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Today's Special - - Interview with Tiffany Clare

Interview with PJ

I am so thrilled to welcome debut author, Tiffany Clare to the Romance Dish today!  Tiffany's first published book, a historical titled THE SURRENDER OF A LADY (check out my "5 Star" review here) will be released September 28th.  This rising star of romance hails from Canada where she lives with her husband and children. You can find more information about Tiffany and her books at her website, and friend/follow her at facebook, twitter and goodreads.  You can also catch up with her at the Vauxhall Vixens blog.

Welcome, Tiffany!  Congratulations on the upcoming release of your debut novel, THE SURRENDER OF A LADY! Please tell us a bit about the book.

Thank you!

THE SURRENDER OF A LADY is about a woman’s determination to survive the worst that can possibly be thrown at her. She’s removed (forcibly) from everything she knows and is told to embrace a new lifestyle (living in a harem where her favors will be sold) all in the name of protecting her son. Rothburn is a man with a past that haunts him daily. Temptation isn’t something he can resist easily, especially when he finds the only woman he’s ever loved all his life in the greedy clutches of an Ottoman Prince. Desperation takes a new turn when he risks everything to save her.

Back cover blurb:

Sold. With one word, Lady Elena Ravenscliffe’s destiny changes forever. Forced into Constantinople’s slave market to pay off her late husband’s debts and save her son, Elena reinvents herself as Jinan—a harem girl adored by the rich lords who bid on her favors. But one man instantly sees through her façade.

Griffin Summerfield, Marquess of Rothburn, let Elena slip through his fingers years ago. When he recognizes her on the auction block, he pays an outrageous sum to possess her even if it is for a short period of time. But when his deadline looms, Griffin will risk all in a desperate bid to make her his—and his alone…

This is not your typical romance. Did you set out to write something exotic and different or did Jinan and her story come to you fully formed?

No, I didn’t set out to write something different. My imagination took me there and scared the bejesus out of me in doing so. For a long time I wasn’t sure I was even writing a romance (thank God my crit partners talked some sense into me). I didn’t even know the hero until I’d hit the halfway mark in the book because I was so focused on Elena’s growth and transformation into Jinan. Her story didn’t come to me fully formed, either. I just had an image of a slave woman who was in love and dancing (yet saying good-bye) to the man she loved. That was it. I wrote the scene down (now chapter 10) and went from there.

What would you like readers to know about Jinan and Griff before reading their story?

That true love knows no boundaries and that the heart remains true despite doing things that may be momentarily horrific. I’m still rather disturbed by the way Rothburn steals his princess away  But it’s done with his heart in the right place. And he is such a bad boy!

Is THE SURRENDER OF A LADY a stand-alone or will we meet characters from this story in future Tiffany Clare books?

Yes, the book is a stand-alone. However, you will meet Rothburn’s friend, Asbury, in this book. He is the hero of THE SEDUCTION OF HIS WIFE (Feb 1, 2011, St. Martin’s Press).

This book has been receiving some terrific reviews (including mine). I’m sure there are many unpublished writers who would love to be in your position. What’s the best writing advice you’ve received and what advice would you give to writers still working toward publication?

I was lucky to have this unusual and emotionally wrought book that readers have a hard time putting down whether they love or hate the premise. 

It’s tough to break into publishing, but once you do don’t ever stop pushing yourself because you can always be a better, stronger writer. It never gets easier. The writing path is very different for everyone. I’m no expert (and still learning) but if you really, really want something, you’ll find a way to get it and keep it.

I love discovering new-to-me authors and recommending them to my friends. What authors have you recently discovered who you would recommend?

One new to me author would be Juliana Stone. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed her jaguar shifters and have even talked her into giving me sneak peaks of her upcoming books. They are not to be missed. I know! I’m such a tease!

Yes, you are a tease!  I love Juliana's shapeshifters!  

We love call stories! How did you get the news that your book had sold? Did you do anything special to celebrate? Are you planning anything special to celebrate the release of THE SURRENDER OF A LADY?

