Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review -- Still The One

Still The One
By Robin Wells
Publisher: Grand Central
Release Date: May 1, 2010

"The kiss was slow and tender, but the effect on Katie was like a bolt of lightning -- instantaneous, jolting, electric. It was as if someone had put a defibrillator on her heart, shocking it back to life, and all of sudden her blood was pumping furiously through her veins and feelings, long lost, were flooding her body."

Two years after the death of her husband in Iraq, Katie Charmaine is slowly getting her life back. She still thinks about Paul all the time, wishing they had children together, but the routine of life is becoming somewhat normal again. Living in the small Louisiana town of Chartreuse, Katie owns and operates the Curl Up ‘N Dye beauty salon, where all the ladies come to gossip about everyone in the town. While Katie enjoys listening to the women of the town talk about everyone else’s business, she does not want them to focus on her too much. Katie still holds a secret close to her chest. But that secret is revealed when Zach Ferguson strolls into the beauty shop one fateful day.

Making his fortune as a professional poker player and now owning a risk management business, Zack Ferguson never thought he would see the small town of Chartreuse, Louisiana, again. Big cities are more his style now. Though Zack has fond memories of the one summer he spent in Chartreuse, his favorite memories of the small town involve the teenage girl he fell in love with and the one night of love they shared. But now is not the time to walk down memory lane. No, now is the time to introduce Katie to their teenage daughter Gracie. The daughter Zack did not know anything about until a couple weeks earlier when the young, angry-at-the-whole-world girl confronted him.

Shocked to see Zack Ferguson in town again, Katie is flabbergasted when he introduces her to the child she gave up for adoption sixteen years ago -- a secret Katie has kept from everyone. How can she possibility explain the situation to Zack, the boy who stole her heart one summer and whom she has thought of numerous times throughout the years, even while she was married to her husband?

This is the first book by Robin Wells I have read, but it will not be the last. I was charmed from the very beginning by the small southern town of Chartreuse, which is full of colorful characters that remind me of my own grandparents’ small community. Usually, when I read a book for review, I place small post-it notes on the pages with significant passages and dialogues which immediately garner an emotional reaction from me. Within the first 10 pages, I had already used 4 post-it notes – which means I connected with Ms. Wells’ writing immediately.

The pendulum of emotions in this book swings the full gamete and Katie experiences most of them – sadness over the loss of the husband she dearly loves, confusion over the feelings she still has for Zack even though she loves her husband, joy at seeing the child she gave birth to, fear that she will not have a relationship with Gracie or Zack, worry she will hurt her husband’s parents with the news of her child and her feelings for Zack, and of course the greatest emotion -- love. You name it; you got it in this book!

This is a poignant book about family, healing the past and looking forward to a future of love. If you are looking for a great read that will place a tear in your eye, a smile on your face, and love in your heart, then I suggest you pick up Still the One!

~ Buffie


  1. This take several common plot lines, combines them, and gives them a twist. It sounds like a tory I will enjoy. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. Great review, Buffie. I'm a fan of Robin Wells and always enjoy her books. This sounds like another terrific story. I'll be buying it!

  3. So many plots to the story, but some are so real in life. Sounds like you can have a great cry over this one.

  4. Librarypat - yes, there are several plots going on in this book, but LOVE is the main theme. It is a wonderful book.

    Thanks, PJ! As I said in my review, I will be reading Robin Wells from now on. She is such a wonderful writer and this book was fabulous. I really enjoyed it.

    Mary Ann, I think this is one that you would really enjoy!

  5. Oh, this sounds like a lovely story! I'll definitely be buying it and indulging in a good, long cry. ;-)

    Great review, Buffie!

  6. Gannon, it is a wonderful book. I loved the dynamics of all the relationships in the book.

  7. Great review Buffie! The story sounds right up my alley. I've only discovered Robin Wells recently. I'll definitely be putting this book at the top of my list. Ms. Wells wrote another book set in Chartreuse, Between the Sheets. I wonder if the hero and heroine of that book will make a cameo! Katie was actually in Between the Sheets, and I loved her, and was hoping she'd get her story and here it is. Can't wait!

  8. Thanks, L! There is a mention of the heroine from BETWEEN THE SHEETS, but no cameo. I am now hunting down a copy of BETWEEN THE SHEETS because I enjoyed this one so much.

  9. Buffie, check out Robin's How to Score (June 2009). Andrea and I both reviewed it last year and loved it!

  10. Wow, Buffie, this one sounds like an emotional rollercoaster. If you liked it then I'm sure I will, too. Wonderful review!

  11. PJ said: Buffie, check out Robin's How to Score (June 2009). Andrea and I both reviewed it last year and loved it!

    I totally agree with PJ. How to Score was great and had the perfect ending!

  12. Thanks, Andrea! It is a rolling coaster, but it is SO worth the ride!

    Thanks PJ and Andrea for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check it out!!