Saturday, August 27, 2011

Review -- Romancing The Countess

Romancing the Countess
By Ashley March
Publisher: Signet
Release Date: September 6, 2011

“You want me to help you forget your wife.”

He shook his head, muttering a curse. Then he stepped closer. “You foolish woman,” he whispered, his expression tortured. His hand cupped her cheek. “Do you not remember when I said it before? No matter, I’ll say it again. I want you.” His thumb swept across her upper lip, much as it had done before he’d kissed her in the garden. “I desire you.” His hand left her cheek, his fingers stroking over the ends of her brows, across her eyelashes as she closed her eyes, meandering down her face until he held her chin.

Devastated by the sudden death of his wife in a carriage accident, Sebastian Madinger’s world is rocked further when he discovers his beautiful, supposedly perfect wife was having an affair with his best friend. Finding himself questioning the paternity of his young son, Sebastian is determined to keep the affair a secret from society so that others do not make judgments about young Henry. The person he needs to speak with first and foremost is Leah George, the wife of his best friend. Believing he will find an emotionally wrecked woman, Sebastian is aghast to learn that Leah is planning a country party a mere few months after the accident.

Leah George has known about her husband’s affair with the Earl of Wriothesly’s wife for over a year now. As much as she would like to, Leah is unable to erase the memory of walking in on Ian and Angela during one of their love making sessions. Living with a man who loves and desires another woman has been hell on earth for Leah. So when she receives the news that Ian and Angela were killed in a carriage accident, Leah does not cry any tears of grief. No, she has grieved the death of her marriage for over a year now. This time, Leah’s tears are tears of relief. Though society believes she should put on her widow clothes and grieve for the next year, Leah is ready to move on with her life.

Sparks begin to fly between Leah and Sebastian upon their first meeting. Sebastian doesn’t know what to think of Leah as she is not the picture of a grieving widow but he is somewhat captivated by Leah’s “ready to live life” mentality and her no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is talk. Leah knows that Sebastian is in the midst of many emotions – shock, hurt and anger – just like she was a year ago when she found out about the affair. She slowly draws Sebastian away from those emotions through small, seemingly insignificant activities during the country party. A laugh here, a smile there. And before you know it, Sebastian is thinking about life beyond his dead wife and her betrayal. Both of them had to learn to trust and feel desired again. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the emotions of Leah and Sebastian chart a course to a happily ever after.

He stepped forward, not close enough that they touched, but enough that she could feel the heat of his body warming her own as he bent his head. “And I promise you,” he murmured in her ear, “I want you more than he ever did. Much, much more.”

Ashley March’s writing is smooth and easy, yet so very intoxicating. One page, one chapter, is just not enough. I continually found myself saying, “I will just read one more chapter.” This book is a read-from-front-to-back-in-one-sitting kind of book. So carve out some time, find a comfy spot and enjoy a few hours of love and romance courtesy of Ashley March. You won’t be disappointed!

~ Buffie

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  1. Buffie

    Great review I have yet to read any of Ashley March's books I do have the first one here on the TBR pile I need to move it up and catch up me thinks.

    Have Fun


    I still don't think that is enough

    Thanks for the terrific review, Buffie! This sounds like a must read for me. I'm ordering it right now. I do not believe I've ever read a Romance with a scenario like this! Kudos to Ashley March.

  3. I love books that compel you to just keep reading & reading. On my list.

  4. Great review, Buffie! I'm excited about reading this book. It definitely looks like something I've never read before.

  5. Hey Helen! I really think you would enjoy Ashley's writing.

  6. fsbuchler, gee thanks! That is one of the reasons I loved this book -- the premise is something different and Ashley makes it work so well.

  7. Me too, Marybelle. Only thing is I'm so tired the next morning ;-)

  8. Antonia, it is a great book. I hope you read it.

  9. Whew! Is it hot in here or is it just me? I'll bet this book has steam coming out of it when you open it! Ashley March is a fabulous author and I'm really excited about reading this book. I put it on my calendar for when it "premieres." Thanks for that yummy review, Buffie! You got my day started just right.

    Connie Fischer

  10. Terrific review, Buffie! It makes me want to read RTC now. So many books I'm eager to read are being released on September 6.

  11. Great review Buffie! I'm looking forward to Ashley's new book. I read Seducing the Duchess and thought it was such an intense emotional read, and I'm sure Romancing the Countess will be no different. :) That is the true test of a good book isn't it? When you can't put it down.

  12. Oy boy, this book sounds really good!!!

  13. Gee. It was supposed to say "OH, boy", not "OY, boy"! :-)

  14. Thanks, Buffie! Like Janga, your review makes me want to drop everything and read this book now! I'll be picking up a copy for sure!

  15. Great review, Buffie! And I love those excerpts---makes me eager to read Romancing the Countess.

  16. I have Ashley's first book in my TBR pile and this one sounds good, too.

  17. I love the sound of this one, Buffie. If you loved it, then I know I will, too. Thanks!

  18. Connie, oh yes, there are some steamy scenes in this book ;-)

    Thanks, Janga! I hope you enjoy this one.

    Lisa, yes this is an emotional book. Sebastian and Leah have to deal with a wide range of emotions.

    CherylC, it is a really good book. I hope you pick it up.

    PJ, you will need to drop everything and read this one. It is really hard to put down once you start.

    Thank, Gannon. Don't you just love juicy excerpts? ;-)

    Penfield, you will have to add this one to your pile too.

    Andrea, I do think you would enjoy Ashley's writing.

  19. Great review, Buffie! This book sounds a lot different than anything I've ever read, but in a good way. I'll have to add it to my list! :)

  20. Totally agree with you :) I read this in one sitting and couldn't put it down!!


  21. Hi Buffie

    Fantastic Review. It's made me want to go out, buy the book and read it.

  22. Great review. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  23. I love the sound of this book. Sebastian is my type of hero. He loved his wife, and his foremost concern is for his son. He is a man who deserves an HEA.

    This one is at the top of my Wish List.