My call story is kind of a dream come true. I got an email from my agent letting me know we had an offer (we had yet to receive any rejections) and that we had to stay hush hush because she was going to be her awesome self and drum up the interest with the other editors. So there was lots of silent squeeing as we waited. Another house was interested, and Jinan’s book went into bidding between two houses. Two weeks later I shouted it out to the world that St. Martin’s had bought my trilogy!

I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to keep all that excitement bottled up inside!  

Let’s talk fantasies! Many readers imagine themselves in the lives of the heroines they read about and I’m sure more than a few have fantasized about being forced into a harem like Jinan, stolen away to sea by a pirate, or, perhaps, carried off to a shapeshifter’s lair. Tell us about your favorite fantasy and, just for fun, who would star as the villain and the hero…or maybe they’re one and the same? 

I never pictured myself as a harem fantasy kinda gal. Okay, that’s a lie. LOL I thought I’d try it out. Uh, what’s not sexy about the exotic, lush setting? About a man who loves you so much that you are his WHOLE world! 

Now if we are talking complete fantasyland, I do love me some shapeshifters. I’d take any (or all) of Lora Leigh’s shifters any day, any time. Not sure who the stars of that show would be, though that lovely picture off to the side is what I envisioned Rothburn looked like. How could he not star in anyone’s fantasies? Fiction is sometimes so much more fun than reality. LOL!

I'd be more than happy to let him star in a few of my fantasies! :)

Okay, time for Quick Six!

City or country? City.
Early Bird or Night Owl? Early Birdy.
Bad Boys or gentlemen? Somewhere in between. I want the best of both worlds.
Sweet or spicy? Both.
Car or plane? Neither.
Main course or dessert? Dessert.

What’s next from Tiffany Clare? 



Emma Hallaway has not seen her husband in twelve years—and that’s fine with her. As a young girl, she’d agreed to a simple marriage of convenience, allowing her to pursue her private passion for painting. And though unknown to the rest of polite society, Emma is now one of the most daring and sought-after artists in London. However, when her secret is threatened to be exposed, Emma is forced to open her heart—and her home—to a total stranger: her husband…


Richard Mansfield, Earl of Asbury, is all too familiar with danger. As a matter of fact, it is hard on his heels when he returns to England. Still, even he is shocked to learn of his wife’s scandalous double life as an artist. But once he sees the vibrant grown woman she has become—so passionate, so strong, and so alluring—his undeniable attraction to Emma stuns him. Suddenly Richard is determined to turn their sham of a marriage into a true and lasting love. But how exactly does a gentleman seduce his own wife?


Gorgeous covers!  I can't wait to read the stories that go along with them!

Tiffany, thank you so much for being with us today.  Congratulations again on the upcoming release of THE SURRENDER OF A LADY! 

Would you like to ask our readers a question?

Do you have a harem fantasy? Would you want the love of your life to steal you away all for himself? What if he committed a grave mistake in doing so, would you forgive him?

Also, I’d like to give a signed copy of THE SURRENDER OF A LADY away to two lucky commenters. (I will mail the books as soon as I have my author copies or the day the book releases, whichever comes first).  

And, as a bonus, I'm also giving away one copy of Juliana Stone's first book, HIS DARKEST HUNGER.  (PJ here, popping to say that Gannon and I both loved HIS DARKEST HUNGER and are looking forward to Ms. Stone's next book, HIS DARKEST EMBRACE, due out October 26th!)


  1. Hi Tiffany,
    Congrats on your upcoming debut release. Can't say that I've ever had a harem fantasy, but I can see the appeal now. I think it would be romantic and exciting to have your lover steal you away. Depending on what that grave mistake is, I can't say for sure if I would forgive him or not.

  2. I want to know what this grave mistake is. The book sounds intriguing and I can't wait to read it.
    I guess I have had a harem fantasy or two, but I always get rescued before anything happens. Depending what the grave mistake is, I guess I could probably forgive the hero. If someone does something brave and risky out of love and concern, you have to give them some leeway.

