Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hot Dish for September

Meet a man who is passionate about his job.

My I introduce you to Rafael Nadal, professional tennis player.

This 6 foot 1 inch Spaniard is all about winning. This year alone he has won three Grand Slam events (Wimbledon, Roland Garros, and just this week, the U.S. Open). Way to go, Rafa! Have you seen this guy move on the court? Oh man, it is a sight to see!

And I have a feeling his passions are strong in other areas too ;-)

This month's Hot Dish is dedicated to one of the biggest tennis fans I know and a woman who finds passion in every day living -- friend to The Romance Dish, author Jacquie D'Alessandro! Thanks for the inspiration, Jacquie!

So tell me readers, what's your passion?

One lucky commenter will win a prize pack from my RWA stash.

~ Buffie


  1. Besides looking at a "hot dish," my passions are books, I just can't get enough of them.

  2. I love Rafa and was happy to see him finally win the U.S. Open. I'm passionate about shopping, but that's not necessarily a good thing. Right now I'm also quite passionate about Henry Cavill because I've been catching up on "The Tudors."

  3. Good Morning, Barbara! I'm passionate about the Hot Dish too!! LOL!

    I think anyone who stops by this site knows the four of us are passionate about books.

  4. Hey Jane! So you are a Rafa fan too? That's a good thing!! I haven't seen too many episodes of The Tudors, but what I have seen I have really enjoyed. I love looking at all the costumes! And the eye candy isn't bad either ;-)

  5. Badminton is my (non-book) passion.
    I play 4-5 nights a week from Sept through Apr, but because schools close in June, I only play 2 nights a week from May through Aug. The summer play is in an airport gym that is converted from a hangar. There's no air conditioning, so we play in 100F temps all the time (yet I don't lose a pound, go figure)!
    I have been involved for over 20 years, mostly as secretary, on various badminton executives and committees throughout the years too.

  6. Oh, Buffie, Rafa is a TERRIFIC choice for this month's Hot Dish! Seriously. I thoroughly enjoy watching him play and also enjoyed the many pictures Jacquie posted at Facebook. This is the cherry on top! Thank you!! :D

  7. I have two passions: my child(ren) - not sure if the ones in utero count as children yet since they're not independent of me, and my writing/reading. I cannot get over the sight/smell/feel of a fresh book, just from the book store. Er, yeah, I think I just had a moment.

    Anyway, books. Without a doubt, if I don't count my children, it's books in any shape or form (even e-books).

  8. My passion is books. I love reading a good story that allows me to escape, and takes me to another place and time.

    I am also passionate about learning, and I love reading anything and everything I can get my hands on-magazines, newspapers, books, as well as watching tv, movies, etc. It's amazing what you can pick up, and how useful it can be. For instance, I watched an episode of the new show Rizzoli and Isles on TNT, and I learned about the Brahmins-the first families of Boston. Last week at work, we were talking about someone going to school in Boston, and I was able to work in what I learned. See? It comes in handy to watch TV. You never know what you will learn ;)

    As always, great job on this month's Hot Dish. ;)

  9. Even though the final was very good, I was still hoping for a Rafa-Roger final. They have such great matches. Oh well. When not watching a tennis match, I like reading a great book.

  10. Gosh, I’ve suddenly developed this Passionate Urge to learn more about tennis ! LOL

  11. My passion are reading historical books.I also enjoy cooking.

  12. My grandkids are my passion, besides reading, of course!

  13. Just what I needed today--hot, heroic inspiration. Thanks, Buffie! :)

    I'm passionate about reading and writing, certainly my own but also the importance of these activities to the human experience.

  14. Books, gardening, my family, baking all on my list.

  15. Books are my passion. With about 985 books on my TBR shelves, I'd probably have to say I'm addicted to books! LOL

  16. My passion is definitely reading. I haven't read much recently with classes consuming my life, but when I get the chance I will! :) I also have a passion for the many TV shows I am addicted to. House, NCIS, Glee, SVU.... ;)

  17. Hi Laney4! Wow, badminton? I haven't played that in such a long time. Bet you really get a work out from that!

    Thanks, Andrea! I think Rafa is pretty great choice too ;-)

    Hi Tory! Thanks for stopping by. I think we would all say our families or children, so that doesn't count here ;-) But books sure do!!

    Hi there learning Lisa! If my husband could, he would be a career student. He loves it! Our family is one who is always watching the learning channels on tv -- History, Discovery, Animal Planet, etc.

    So you are big tennis fan, Penfield? I have to be honest and say I didn't see too many of the matches for the US Open, but I did catch Rafa a few times.

    LOL @ JulieJustJulie!! Me too! I think it would be great for Rafa to provide some one on one training ;-)

    Hey Peggy! In addition to our love of books here at The Romance Dish, several of us love to cook and bake.

    Thanks for stopping by LSUReader. I think my mother & mother-in-law would agree with you on the grandkids!!

    Janga, I'm always at your service when you need hot & heroic!! :-)

    Hi Maureen! I wish I could say gardening was my passion, but unfortunately I have NO green fingers!!

    OMG, KarenH! I think you need to start reading those books!! :-)

    Hey Trisha! Hopefully you will get some time soon to read. I am really looking forward to the fall schedule on tv -- so many great shows!

    Oh Karyn, did you have to say baseball? Really? LOL! I'm in a house with 3 guys who love baseball and football. Our house always pulls for the Braves and lately the hubby has been pretty upset with the standings!

  18. Oh, Rafa Nadal... *sigh* even though I like Roger Federer (whose nickname in Beijing was "Milk Cow").

    I don't know if I have a passion; I do rotate my hobbies though. I suppose right now, my passion is reading romances and YA books.