Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today's Special - - Tawny Weber

When Tawny Weber is not dreaming up sexy stories for Harlequin Blaze, the busy wife and mom spends her time gardening, crafting, scrapbooking, homeschooling her children, lusting after gorgeous shoes and Johnny Depp (not necessarily in that order) and running her Intuitive Consulting business.  Frankly, I don't know where she finds the time to write!  She also blogs at the Romance Bandits and runs her own blog.  You can find more information about Tawny at her website, visit her blog here and catch her at Romance Bandits here.  You can also find her on facebook or follow her at Twitter.  Please welcome Tawny as she talks about the joys of indulging!

Oh, The Joy of Indulging 
by Tawny Weber

Hey there, Dishers! I love visiting the Romance Dish, it’s always fun and the ladies here are awesome. I really appreciate them having me here to talk about my new release, RIDING THE WAVES. I had such a good time writing this story because it let me explore the concept of indulging in fantasies. Forbidden Fantasies, in this case. Drucilla Robichoux is, well, just a smidge uptight. She has a serious job, a serious need to succeed and a few issues. When the story opens, the main issue she is worrying over is her dismal sex life. Poor Dru’s having horrible luck with the brainiacs she dates, so her best friend suggests she take a vacation and indulge in some wild vacation fantasies with the hottest boy toy she can find. Dru instantly dismisses the latter suggestion, but figures she can use a vacation before she starts what she’s hoping is a career-launching project.

On her first night at the luxurious beachside resort her boss recommended, she takes a walk on the beach. She watches the sexiest mans she’s ever seen surf, the waves carrying him across the sunset like something out of a very hot (dare I say it? Yeah… and very wet) dream. She’s captivated watching him walk toward her, the setting sun casting a golden glow on the water droplets sliding down his buffed body. When he stops to talk to her, he flirts and makes her feel things she’s only read about. Breathless, she has to decide. Indulge? Or deny herself what could be the Fantasy of a lifetime.

Sooo, I hope readers have as much fun reading RIDING THE WAVES as I had writing it. I think PJ is even giving away a copy of the book today! (That's right, Tawny!  We're giving away a signed copy of RIDING THE WAVES to a randomly selected commenter from today's blog!)

But first, let’s talk about some of my favorite indulgences. There are so many kinds of indulgences, aren’t there? Because I love lists almost as much as I do indulging (or thinking about indulging, since I often feel deprived which is an entirely different blog post altogether) I jotted down a few of my faves.

Let’s count the many delicious ways…

1. Thanksgiving dinner.

                                                           2. An aromatherapy massage

3. Starting the latest Nora book at 11pm

                                                                     4. A Mediterranean Cruise

                                                                                                                    5. Vacation without the kids

6. Sleeping late Saturday morning

                                                                                             7. A paraffin mani/pedi

                                                                   8. Louboutin shoes


9. A slice of seven-layer chocolate fudge cake. With extra whipped cream.

10.   ?

What is your favorite indulgence? Are these things you actually get to indulge in on occasion, like Thanksgiving dinner, or things you dream of indulging in, like Louboutins or a fancy cruise? Or maybe, like Drucilla’s indulgence in RIDING THE WAVES, is your dream indulgence a hot wild vacation fling with a sexy boy toy? 

Aaaand, as you can see, I’m missing number ten in my list of delicious indulgences. Whichever indulgence I draw will not only be number ten on my list (whoohooo, right?) but also receive a book of their choice from my backlist. 


  1. You named quite a few of my own indulgences Tawny. One not on the list ice cream, I try to feed myself and my son for as little money as possible but one thing I do indulge in is ice cream, I go for the high dollar, creamiest, most chocolate ice cream the store has to offer.
    I can't wait to read Riding the Waves!

  2. YAY, Tawny's in the house!!! Great to have you with us!!!

    First I have to say it was such a wonderful delight to meet you at RWA this year!!

    Indulging, huh? I really don't get the opportunity to do that very often. The hubby and I are trying to get away sans children at least once a year. This month we have a long weekend planned to celebrate our 20th anniversary. It is going to be nice to reconnect and focus on each other, not on which child wants what to eat and when. :-)

  3. I think my biggest indulgence is cheesecake, I love any kind of cheesecake. I've been dieting for a while so right now I'd love to get my hands on a piece of cheesecake. Other than that, candles, I love candles in all different shapes, colors and aromas. My kids usually get me some for Christmas because they know I enjoy them.