    Good luck with this and you next two books.

  3. Congratulations on your new release. I've never really had a harem fantasy but I've always liked reading sheikh books. I don't think I'd want to be stolen away even by someone I loved. I think a lot of things can be forgiven if the love is strong enough.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  4. Congrats on your new release!

    I must say that any harem fantasies I may have had would have me being a bodyguard than a harem girl (just thought it'd be more fun). As for being stolen away by a lover, yes! I'm not sure I'm cut out for the harem life anyway. As for his grave mistake, it would depend on what it is and his reasoning for me to forgive him.


  5. Love the book covers. Am really looking forward to reading the books. Jinan's story sounds positively fascinating.

  6. Jane, I don't recall having any 'harem fantasies' before writing this book! It was the characters that snagged me before the setting came to me. It was an adventure to write! I'm glad to have made you interested!

  7. librarypat,

    I totally can't tell you, that you will have to read the book to find out (or beg a friend for a spoiler if you love spoilers as much as I do--I do hate not knowing).

    I think you'll love Rothburn.

    And thank you for the kind words . . . I hope you thoroughly enjoy the book!

  8. Hi Linda,

    Interesting that you wouldn't want to be stolen away by someone you love. I'd be curious to your reaction to the book! I can tell you that Jinan's master, Amir, doesn't love her like Rothburn does. No one can love that deeply.

  9. Sheree, A bodyguard! You just want to kick butt!!! That's awesome!

    Harem life was difficult, cutthroat and dangerous back in the day. I didn't want the women within my book to fight (they are all 'sisters') so I made it that their owner would not marry any of them (he could have four wives and as many concubines as he wanted). Hey, this is fiction, I get to play with the rules! :)

  10. Daz,

    I hope you love Jinan's story! Thank you for the compliments. I'm very happy that I was blessed by the cover Gods!

  11. I never really imagined myself taking center stage in a harem fantasy... Although dancing for a handsome lover in one of those sparkly outfits has it's appeal.
    I would love to be "rescued" by my man. Thrown over his shoulder and dash of into the night (read: towards the bedroom) seems very romantic.

    As for forgiving a grave mistake, it depends on what it is. If it involves another woman that will be difficult. But if it's just paying of blackmailers that now will continue to come back for more. That can be dealth with and forgiven.

  12. Kirsten,

    I'm glad I have everyone thinking twice as to whether they might actually like the 'harem' fantasy!

    Why is it we love our heroes to go all barbarian/caveman like in our romance novels but not in real life! LOL That always makes me chuckle.

    Also, Rothburn is steadfast with Jinan. He could never fathom the arms of another woman, he loves her too much, thinks about her constant, and doesn't see any other woman but her! :)

  13. Hi Tiffany,
    Congratulations on all your success with your new book. I like the idea of reading about a harem girl but I don't see myself as that girl. The book does sound very emotional and exciting and I always enjoy a hero who really starts out bad.

  14. Hi Maureen!

    I love a hero who starts out bad. Rothburn is pretty 'good' when the book starts... it was his past that was riddled with dark deeds :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  15. Hello Tiffany,

    I've only recently discovered this blog, but I've heard about your book since RWA, so I was very excited to see that you were going to stop by here. Congrats on your debut release.

    As for harem fantasies, I've never had one (I blame a documentary I saw about harems on the History Channel a couple of years ago), but I like the idea of using an exotic place as a setting. It shows that there are so many places in the world that can be explored and used to tell a story.

  16. Antonia,

    Thank you! And yes, there was a little bit of buzz for The Surrender of a Lady at RWA!

    A real harem is no fairytale, I can't agree more. That was why I changed things around to make it a place Jinan doesn't have any desire to leave. I was very excited to use places that aren't often used in historical romance for setting.

    The only one of my settings I know for certain has been used before in historical romance is Constantinople. Isle of Corfu and Brindisi... not so much. It was fun to do the research and explore those places via the web and books.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  17. Hey Tiffany! Again, congrats on the release of your book, and the awesome Romance Dish rating.

