Monday, July 5, 2021

Coming Attractions


How is 2021 already half over? That just doesn't seem possible. According to Goodreads, I've read 74 books so far this year. It's actually more than that since I haven't posted all of them yet but, wow, that's a lot of great romance. I've been blown away by all the 5-star books I've read since January. It's like everyone upped their writing game over the past 18 months and we're all reaping the benefits. There have been some truly exceptional stories. I can't wait to see what the next six months' worth of books hold in store! But, for now, let's focus on this month. Here's what's happening at The Romance Dish in July.

We launch the month on Thursday, July 1 with a tour review of The Marquess Next Door by Virginia Heath. This second book in Heath's The Talk of the Beau Monde series for Harlequin Historical brings plenty of passion, humor, sparkling banter, and depth of emotion. 

Friday, July 2 brings a tour review of The Devil and the Heiress by Harper St. George. This second book in the Gilded Age Heiresses series takes readers to England for a road-trip romance with beautifully nuanced characters, sizzling passion, surprising twists, and one of my favorite couples this year. 

A Cup of Silver Linings by Karen Hawkins is in the spotlight on Saturday, July 3 with a review of this second book in the Dove Pond series. A women's fiction novel filled with charm, humor, heartbreak, and magical realism, this one is sure to touch hearts. 


Stop by Monday, July 5 for Santa's review of Welcome Back to Rambling, Texas by June Faver. This small-town, second-chance, enemies-to-lovers, contemporary romance launches Faver's new A Visit to Rambling, Texas series.

Join me Tuesday, July 6 for a review of Incense and Sensibility, the newest book in Sonali Dev's Rajes series about a prominent Indian-American family in California. It's son Yash's turn in the spotlight as his run for governor takes an unexpected turn and a woman from his past figures prominently in his present. Expect heart-tugging emotion and drool-worthy food. 

Wednesday, July 7 brings Nancy's review of An Extraordinary Lord by Anna Harrington. This Regency romance is the third book in Harrington's Lords of the Armory series.

Join us on Thursday, July 8 for Hellie's review of The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by India Holton. This first book in the Dangerous Damsels series has been described as "rollicking," "fantastical," and "swashbuckling." Sounds like one I want to hear more about. 

Santa is back on Friday, July 9 with a review of The Wrong Marquess by Vivienne Lorret. This historical romance is book three is Lorret's The Mating Habits of Scoundrels series. That series title right there would have me picking up a copy! 

Join me Saturday, July 10 when I share my thoughts about the newest women's fiction novel from Jennifer Ryan: Lost and Found Family. Ryan is a master at creating complex stories of dysfunctional family, secrets, betrayal, love, and the strength and resilience of women. 

Travel with me to Sicily and Scotland on Monday, July 12 when I review Under a Sicilian Sky by Lisa Hobman. This contemporary romance had me ready to pack my bags, grab my passport, and fly away to sunny Mediterranean islands and cozy Scottish villages. 

I'm back on Tuesday, July 13 with a review of the highly-anticipated Island Queen by Vanessa Riley, a historical novel based on the true  life of Dorothy Kirwin Thomas, a free woman of color, and former slave, who became one of the richest and most powerful landowners in the Colonial West Indies. I've been eagerly awaiting this book since the author first mentioned it at a conference in 2019.

Join us Wednesday, July 14 for a cover reveal of Not Playing Fair by Terri Osburn. I loved the first book in this series, Not You Again (read my review) and am looking forward to a return trip to Pittsburgh in book two. Not Playing Fair is scheduled to be released August 30, 2021. 

Friday, July 23 brings my review of Devil in Disguise, the newest historical romance from Lisa Kleypas. This seventh book in the Ravenel series includes another second-generation connection to her Wallflowers. This time, it's Lady Merritt Sterling (daughter of Marcus and Lillian from It Happened One Autumn) who is about to have the adventure of a lifetime. 

Join me Monday, July 26 for a review of Not the Kind of Earl You Marry by Kate Pembrooke. I love fake engagement tropes and this debut story from Pembrooke has me eager for more from this talented new author. 

Stop by Tuesday, July 27 for a review of The Viscount Made Me Do It by Diana Quincy, a sizzling historical romance between a female bonesetter and her mysterious patient. Book one in Quincy's Clandestine Affairs series blew me away. I cannot wait to dive into this one!

It's time for some romantic suspense when I review Meg Tilly's The Runaway Heiress on Wednesday, July 28. This looks like one of those books that will keep me reading late into the night while looking over my shoulder the entire time.

Don't miss our blog tour review of The Highlander's Irish Bride by Vanessa Kelly on Thursday, July 29. This fourth book in the Clan Kendrick series features Grant Kendrick, the calm, sensible (some might say boring?) twin, but I have a feeling a certain Irish lass just may bring out the hidden highlander in the most respectable Kendrick brother. Can't wait to dive into this one. 

That's it for now for the month of July though I am working on a few more features so be sure to check back throughout the month for additions. 

What are you looking forward to this month? 

Any trips?

Any must-read books?

Plans to over-indulge in fresh fruits and veggies? (Okay, maybe that's just me. We're nearing the peak of peach season here and I'm a wee bit excited.)