  4. Everyday I try to have at least a hour by myself to do whatever I want: swim, read, bike, walk, knit.

    It allows me to recharge. I always feel so much better !

  5. Good Morning! Welcome to the Dish, Tawny! We're so excited to have you with us today!

    Probably one of my biggest indulgences is reading books and I had great fun reading your latest, RIDING THE WAVES. Alex is beyond yummy!

    Besides books, I'd add massages to my indulgence list. It's been way too long since I had one. I'll put pedicures on there too. There's just something about having my feet rubbed that sends me into rapture. Of course, it would be even more rapturous if the person doing the rubbing looked more like Alex than the lovely little Vietnamese lady who is my reality. lol!

  6. I adore ice cream, Dianna! Usually, I buy whatever is on sale but, when I'm in the mood for an indulgence, I go for Mayfield Moose Tracks. It's my weakness but oh so worth it!

    What's your favorite brand?

  7. Buffie, you and the dh are going to have such a wonderful time on your anniversary getaway!

  8. Linda, cheesecake is a top of the heap indulgence in my book. The mother of a friend makes the best cheesecake I've ever tasted. Hmmm...I have a special occasion this month. Maybe I need to place an order? :)

  9. Everyday I try to have at least a hour by myself to do whatever I want: swim, read, bike, walk, knit.

    Laurie, I think that's a lovely indulgence and something we should all strive to do.

  10. Hi Tawney, I am am big fan.
    My indulgence is Dark chocolate.
    Right now I am loving the Dove Bliss Dark chocolate.
    Bubble baths with with a good book are high on my list of indulgences.
    I can't wait to read Riding the Waves it sounds like a book about real indulgences.

  11. *waving* Hey, Tawny!! We are so happy to have you dishing with us today. Can't wait to pick up Riding the Waves! I'm a sucker for the name Alex. ;-)

    Hmmm, indulgences... Mine is a tie between reading and red velvet cake. I cannot resist either!!

  12. a massage, fancy dessert and new shoes would do it for me!

    meaghan_koci (at) yahoo (dot) com

  13. Hi Tawny. One of my greatest indulgences is one that I've been able to do this summer. I've been reading every night till 1 a.m. knowing I didn't have to get up early the next day. What am I going to do when school starts?

  14. Hi Dianna :-)

    Oooooh yum - ice cream. Yes, that definitely deserves to be on an indulgence list. Heck, I think we could make an idulgence list just of ways to enjoy ice cream.

    There's plain. There's hot fudge. There's whipped cream. There's sandwich form. There's... oh boy :-D no ton topic, am I.

    But yes, ice cream is definitely worth indulging in!!!

    and thank you :-D

  15. Nice to "see" you again, Tawny.

    I would have to say my favorite indulgence calorie-wise is ice cream.... Anything with some form of chocolate in it.

    Also, an evening or afternoon of just reading (uninterrupted) a great book!

  16. Buffie, it was so great to meet you, too :-D

    What a wonderful indulgence! I love the idea of a long, romantic weekend, child-free and filled with reconnecting ;-) I'm sure you'll have a fabulous trip!

    Happy Anniversary - and wow 20 years?! What a great milestone!!!

  17. Hi Linda,

    I'm going to skip right over the cheesecake mention, since I'm dieting too and that made my imagination water.

    Candles!!! Oooh, I love candles. My mother loves them even more, so much that she started making her own to get the scents just right.

    It's awesome that your kids help you indulge in the candle love :-)

  18. Oh Laurie.

    I'm having time envy.

    What a glorious indulgence!!!!

  19. Hi PJ ;-)

    Books are a fabulous indigence, aren't they? I'm a big fan :-)

    But massages - ooooh yeah, baby! Those rock. I get maybe one or two a year and always intend to make it a habit but never quite manage that. There's something just so amazing about realizing you can still stand and function after all that tension and stress and those knots have been soothed away. I'm always sure that tension is the only thing holding me upright.

  20. Hi Gigi :-D

    Dark chocolate is a great indulgence. Heck, any chocolate rates high on my list of fave things :-)

    Throw in the bliss of a bubble bath and the uninterrupted time to read a book and oooooooh, yeah. Such a great indulgence!!