    As for a harem fantasy, only if I was the one with all the men in my harem ;) (I don't like to share - it's all about me). I'm curious to know what the mistake is myself.

    And I'm excited about your other books. They sound really interesting!

  18. Good morning Stacy! Thanks for following me around on my blog tour!

    Now there is a thought--A harem run by a woman with all men inside. Oh the fantasies that brings to mind...

    As for the mistake, you'll definitely know soon enough. But it is just that... a mistake. :)

    I'm glad you like the other story premises as well! They are much different from my harem setting!

  19. Good Morning Everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll be back after I wake up with some coffee and walk the (very frisky) dogs. ;-)

  20. Good morning, Tiffany! We're so glad you're spending the day with us.

    I cannot wait to read your debut! I've heard nothing but wonderful things, so I know I will devour it one sitting. *g* You, my dear, have been blessed by the cover gods, because all three of your book covers are absolutely stunning!

    In my younger years, I may have had a little harem fantasy going on, but after reading non-fiction books about harem life, it didn't sound so fun after all. Now, I can totally get on board with a sexy shapeshifter fantasy---Juliana's shifters are yummy! Also, I would take a braw, hunky Highlander any day of the week! Oh, yeah!!

  21. Hi Jane! I hope you enjoy Jinan's story. It's certainly not a fantasy (much angst ensues) but it's so very beautifully written and completely captivated me. It's been three weeks since I read the book and I'm still thinking about it.

  22. Librarypat, that timely fantasy rescue is all-important, isn't it?

    You said; If someone does something brave and risky out of love and concern, you have to give them some leeway.

    True, but some genuine groveling always helps too! :)

  23. Linda said; I think a lot of things can be forgiven if the love is strong enough.

    I agree, though there are some things that I just don't think I have it in me to forgive. Rothburn's mistake was unfortunate but definitely able to be forgiven, at least in my opinion!

  24. Sheree said; I must say that any harem fantasies I may have had would have me being a bodyguard than a harem girl

    LOL! I love it!

  25. Daz, aren't those covers gorgeous? Tiffany certainly has been blessed by the St. Martins' art department! And, lucky for us, the story inside the cover is just as wonderful! At least, the first one is. I wouldn't know about the others because I haven't read them yet. Not like some people who shall remain nameless (critique partner)...not that I'm whining or anything. I'd never do that! (she says sweetly) ;-)

  26. beautiful covers!! congrats on the debut release Tiffany!! I do enjoy a harem fantasy or and I'd rather not be stolen away and go of my own volition. Unless being 'stolen' away meant that he was rescuing me from somewhere I didn't want to be :D

    midnite [dot] fantasy [at] gmail [dot] com

  27. Gannon, I love highlanders, too! Thank you for having me here!

    Hope you love the book and like the 'harem' world I have created. :)

  28. PJ! Good morning! I'm so happy you loved my book so much.

  29. Oh, PJ, you are too funny. But luckily, the book release isn't too far away for book two! LOL

  30. Hey again, Tiff!I am so loving seeing you everywhere---this is the beginning of great things for you!

    Hm.Harem. Apart from the fact they like really chubby women, which would be a bonus in my case, I have to say no.;) My husband will tell you I don't take orders very well.

  31. Good morning Camille! Jinan eventually wants to go with Rothburn! Thanks for the congrats!

  32. Hi Maggie!!!! Good to see you following me around. Another to have read the next book, PJ! Oh, I'm not teasing, no really, not at all!!!... anyway...

    Maggie, yes, they did like to fatten up their women. It was considered healthy and good for making babies!

    As for the being ordered around... well, it's all about politics and manipulation in getting your own way. Jinan learns to play the game well, you have to in that world!

  33. CONGRATULATIONS, my dear!!! My wish for you is HUGE success and may you going into a third print run. :D

    As for harem fantasies. I have to say I don't have a won and can't even think of one when I'm on the spot.

