Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review - - Wicked Cowboy Charm

Wicked Cowboy Charm
By Carolyn Brown
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Release Date: January 31, 2017

Deke Sullivan has quite a reputation in Dry Creek, Texas, charming and cruising through every girl within a six zipcode radius; however, newcomer Josie Dawson isn’t interested in being charmed or cruised. Josie is determined to make a go of her business and buying some great bulls is the start; however, Deke has some similar ideas for his business, and the two of them end up at the same Montana ranch to buy the same bulls, then end up snowed in by a blizzard for the next several days.

Forced to be cozy with tall, brawny Texas man-candy is harrowing to say the least; and it doesn’t help that the little old man selling the bulls is a bit of a matchmaker himself. Josie does her damnedest to keep things professional and cool. Deke, however, is thrilled by the circumstances, being deep down he’s really a one-woman kind of man who thinks he’s finally found the right woman, if he can just convince her he’s sincere.

This was a fun, sweet read. You can’t help but root for Deke, who is a sweet charmer who is as good with animals and babies as he is with skittish women with trust issues. Carolyn Brown is a dependable read on a rainy or snowy day, while curled up with hot chocolate and fuzzy pajamas. It just makes you feel good all over. Another solid installment of the Lucky Penny Ranch series.



  1. Thank you The Romance Dish for introducing Carolyn Brown to me. I've enjoyed reading her books.

  2. I enjoyed the earlier books in the series - Deke has been a good friend and a bit of a rascal - I look forward to reading his story.

  3. This one sounds like fun. Carolyn Brown's books are an enjoyable way to spend the day reading at the beach or by the fire in the winter.

  4. Thank you so much for the review and for enjoying Deke's story!