Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hot Dish for May

Hello, ladies!!! This month's Hot Dish is sizzlin' hawt, if I do say so myself. There's not a lot of words this month, but the view sure makes up for that ;-0

This month I am tipping my hat in appreciate to those hunky Southern gentleman. We sure know how to grow them down here in the South (as you will see in just a moment)!

Without further ado, I am pleased to present Rusty Joiner as May's Hot Dish. Rusty is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles pursuing his career as a model/actor. But enough of the chatting, let's get down to business. Here's the superb visual for this month :-)

Well, ladies, what do you think of darling Rusty? Does he conjure up thoughts of a Southern gentleman or a Southern bad boy? Or maybe a little bit of both? I know I'm having all kinds of thoughts!!

~ Buffie


  1. Hellooooo, Rusty. He looks like a Southern bad boy to me. But then, you know how I love the bad boys, Buffie. LOL Great choice!

  2. As a Southern girl, I LOVE those Southern boys! I agree with Andrea, Rusty looks like a bad boy to me. Oh yeah!!

    Excellent choice, Buffie!! :-)

  3. Thanks, ladies!!! I too think Rusty is a bad boy, but you know he has to have a little bit of a gentleman in him as all Southern mommas raise their boys that way ;-)

  4. Now that's a lovely sight to wake up to! Thanks, Buffie!

  5. Yes, PJ, wouldn't that be a great site -- to turn over in bed and have those . . . eyes, ahem, yes eyes . . . right in front of your face?! ;-)