    I'm so laid back. My ideal of a fab time is a romantic B&B in the late Fall and a roaring fireplace.

    Can't wait to get a physical copy of THE SURRENDER OF A LADY in hand. Don't enter me in the drawing, I'm going to buy mine when it hits the shelves. ;)

  34. Hi Beverely!

    Thank you for the lovely compliment! and for visiting me here!

    I'll take a romantic B&B with the hubby, roaring fire and bubbly any time!

  35. I don't have a harem fantasy necessarily, though I'm very intrigued by this book.

    Thank you for the interview, Ms. Clare and Romance Dishers!

  36. Hi Tiffany, your debut is getting lots of attention. The good kind! harem fantasy but I would definitely NOT mind being taken away by the love of my life. Can that happen today?! =)

  37. Hi Mrs. Hanson! Glad I piqued your interest!

  38. Scorpio! If only the man of our dreams could sweep us off our feet and steal us away from the mundane! LOL

  39. Hi Tiffany! Congrats on your debut-I can't wait to read it. You probably don't remember me, but I am a member of Eloisa and JQ's BB and met you at the NJ Romance Writer's conference two years ago when we had dinner with Eloisa and her husband. (That was a fun night, huh?) I remember hearing a bit about your book then and I have been looking forward to it since! Though I can already tell this story is going to put me through the emotional wringer, lol. But I'm sure I'll love every minute of it. ;)

    As for me, never had a harem fantasy, though the idea of being kidnapped and swept away by the love of my life is kinda scary and exciting. I loved the scene when Merripen kidnaps Win and takes her away to the gameskeeper's cabin in Lisa Kleypas's Seduce Me at Sunrise.

  40. Hi Tiffany!
    I will definitely be adding this trilogy to my list! The stories look great and the covers are absolutely gorgeous!

  41. Lisa, I do remember. That was such a great dinner! Lots of food, laughter and all around awesomeness with a great bunch of women and EJ's darling husband!

    I loved Merripen and Win's book!

    And the book is definitely an emotional roller-coaster :) That hopefully has you rooting for Rothburn's and Jinan's love!

  42. Thanks, TrishaM!

    I'm glad you are adding all three to your list. Thanks for stopping by!

  43. Hm.Harem. Apart from the fact they like really chubby women...

    In that case, they'd be all over me! lol!

    I have to say no.;) My husband will tell you I don't take orders very well.

    Me either, Maggie. I'm afraid that would get me into mucho harem trouble!

  44. Camille, thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy Tiffany's book!

  45. Hi Bev! (waving) You said; I'm so laid back. My ideal of a fab time is a romantic B&B in the late Fall and a roaring fireplace.

    That would suit me just fine!

    FYI...Bev (a wonderful historical author) runs a terrific site called The Season. Her interview with Tiffany is scheduled to be posted at The Season Blog next Wednesday, September 29th.

  46. Hey there, Tiffany! We are thrilled to have you with us today! HUGE CONGRATS on your debut release!!! I cannot wait to read it. :) And I have to say that I love the cover for THE SECRET DESIRES OF A GOVERNESS. Purple is my favorite color and that cover is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    No harem fantasies for me, but I like Beverley's idea of a romantic B&B complete with a fireplace. That's definitely a fantasy for me as I have kids. LOL! Maybe one day soon the hubby and I can get away...

  47. Andrea, purple is my favorite color, too! That's why my website is purple! :)

    Yeah, getting away from the chillins would rock my word... I don't see it happening in the near future though! At least not for me.

    And I'm very excited to be here!

  48. Yay, Tiff! Love the interview and, as you know, I love this book and the others. I'm so excited for your upcoming release! Less than a week away.

    I do love harem stories. There was an Avon book in the 90s written by Shelly Thacker that whetted my appetite. And yours is just outstanding!

