Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review -- Cross Your Heart

Cross Your Heart
Book #7, The Broken Heart Series
By Michele Bardsley
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Release Date: September 7, 2010

After the death of my husband---and my dreams of motherhood---I returned to the family estate in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. Little did I know I would literally give up my life as Elizabeth Bretton, the Silverstone heiress. The whole undead situation calls for a drink---blood martini, straight up, please.

Escaping the past isn't that easy---especially when someone else's past is out to get me. Now I have a vengeful ghost trying to kill me, a 150-year-old mystery to solve, and an outrageous were-jaguar named Tezozomac "Tez" Abraham Elvis Jones trying to get into my boudoir. Tez is a homicide detective who is vulgar, egotistical, presumptuous, and ridiculously hot. Meow, indeed.

While Elizabeth never dreamed of being turned into a vampire, she has settled into her undead life in the paranormal community of Broken Heart. One night she is attacked by a ghost in her home, follows a "voice" and other ghostly clues outside to an unmarked grave, and is saved from an assailant by a were-jaguar. Pretty unusual evening, even by vampire standards, and she is left shaken by the whole experience. But it is sexy were-jaguar Tez who has her feeling all shook up.

Tez is in Broken Heart at the invitation of the local were-cat clan, but his senses lead him to Elizabeth. As insane as it seems, he just knows that she is destined to be his mate, vampire or not, but convincing her is going to be another story. Tez and his raw sensuality and say-whatever-he-thinks personality are the exact opposite of what Elizabeth is used to, but he is prepared to do whatever it takes to win her over. But first, he must protect her from the unseen evil that is stalking her and the other citizens of Broken Heart. Now that he has found "the one", he will fight tooth and claw to keep her safe and win her heart.

"She told me that when I met my mate, I would know and the knowledge was absolute---two pieces clicking together perfectly. Mom said I would always feel like half a person, until I met the woman who made me feel whole."

"Well," I said, somewhat dismayed by this news, "I will be happy to be yours until that happens."

Tez looked at me as if I were crazy. "It already has, Ellie Bee. That night on the path, even in the rain, I could smell you. Feel you. Mine. It beat in my heart, pulsed in my veins. I saw you, and I knew." He cupped my face. "You are my mate."

How could Elizabeth possibly resist a man like that? Tez had stolen my heart long before he made that declaration! He is raw, lusty, yet incredibly sweet. And he is so completely hilarious that I laughed out loud almost every time he opened his mouth. Elizabeth is his complete opposite: rich, refined (or as Tez says, "snooty"), and longing for love. Her attraction to Tez is intense and immediate, but giving in to him and "going all the way" would mean a hundred year commitment, according to vampire law. Elizabeth isn't sure she's ready for that, but Tez is ready for that and more. With his persuasive, sensual ways, it's only a matter of time before Elizabeth loses her undead heart to him.

Michele Bardsley is still on a roll with book 7 in her Broken Heart series; it is paranormal humor at it's best. I've been a big fan of this series since book 1, and I'll keep reading as long as Ms. Bardsley keeps writing. While each book can stand alone, I find that readers will enjoy the journey more if they start at the beginning. If you are in the mood for a laugh and if you love an incredibly hot and sexy man with a sense of humor, then Cross Your Heart is the book is for you.

~ Gannon


  1. I had not heard about this series. Tez is my kind of guy. Will have to look into these books.

  2. Great review, Gannon. I've not read any of Michelle's works, but I do love humor in romance. I'll have to check these out.

  3. Librarypat, this is a great series, and I completely loved Tez!

  4. Buffie, the humor in this series is one of things I like most about it. We can all use a laugh...and a sexy hero!

  5. I'm sold just on the excerpt! Thanks for the great review, Gannon!

  6. I'm sold just on the excerpt!

    Excellent, Andrea! Thanks!

  7. Oh, this sounds like one I'd enjoy. Thanks, Gannon!

  8. This series sounds great. I haven't heard of her before this review. Where have I been?

  9. Laurie, there are so many books out there that I think we all miss some. I'm glad we can introduce y'all to some "new-to-you" authors. :-)