I have two packages of books ready for new homes. Post a comment before 11:00 PM, July 7 for a chance to claim one. 

*U.S. only

*Must be 18

*Void where prohibited


  1. Looking forward to the Ryan and Faver books. And always love fresh fruits and veggies coming out, a little early for the tomatoes, but nothing beats fresh tomatoes.

  2. I'm excited for the Faver and Hawkins books. Our garden is exploding with cucumbers right now so I'm trying to come up with different recipes to eat them!

  3. Wow--as always a great mix of historical and contemporary! Wonderful authors, romantic story lines, compelling characters, and captivating covers. It's my birthday month, and I see some intriguing titles here that would make me happy--along with birthday cake and coffee!!!!

  4. I'm looking forward to getting some Jersey tomatoes!

  5. Looking forward to going to Dallas to visit my middle who just moved there.

    So many wonderful upcoming books!


  6. I love cantaloupe and watermelon season!
    I was lucky enough to read an arc of The Wrong Marquess. Loved it! I'm not an official fan of Vivienne Lorret!

    1. Sorry, I'm *now* an official fan of Vivienne Lorret! :)

  7. So many wonderful books to look forward to. this month. I just finished my ARC of Sonali Dev's book and read Vanessa Kelly's book back in April. We're already getting zucchini and eggplants from our garden. I hope to read Under a Sicilian Sky since we aren't doing any traveling right now.

  8. I'm most looking forward to Karen Hawkins and Meg Tilly books! No trips, planned.

  9. Someone said WOW! And I agree...WOW! so many great historical romances this month. And a new one by Lisa Kleypas. I didn't think she was still writing. This is a welcome addition the the bookshelves of historical romance fans everywhere.

    Last year, as part of my Christmas wishlist, I placed 3 books that I had on pre-order on my list for my 3 kids to buy for me. My daughter granted my wish and I have already received 2 of those pre-ordered books and the last one will be received on 7-6-21. It is Death at the Crystal Palace (A Below Stairs Mystery) by Jennifer Ashley. This is a great series. I recommend it.

  10. What a great line up for this month. It is heavy on historicals, which I love, and there is a nice variety of contemporary books which all sound good. I would put any of them for a next read, but I am in the mood for a good suspense read, so am going to look through my books and find a good one.

    Our garden has done well so far. We had rhubarb early and I indulged myself with strawberry rhubarb pies. I made 7 or so , giving some of them away. Leftovers are good for breakfast. Our asparagus bed produced well this year. We enjoyed it and shared with six other families. We have already had peas and green beans as well as kale and Swiss chard, both of which overwintered. We have acorn and spaghetti squash almost ready to pick. Our cucumbers did absolutely nothing. The tomatoes and peppers have babies getting bigger every day. Garlic, onions, beets, and carrots are doing well. We enjoyed the fresh green beans and can't wait for that first tomato. Sliced tomatoes on toast with mayo is a favorite for breakfast - or lunch or dinner.

  11. No plans for going anywhere this month. With 3 kitties, it's hard to get away. However, I'm happy to stay home with them and my reading/reviewing!

    So many books to look forward to this month:

    1. The Devil and the Heiress
    2. The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels
    3. Devil in Disguise
    4. The Wrong Marquess

    On my calendar to read/review are:

    1. Not The Kind of Earl You Marry
    2. The Viscount Made Me Do It

    Yet another wonderful month of reading!

  12. Wonderful selection of treasures. We are staying home for July and hopefully will be able to take a vacation perhaps later in the summer.

  13. Captivating historicals and amazing books which look so memorable and special. Summer is here and walks, loving the weather and maybe a holiday in the fall.

  14. Looking forward to the Ryan, Fave and Hawkins books. Hoping to get more walking in, no vacation plans as of yet.

  15. Yes I went to the catskills mountains in upstate New York for a mini vacation. Also looking forward to seeing my mom. We live on different continents. I haven't seen her in 6 years

  16. No trips planned, unfortunately. I look forward to reading Mary Balogh's, Someone to Cherish. When I typed it in to a book website, unfortunately I mis-typed "someone to perish", and it took me a few minutes to figure out why in the world no book title was coming up.

    As you can see, ever since that head injury I have had a hard time with minor little details.
    (yes, that should have been in sarcasm font)

    I must say, you have given me quite a list of books to look into. Several of the authors are among my favorites. You are part of the reason that I have more books to read than I will have time to read in my life.

    Thank you so much for this list. I hope everyone is taking care - staying well and safe.

  17. I spy several books that I would love to read. We're visiting our daughter in the bay area for the first time since Christmas 2019. I haven't been outside my hometown in over a year and a half. I always look forward to having tomatoes during the summer. I love tomato sandwiches. No vacation plans--maybe some road trips to the coast for the day. bluedawn95864 at gmail dot com

  18. What a great line up! I’m looking forward to the reviews of The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels in particular— it sounds like a really unique and interesting plot

  19. I am in the midst of a trip home and been enjoying seeing family. I haven’t really had a garden patch of my own for the last few years so am thrilled to be pottering in my sisters backyard picking lettuce, young kale leaves, raspberries and blueberries. I am definitely planning on over indulgence of produce. With the focus on get together, I am reading older books from the shelves here.