    Thanks for the kind words about Waves, too :-) I had fun indulging Drucilla and Alex LOL

  21. Hey there, Andrea :-)

    The name Alex is just so sexy, isn't it?! His real first name is Albert (after the dude with the great hair) but he understandably goes by his middle name *g*

    Reading and red velvet cake? Now that's an indulgence combination I hadn't heard before. I definitely like it :-D

  22. Meaghan! YES!!! Shoes. New shoes are always wonderful. Toss in the fancy dessert and a massage and its pure heaven, isn't it?!

    I just got a new pair of adorable flip flops that had been blinged out with crystals and hearts. Nothing fancy in the vast scheme of shoe indulgences, but they make me smile :-D

  23. Gotta run for a bit, ladies- but I'll be back to comment some more and chat soon :-D

    Indulge yourselves a lot while I'm away *ggg*

  24. Hey, Tawny! I'm pretty sure that reading RIDING THE WAVES while sitting out on my deck in the sun, with an ice cold drink by my side would be a great indulgence. :-)

    Indulgences, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: massages, mani/pedis, chocolate, wine, staying in my pj's all day, watching mindless reality tv, eating appetizers for dinner (hey, I could live on fruit and cheese...w/ wine, of course), staying up late reading when I should be sleeping....gee, with that list, I sound pretty indulgent. LOL

  25. Hi, Tawny!

    What a fabulous blog post, and your new book sounds like one hot indulgence all on its own!!!

    Let's see...for me, indulgence is going to sleep on the shoulder of my real-life hero (my beloved DH) each and every night. That's the one moment every day I truly feel complete at a heart and soul-level.

    Hugs and Smiles --- D. D. Scott

  26. HI Tawny!!

    I'm so there with you on the mani/pedi! What an oh, so nice treat. :)

    The pic of the Thanksgiving dinner has this prego lady craving a big ole plate of the yummy goodness. *sigh* And turkey day is months away still! lol

    My fav indulgence is getting dinner/movie date with my hubby. We're always battling the kids at resturants. My "drape-apes" seem to go bonkers when confined in a booth! LOL I'd love to try your high heel treat, but heels and me . . . it's a love/hate thing. I love them, but they HATE how uncoordinated I am. ;)

  27. Oh yeah, massage. I had one last night. :)

  28. Let's see...for me, indulgence is going to sleep on the shoulder of my real-life hero (my beloved DH) each and every night. That's the one moment every day I truly feel complete at a heart and soul-level.

    D.D., that's lovely! I know just what you mean. :-)

  29. What a great post but alas, it has made me realize I have no indulgences *pout* Must find one right away!

    Congrats on the release of RTW - it's a fabulous story! Made me want to get a surf board ;-)

  30. Hi! Such great indulgences! Aside from the ones already mentioned (chocolate in all its glorious forms), I think a walk on the beach is my indulgence. The sea air settles me like nothing else and watching the birds, pinnipeds (seals and elephant seals) and the occasional cetacean (porpoise, dolphin, even a whale!) is fun, too.

    Of course, a hot boy toy would definitely make the beach experience an indulgence!


  31. I consider blogging/checking authors' web sites as an indulgence because they can be so time consuming. I can spend hours and hours reading excerpts, etc. when I probably should just read the darn books in the first place (which I do later at night, of course)!
    I have a rough life!

  32. Oops!
    I read above that you're into scrapbooking, Tawny. Me too! Now THAT is time consuming (but so well worth it).
    I've often thought that if I won millions of dollars, I'd hire my own "secretary", and SHE could lay out choices of photos and decorations for me to decide, and then SHE could glue it all into place. Doesn't that sound marvellous?

  33. I think my biggest indulgence is reading--sometimes when I should be doing something else.

  34. What a great post but alas, it has made me realize I have no indulgences *pout* Must find one right away!

    Beth, I have plenty. I would be happy to loan you one!

  35. My guilty indulgence is constantly buying books and adding to the TBR stack.

    A dream indulgence would be a week at the beach by myself.

  36. Hey there Tawny!! My fave indulgences are:
    Hermes scarves- so pricey, but so awesome!
    stationery- I collect/hoard it!
    Chik-Fil-A Fast Food- nothing more needs to be said on that one
    Boudin's Bread Turkey and Havarti Sandwiches- so yummy!