  49. I've never read a book with a harem in it--yours will be my first. Can't say that I've had any harem fantasies, either. In terms of mistakes,we're human and we certainly make enough of them! I don't know that I am strong enough to forgive everything, but I do believe I have a large capacity for forgiveness.

  50. Hi Tiffany - congratulations on your upcoming release! I've heard so many fantastic things about it and am very excited for you. (And that it's out soon so I can buy it!)
    Great interview - and/but I have to say... :X Early bird to you is more like night owl to me! Heh - you wake up early, at the point where I'm still awake and going to bed. Anything before 6 AM is still "night" in my book. *angelface*

  51. Ely!!! I think I've heard of that Thacker book before! I'm excited about this release and the subsequent, too!

  52. LSUReader, were you on the borders blog yesterday? I remember the kitty. I'm glad I'll be your first :) Though you should note, it's not the 'typical' harem story that is out there!

  53. Limecello!

    HA! That is Ely to a tee. She is the night owl, me the early bird! LOL Sometimes I'll be waking up and she's still up so we'll chat before I head out for the day and she's out for the night! LOL

    Thank you again for your support all over the place!

  54. Congratulations on your debut. Members of the EJ/JQ BB have really been talking it up.

    There are no harem fantasies for me, so I can totally buy into someone stealing her away from that life.

  55. Penfield, great to see BB members all over the net! Thanks for stopping by! PJ (and the rest of TRD) are awesome to allow me to invade their blog for the day :)

    When Jinan is taken away from the harem, I totally side with her and not Rothburn for her reasons to not want to be 'free.' I think each reader will definitely have their own opinion. And I can't wait to read reader reactions!

  56. Hi Tiffany,

    Congratulations on your upcoming releases!

    I've never read a harem story, so I'm looking forward to reading your book. Can't wait!

    Also love the covers.


  57. Hi Tiffany,
    I haven't had a harem fantasy in quite a while. I used to read Sheik stories from the 80's and there were lots of harem stories. I remember Love Slave by Bertrice Small. I used to fantasize of being taken away and falling for my captor or rescuer. I did do a lot of Pirate fantasizing when reading Johanna Lindsey over the past 25 years.
    Your covers are so beautiful. Your publisher has a great art department.

  58. Thanks Cindy for stopping by. The covers are simply divine. I'd have to say my favorite is Secret Desires... that could be because its my favorite color.

  59. gigi,

    Harem stories aren't common enough! I think there should be more. Pirate romances are pretty awesome, too! Didn't Sabrina Jeffries write a pirate rom?

  60. Congrats on your debut, Tiff, and on all the buzz that's already going on. I don't have any harem fantasies, but I am intigued by the premise and exotic setting of TSOAL.

    And your covers are gorgeous. They are particularly striking when viewed together.

  61. Hi Tiffany!
    Congratulations on your debut! This sounds so much different than a lot of the other stories out there, and I can't wait to read it! Again, I know I've said it before, but I LOVE all three of your covers!

    I dont' remember ever having a harem fantasy, but I do have a Highlander or Special OPs fantasy!!! Ok, and NAVY SEAL!!! Lol!! I think it would be pretty dang exciting and not to mention romantic having my "lover" steal me away to keep all to himself. *sigh* ;-) As for the grave mistake, yes I'd forgive him. If he was doing something to save himself or me, or another innocent person, then there's really no question of forgiveness! We all do what we have to!

  62. I haven't ever wanted to be in my own harem fantasy but I do find it mighty sexy to be whisked away by my true love. Not 100% sure I could forgive unless I was aware of what he did and how serious it is.
    Can't wait to read your release. These are my favorite type of love stories. I love when the hero and heroine have known and loved eachother for years.

  63. I like the different premise of your book -- different (& mysterious in way) locale, a strong heroine who becomes empowered by what's meant to defeat her, and the breaking away from the young naive innocent being swept away by the grand male who can handle and fix everything. The next one sounds good as well.

    Congrats on the release. :)

  64. Janga, great to see you here! The covers are beautiful when put all together.

    As for the exotic setting, I'm glad my first book is set where no one else has done a setting. It's kind of exciting.

