easily. He is tortured, no doubt about it. And no doubt he's easy on the eyes. ;)

    One of my favorite parts of NCIS: LA is the dynamics between G and Sam. Total bromance going on, lol. Seriously, I swear they bicker like a married couple somethings.
    I do like the Mark Harmon as well-something about the blue eyes, I think. lol.

    On the original, I love synergy Gibbs, Ziva, Tony, McGee, Abby, Ducky, and even Palmer. You can really tell they have bonded together as a family, in a way. I don't think we're to that point in LA, but it could get there.

    I like Linda Hunt as Hetty, who sees, hears, and knows everything. And am I the only one who wants to see further developments between Nate and the coroner?

  14. Susan, yes you check out this show. It is really good!

    LibraryPat, I know. Wasn't that a really good episode. It was nice to see some emotion from G.

    L, oh yes there is definitely a budding relationship there. And the coroner is a quirky gal, which I love!

  15. I love NCIS LA!!! It has fast become my fave NCIS (I loathe DiNozzio!!). Hettie is awesome, so funny and dry. Love it! And you can't go wrong with LL Cool J AND Chris O'Donnell!