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Review -- Warrior Avenged

Warrior Avenged
Book 2, The Sons of The Zodiac Series
By Addison Fox
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Release Date: September 7, 2010

Scorpio Warrior
Fierce and cunning, my Scorpio Warriors will execute their task---and their enemies---with swift and fearless justice.
Those he battles will know the pointed sting of his scorpion's tail, the razor-sharp edge of his powerful claws.

Intense and passionate, my Scorpio will not be easily satisfied. But once he meets his mate---that fearless soul who can match the emotions inside him---will his sharp sting be calmed, his restless heart tamed.

Magnetically sexual, my Scorpio will attract many women, but will love only one....

---The Diaries of Themis, goddess of justice

Kane Montague is an immortal warrior and one time assassin for MI6. Six months ago he was burned by the sexiest woman he's ever known: Ilsa, a gorgeous secret agent who spent a few days in bed with Kane, days filled with more pleasure than he's ever known. But one morning he wakes up, Ilsa is gone, and Kane realizes he's been drugged and deceived. After six long months of searching, his anger building, Kane's fellow warrior, Grey finds Ilsa. Now Kane will finally discover the truth about her; a truth that will rock his immortal world.

The woman Kane knows as Ilsa has long been known by another name: Nemesis, goddess of divine retribution. But before she became a goddess, courtesy of Hades, she was Adrasteia, a nymph charged by Zeus's mother, Rhea, to protect the infant god from his father, Cronus. Adrasteia does her duty and raises Zeus to manhood, and he leaves her to fulfill his destiny and defeat his father. When Zeus returns, Adrasteia expects his thanks and the reward of a life on Mount Olympus. Instead, he curses her. Thousands of years later, she seeks her revenge against Mount Olympus and those responsible for her fate. Her quest for vengeance leads her to Kane Montague, but Ilsa never imagined she's lose her heart in the process.

His dark gaze captured hers and he leaned in for a kiss. His mouth pressed, soft and lush against hers, his tongue running a lazy request for entrance against the seam of her lips.

This was so right.

How could she have ever thought there was any other emotion in the universe to compare?

Under the light of his love and affection, the need for vengeance that beat in her soul had no room to sustain itself.

Kane and Ilsa's dance of deception leads is filled with twists and turns---slow and sultry with passion, fast and frenetic with danger---but it ultimately leads to love and redemption. They are both wounded and wary, and that is, perhaps, what makes them ideal for each other. As Hades tells Ilsa, "Those we love can't share our burdens with us if we don't allow them to." It's when Kane and Ilsa are willing to share their pain, that they are finally free.

All this was for her. This man wanted her. Needed her.

Was completely vulnerable to her.

And it was in the vulnerability that Ilsa saw the gift. That this proud Warrior would lay there before her, naked to her gaze and barren of any of his defenses.

He trusted her.

And he desired her.

Warm heat suffused her as she realized what a precious treasure lay before her. How this man had changed the way she saw the world.

The way she saw herself.

Warrior Avenged has everything I love in a book: a sexy, enigmatic hero, a strong, capable heroine who is his match in every way, action, surprises, and plenty of steam! And the relationship of the Warriors with each other makes me laugh. Ms. Fox is spot on with the "guy speak"---always ragging on each other, they are typical men, even if they are immortal. With the second book in her Sons of The Zodiac Series, Addison Fox has given her readers one more Warrior to fall in love with. With twelve zodiac signs---Gemini is a twin, so that's double the pleasure---that's a whole lot of Warriors to go around. Although this is the second book in the series---Warrior Ascended was the first---it can stand alone. But for maximum enjoyment, I highly recommend reading them in order. It's a fantastic series, and trust me, you won't want to miss a single moment!

One lucky commenter will win a signed copy of Warrior Ascended and an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of Warrior Avenged (U.S. and Canadian addresses only, please).

~ Gannon


  1. I will so be stealing this from you! Sounds fab!

  2. Let's just call it borrowing, not stealing! LOL

  3. Fox is a new author for me. Thanks for the introduction. I look forward to reading about her warriors.

  4. LSUReader, this is a great series, and Addison is not only a fantastic author, but a lovely person. She'll be blogging with us this coming Wednesday, Sept. 8th.

  5. Great review, Gannon. Sounds like another terrific book from Fox. I'm looking forward to starting this series!

  6. I love Mythology. i fell in love in the 7th grade a million years ago and I love stories with Zeus and all the other gods. I look forward to reading this book.

  7. Great review!

    I've wondered who took care of Zeus while he was growing up. This is a good answer to that.


  8. PJ, you've heard me gush more than once about this series. ;-) Hope you like it!

  9. Gigi, if you love mythology, this series will be right up your alley! Make sure you stop by on Wednesday when Addison will be blogging with us.

  10. Cories, I love Addison's spin on Greek mythology. I never thought of Zeus being a baby. *g*

  11. Sounds intriguing. A good review. I love series that involve strong warriors and the women who can handle them. Throw in the immortality element and you have something even more filled with action, plot twists, and things that won't happen in the real world. I will be looking for this series.

    Hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend.

  12. I love series that involve strong warriors and the women who can handle them.

    Me, too, librarypat!

  13. Oh, Gannon, you have really peaked my interest with this review. I enjoy Mythology and this series sounds really good. Great review!

  14. Sounds like a great pair of books. Addison Fox is a new to me author. Count me in the draw please.

  15. Andrea, I think you'd really enjoy this series.

  16. Karen H, I'm glad I could introduce you to a new author. :-)

  17. Gannon - THANK YOU for such a lovely review of WARRIOR AVENGED. I absolutely love Kane and Ilsa and it's so neat to hear what someone else thinks of them!! :-)

    I am really looking forward to spending Wednesday on the blog, dishing with everyone!!!


  18. I'm so happy you liked the review, Addison!

  19. I enjoy reading reviews and blog posts as I'm constantly finding new authors to read.