    Can't wait to read Droucilla's story...she sounds like um, me, back in my workaholic days! :)

  37. PJ my current favorite is Edy's Grand Chocolate and Edy's Slow Churned French Silk.

  38. Hey there, Karyn :-)

    Thanks for the wishes! I'm hoping readers have fun with Waves.

    GREAT indulgence, btw - both the clams AND family, all good things!

  39. Ahhh, Sue. That's definitely a great indulgence. Since I rarely start reading until I finish writing for the night (usually closer to 3am than midnight, sadly) thats when I always want to start a new book. So I hear ya on how indulgent and wonderful it feels to read and know you can make up the sleep in the morning :-D

  40. Mmmm Jessica, I am now imagining a big bowl of chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce and a great book. The book is along side the ice cream, not in the bowl with the sauce *g*

  41. Keep going, Gannon :-D I love your list!! Talk about some inspiring indulgences.

    I'm with you on the fruit and cheese deliciousness, too. Talk about a perfect meal -any meal LOL. Of course I'd have to add a little decadent chocolate to finish it off ;-)

    and thanks - I hope if you read Waves it's as indulgent as the tempting picture you just painted LOL

  42. Hi DeeDee :-)

    What a sweet indulgence!

  43. Sarah, sorry about the temptation *g* Maybe you can stem the cravings for turkey day with a big bowl of mashed potatoes?

    A night out with hubby sounds like a wonderful indulgence. As for the heels... have I ever told the story of how I broke my foot a couple years back?

    Yeah. Walked out the front door and snap - metatarsal went snap because my shoes went one way and my foot wanted to go the other.

  44. Hmmm... Beth, you must have indulgences. How can you not? Granted, you're one of the most disciplined people I know (and we are friends, how?) but still... No indulgences?

    We need to talk.

  45. Cories, walking on the beach sounds so luxuriously indulgent. What a wonderful treat! And yes, adding a hot boy toy to the mix would only make it that much more fun.

    Or- a hot boy toy aaaaand chocolate.

    Mmmm. Now there's indulgence :-D

  46. ROFL at the rough life you lead, Laney :-D It's a tough job reading all those books, but we're so glad you do it!!!

    And what a fun idea with the scrapping secretary :-D I absolutely love scrapbooking and have been in a horrid pit of non-creativity for the last year when it comes to my photos. But I'm slowly getting back to it - actually just finished a layout last week (the first in forever) of my youngest trying to fly *g* It was fun and its such a rewarding hobby. I like to think I'm doing it for the family, when we all really know I'd scrap pictures of doorknobs if I had to, just to play with all the bling.

  47. LOL Chey, I spend a lot of time that I should be doing other things reading, too.

    It's a great addiction.

  48. Oooh, Andrea. I like how you separate your indulgences by guilt and dream. Nice :-D

    I sometimes have nightmares of my TBR pile(s) toppling and burying me. But then I think, oh what a way to go :-D

    As for the week at the beach - that sounds so lovely and serene!

  49. Hey there, WriterGirl *g*

    You have some very nice indulgences!!

    I'll bet you have a gorgeous collection of scarves, and I'm giggling over the hoarding of stationary. I'm like that with scrapbook supplies. I mean, why have it if not to use it. But, wait, I might want it for something else!

    You'll have to read Waves and let me know if, after reading it, Dru still reminds you of yourself :-D I'm so curious now!

  50. Tawny, thanks so much for visiting with us today. It's been fun reading about everybody's indulgences...and adding a few to my own list!

  51. Hi, Tawny!! Popping in late to drool over your indulgences! Boy are those some gorgeous shoes...

    Indulgences? We don't often have soda at home, so getting an ice cold one occasionally is a treat. And books--those are my very favorite indulgence! And it never gets old!

  52. PJ, thanks so much - it was so fun to visit today. I've picked up a few new indulgences I definitely want to add to my list :-D

  53. Fedora!! Hi there :-D

    We never have soda in the house, either, so my kids are always thrilled to indulge in one.

    I'm seeing a book indulgence theme today. I have to say, I really like it *g*

  54. LOL! Hey, books are a GOOD indulgence, I say! Reading expands the mind and one's worlds ;) Plus it's encouragement to the writers of the world--go! Please, write more!!! (Tawny, are you listening? ;))

  55. Yep. Totally listening, Fedora :-D

    and I will obey by getting off the internet and getting to work.

    ;-) Thanks!!!