  65. Monica, I love Special Op heroes. They are totally hot. It's that man of mystery surrounding them that makes them so intriguing! Aside from Lora Leigh's shifter books, i love her SEALs and Special Op and Naughti books...

  66. Danielle,

    I love it too when the hero and heroine have known each other forever, or once upon a time loved each other. It adds so much intensity to the story.

  67. gamistress66,

    I hope you love the books! I also hope readers love and embrace the different storyline I offer with SOAL, the story is near and dear to my heart.

  68. Congratulations on your first release. I've never had harem fantasies, but pirates might be nice. If my lover rescued me and committed a grave mistake, I might or might not forgive him.

  69. Andrea I, thanks for stopping by! Pirates are an ultimate bad boy! I definitely see the draw!

  70. Sorry I've been MIA this afternoon. It's my day to volunteer at the hospital. Looks like this has been a busy place while I was gone! Tiffany, you've been a wonderful guest hostess today!

    I'm excited that your second and third books will be released within the next eight months. I love the premise of The Seduction of His Wife. Can you tell us anything about The Secret Desires of a Governess yet?

  71. I can't say that I've ever had a harem fantasy. Yes, I would want the love of my life to steal me way, and I would forgive him for his mistake, especially if the mistake could be rectified or explained to my satisfaction.
    I'm looking forward to reading The Surrender of a Lady, it sounds wonderful.

  72. PJ! No worries, I've had a great time today.

    Secret Desires is the story of Abby (Abigail) Hallaway. (Emma's youngest sister.) She takes the job of a governess in the farthest reaches of England to escape her sisters matchmaking and insistence she marry well.

    She doesn't expect to fall for the Lord of the manner (Elliott Wright, Earl of Brendall) but she's drawn to him like a moth to flame.

    Elliott is drawn to Abigail, too. His wife is long dead--her death shrouded in mystery. His son growing up fast but needs the help of a governess desperately because none seem to last longer than a few months. And then there's Miss Hallaway, he's rather intrigued by my foul-mouthed heroine. But he's a man with a past and secrets he never wants uncovered. He knows if he opens himself up to Abby, she'll learn learn too much about him, and possibly grow to despise him.

    When something akin to love grows between them, foul deeds are played out in the castle, someone is trying to harm Abby. It'll be up to Elliott to figure out who would wish her harm.

    And as you can see from my summary, this is why I leave it to the experts. My editor is a genius at getting all the facts together and writing up a blurb. Me... not so much. LOL

  73. Barbara,

    Thanks for stopping by. I remember you from the blog yesterday!

    Rothburn's mistake can be rectified... but it takes a while to correct what he's done. :)

  74. Congrats on the release! I absolutely love the pretty :) I have never had a harem fantasy

  75. Oh man, Secret Desires sounds great! Can't wait, Tiffany!

  76. therothehaze,

    Thank you for stopping by and for the congrats!

  77. PJ! Glad you like the sound of Secret Desires! I love the book, in fact, I'm just finishing up the ending right now!!!

  78. I had no idea the editor was the one who wrote the blurb.

    The Secret Desires of a Governess sounds amazing. I like books where the hero or heroine live isolated in a house full of secrets. :D And I like to read about children in historicals. It must be because of my love for Anne Bronte's books.

  79. Antonia,

    It's usually the editor in collaboration with the writer. I just really *suck* at blurbs, so leave it mostly in the hands of the people who know what they are doing :)

    Secret Desires was a lot of fun writing. And I love kids in historicals. I did it in The Surrender of a Lady. And will definitely do it with future books.

  80. Karyn,

    I'll second you on the Clive Owen. He's actually the inspiration for my hero, Elliott, in Secret Desires. :)

    And YAY on more Canadians!

  81. Congrats, Tiffany! You're a new author to me so I'm eager to read SoaL!!!!


  82. Hi mrsshukra,

    I hope you love SOAL! The book is very near and dear to my heart! Happy reading.